Suffrage Stories: ‘Woman And Her Sphere’ At Buckingham Palace


Yesterday was surreal – as I found myself at Buckingham Palace to receive an OBE for ‘Services to Education – in particular for promoting knowledge of the women’s suffrage movement’. This was an event so far removed from my expectations from life that to mention ‘wildest dreams’ would be to give it too firm a reality.

However it was a most interesting occasion – wonderfully orchestrated – ceremonial and yet convivial – and I was delighted that the history of the women’s movement should be honoured in this way..

After bidding farewell to the gilt, crystal, and red velvet, to the Beefeaters, the Gurkhas, and the Guards, to numerous paintings of the royal family through the ages, and, noted in passing, to a Jan Steen, a de Hooch, and a Vermeer, I and my family party of 12 enjoyed a merry, afternoon-long lunch.

  1. #1 by Donald MacDonald-Ross on November 1, 2018 - 4:37 pm

    Well deserved! Congratulations!

  2. #3 by Joyce Goodman on November 1, 2018 - 4:57 pm

    Dear Elizabeth That is absolutely brilliant – and very well deserved indeed. You have done so much to raise the profile of women’s history. Women’s historians will forever be in your debt!

    With Best Wishes Joyce

    Prof Joyce Goodman Professor of History of Education, The University of Winchester, SO22 4NR

    Academia Profile: Orcid Profile: Professional Profile twitter:


    • #4 by womanandhersphere on November 6, 2018 - 9:30 am

      Very many thanks, Joyce….much appreciated…
      Best wishes

  3. #5 by Sally Alexander on November 1, 2018 - 5:00 pm

    Dear Elizabeth,

    This is wonderful news, very well deserved personally – such a tribute to your dedicated work – and wonderful for the cause!

    Sally (Alexander)

    I have had to change my email address: please send all mail to

    • #6 by womanandhersphere on November 6, 2018 - 9:29 am

      Very many thanks, Sally…and, as you say, good for the cause..

  4. #7 by corrinestreetly on November 1, 2018 - 5:00 pm

    And very well deserved your award is too! Many congratulations.

  5. #9 by V. Irene Cockroft on November 2, 2018 - 3:40 pm

    I second the above comment.

  6. #10 by artsresearchnyc on November 2, 2018 - 4:23 pm

    Congratulations! How wonderful to have your work recognized. Well deserved!

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