Last-Minute Christmas Present With A Suffragette Theme? Look To Persephone and ‘No Surrender’

94-No-Surrender-web-162x162Looking for a last-minute present?

We are but a few weeks away from 2013, the year  in which the 100th anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davison will be extensively commemorated.  A present with a suffragette theme will seem percipient.

So – for a good ‘suffragette’ read – No Surrender by Constance Maud is the answer.

The  novel was first published in 1911 and gives the modern reader an insight into the arguments that fuelled the fight  for ‘votes for women’. The author was herself involved in the campaign and is faithful to reality, including among her characters some based on leading suffragette personalities.

No Surrender  has been republished, in their usual stylish format, by Persephone Books. The fabric pattern shown – so suffragette – so 1911 – decorates the endpapers.

Click here for full details of the book and how to order it. There is still time for Christmas delivery – and Persephone will even gift wrap the book for you.

Problem solved.

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