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1. ALEXANDER, Lynn Women, Work and Representation: needlewomen in Victorian art and literature Ohio Unversity Press 2003 [11620] Hardcovers – mint in d/w £15

2. ALEXANDER, Sally Women’s Work in 19th-century London: a study of the years 1820-50 Journeyman Press 1983 [12147] First published in ‘The Rights and Wrongs of Women’ (ed Mitchell and Oakley, 1976). Soft covers – fine £8

3. AUCHMUTY, Rosemary A World of Women: growing up in the girls’ school story Women’s Press 1999 [11875] Soft covers – fine £5

4. BELL, Diane and KLEIN, Renate (ed) Radically Speaking: feminism reclaimed Zed Books 1996 [11612] Soft covers – fine – heavy (624pp) £10

5. BENJAMIN, Marina (ed) Science and Sensibility: gender and scientific enquiry 1780-1945 Basil Blackwell 1994 [11668] An interesting collection of essays, Soft covers – mint £18

6. BEZANSON, Kate and LUXTON, Meg (eds) Social Reproduction: feminist political economy challenges neo-liberalism McGill-Queen’s University Press 2006 [11585] Contributors document the impact of current socio-economic policies on states, markets, households and communities apply a feminist political economy approach. Soft covers – mint £12

7. BLACK, Clementina Sweated Industry and the Minimum Wage Duckworth 1907 [11756] With an introduction by A.G. Gardiner, chairman of the executive committee of the National Anti-Sweating League £45

8. BLAKELEY, Georgina and BRYSON, Valerie (eds) The Impact of Feminism on Political Concepts and Debates Manchester University Press 2007 [11549] Soft covers – mint £10

9. BLOCH, R. Howard Medieval Misogyny and the Invention of Western Romantic Love University of Chicago Press 1991 [11978] Soft covers – fine £18

10. BOSANQUET, Mrs Bernard Rich and Poor Macmillan 2nd ed, reprinted,1908 [12641] The Introduction begins ‘The separation between rich and poor in our large towns, and more especially in London, has often been pointed out as one of the most characteristic and threatening signs of the times.’ Plus ça change. A plea – with facts, figures and case studies – for greater understanding between the classes. £12

11. BRUMBERG, Joan Jacobs Fasting Girls: the history of anorexia nervosa Vintage 2000 [11925] Soft covers – fine £10

12. BULLEY, A. Amy and WHITLEY, Margaret Women’s Work Methuen 1894 [12108] With a preface by Lady Dilke. In the ‘Social Questions of To-day’ series. Very good in original cloth – scarce £55

13. BURGAN, Mary Illness, Gender and Writing: the case of Katherine Mansfield John Hopkins University Press 1994 [11905] Mint in d/w £15

14. BURMAN, Sandra (ed) Fit Work for Women St Martin’s Press (NY) 1979 [12111] Presents a collection of papers which discuss the origins of the domestic ideal and its effects on activities usually undertaken by women. Fine in d/w £12

15. BUTLER, C.V. Domestic Service: an enquiry by the Women’s Industrial Council Garland Publishing 1980 [12114] Facsimile reprint of the study first published by G. Bell & Sons in 1916. £20

16. BYTHELL, Duncan The Sweated Trades; outwork in 19th-century Britain Batsford 1978 [12110] Very good in d/w £12

17. CASHFORD, Jules The Moon: myth and image Cassell Illustrated 2003 [11910] Explores the myths and images inspired by the Moon, from the earliest Palaeolithic markings on horn and bone to the crafted poems of the present. First edition – hardcover -mint in mint d/w – heavy £35

18. CHENEY, Paul, MACKAY, Fiona and McALLISTER, Laura Women, Politics and Constitutional Change: the first years of the National Assembly for Wales University of Wales Press 2007 [11580] Soft covers – mint £12

19. CHISHOLM, Cecil and WALTON, Dudley The Business Girl’s Handbook Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd (1916) [12502] Everything the ambitious young office woman of 1916 might need to know. Rather oddly the book carries a message from Madame Sarah Bernhardt to ‘The Working Women of England” – ‘You who read this book know what it is to work. That makes a link between you and me. For all my life my work has been the one passion of my existence. In this time of war it has been my supreme solace’ etc. Very good £25

20. COHEN, Monica Professional Domesticity in the Victorian Novel: women, work and home CUP 1998 [12419] Offers new readings of narratives by Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Dickens, George Eliot, Emily Eden etc to show how domestic work, the most feminine of all activities, gained much of its social credibility by positioning itself in relation to the emergent professions. Soft cover – fine £25

21. CONSTABLE, Nicole Maid to Order in Hong Kong: stories of migrant workers Cornell University Press, 2nd ed 2007 [11573] Soft covers – mint £12

22. CRAWFORD, Elizabeth Enterprising Women: the Garretts and their circle Francis Boutle 2009 (r/p) [12677] Pioneering access to education at all levels for women, including training for the professions, the women of the Garrett circle opened the way for women to gain employment in medicine, teaching, horticulture and interiior design – and were also deeply involved in the campaign for women’s suffrage. Soft covers, large format, over 70 illustrations. Mint – new book £25

23. DAVIDOFF, Leonore Worlds Between: historical perspectives on gender and class Routledge 1995 [12115] Soft covers – fine £12

24. DAVIS, Natalie Zemon Society and Culture in Early Modern France Polity Press 1998 (r/p) [11944] Soft covers – fine £14

25. DEMOOR, Marysa Their Fair Share: women, power and criticism in the ‘Athenaeum’ , from Millicent Garrett Fawcett to Katherine Mansfield, 1870-1920 Ashgate 2000 [11667] Mint £25

26. DICKENS, Andrea Janelle Female Mystic: great women thinkers of the Midle Ages I.B. Tauris 2009 [11947] Soft covers – fine £10

27. DICKENSON, Torry and SCHAEFFER, Robert Transformations: feminist pathways to global change: an analytical anthology Paradigm Publishers 2008 [11607] Examines the rise of intersecting, women-centred movements that contribute to alternative development and the rise of new societies. Soft covers – mint £12

28. DINSHAW, Carolyn and WALLACE, David (eds) The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Women’s Writing CUP 2003 [11857] Soft covers – fine £12

29. DIXON, jay The Romance Fiction of Mills & Boon 1909-1990s UCL Press 1999 [12411] Soft covers – fine £10

30. DOOLING, Amy Women’s Literary Feminism in Twentieth Century China Palgrave 2005 [11604] Hardcovers – mint in d/w (pub price £42) £25

31. ELLIS, Mrs Sarah Stickney The Select Works Henry G. Langley (New York) 1844 [11234] Includes ‘The Poetry of Life’, ‘Pictures of Private Life’, ‘A Voice From the Vintage, on the force of example addressed to those who think and feel’ Good in original decorative cloth £48

32. EVANGELISTI, Silvia Nuns: a history of convent life OUP 2008 [11987] Hardcovers – fine in fine d/w £10

33. EVANS, Richard J. The Feminists: women’s emancipation movements in Europe, America and Australasia 1840-1920 Croom Helm 1977 [12139] Fine in d/w £15

34. EVERGATES, Theodore (ed) Aristocratic Women in Medieval France University of Pennsylvania Press 1999 [11979] Soft covers – very good £17

35. GILLIES, Val and LUCY, Helen (eds) Power, Knowledge and the Academy: the institutional is political Palgrave 2007 [11601] Takes a close-up and critical look at both the elusive and blatant workings and consequences of power in a range of everyday sites in universities. Hardcovers – mint (pub price £45) £20

36. GLUCK, Sherna Berger and PATAI, Daphne (eds) Women’s Words: the practice of oral history Routledge 1991 [11532] Explores the theoretical, methodological, and practical problems that arise when women utilize oral history as a tool of feminist scholarship. Hardback – fine in d/w £15

37. GOLDSMITH, Margaret Women and the Future Lindsay Drummond 1946 [12101] A study of what the position was likely to be in the post-Second World War world. Scarce.Fine – in very slightly chipped d/w £25

38. GOLDSMITH, Margaret Women at War Lindsay Drummond Ltd (1943) [12602] Study of women’s work and life during the Second World War. Many photographs. Good £20

39. HALLSWORTH, Joseph and DAVIES, Rhys J The Working Life of Shop Assistants: a study of conditions of labour in the distributive trades privately published 1910 [11765] Fascinating insight into the working conditions and wages of a wide range of shop workers with description of some of the reforms that had been put in place. Very good in original cloth £35

40. HAMILTON, Cicely Marriage As a Trade Women’s Press 1981 [12145] Reprint with an introduction by Jane Lewis. First published in 1909. Soft covers – very good £6

41. HAMMILL, Faye Women, Celebrity, and Literary Culture Between the Wars University of Texas Press 2007 [11547] Profiles seven women writers – Dorothy Parker, Anita Loos, Mae West, L.M. Montgomery, Margaret Kennedy, Stella Gibbons and E.M. Delafield – who achieved literary celebrity in the 1920s and 1930s and whose work remains popular today. Hardcover – mint in d/w £20

42. HAYES, Alan and URQUHART, Diane (eds) The Irish Women’s History Reader Routledge 2001 [12496] Soft covers – very good £12

43. HEATH, Ambrose Good Savouries Faber 5th imp 1945 [12649] Delicious – retro – recipes. In chipped Edward Bawden dustwrapper – and with Bawden title page design £28

44. HILDEGARD OF BINGEN Selected Writings Penguin 2001 [11853] With introduction and notes by Mark Atherton. Soft covers – fine £6

45. HILEY, Michael Victorian Working Women: portraits from life Gordon Fraser 1979 [12120] Photographs of working women most of them collected during the second half of the 19th century by A.J. Munby. Paper covers – very good £12

46. HOBBY, Elaine Virtue of Necessity: English women’s writing 1649-88 Virago 1998 [11939] Soft covers – very good £8

47. HOLCOMBE, Lee Victorian Ladies at Work: middle-class working women in England and Wales 1850-1914 David & Charles 1973 [11226] Very good in chipped d/w £25

48. HOLTBY, Winifred Women John Lane 1941 (r/p) [12102] First published in 1934. Good reading copy – spine nicked and marked £12

49. HUMM, Maggie Feminism and Film Edinburgh University Press 1997 [11940] Soft covers – fine £12

50. JEFFREYS, Sheila The Spinster and Her Enemies: feminism and sexuality 1880-1930 Pandora 1985 [12445] Soft covers – fine £8

51. KAPLAN, Cora Sea Changes: culture and feminism Verso 1986 [12414] Soft covers – fine £8

52. KENEALY, Arabella Feminism and Sex-Extinction E.P. Dutton & Co (NY) 1920 [12107] Anti-feminist eugenicist polemic. US edition is scarce. Very good internally – cloth cover a little bumped and rubbed £25

53. KESSLER-HARRIS, Alice Gendering Labor History University of Illinois Press 2007 [11578] Soft covers – mint £12

54. KING, Barbara P.G.S.G: a history 1905-1946 privately published 1989 [12569] A history of Pate’s Grammar School for Girls – ‘Cheltenham’s other girls’ school. Soft covers – fine £18

55. KIRKHAM, Margaret Jane Austen, Feminism and Fiction Harvester 1983 [12415] Soft covers – fine £10

56. LANG, Elsie British Women of the Twentieth Century T. Werner Laurie 1929 [12505] Excellent collection of essays on all aspects of (middle-class) women’s lives – including ‘Higher Education and University Life’, ‘The Medical Profession’, ‘The Fight for the Franchise’, ‘Women and the Legal Profession’, ‘Dress and Society’, ‘Women and the Arts’, ‘Careers for Women. With an interesting selection of photographs. Good £18

57. LERNER, Gerda The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: from the middle ages to 1870 OUP 1993 [11921] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w £13

58. LERNER, Gerda The Creation of Patriarchy OUP 1986 [11924] Soft covers – fine £10

59. LEVINE, Philippa Victorian Feminism 1850-1900 University Press of Florida 1994 [12134] Paper covers – very good £15

60. LOOTENS, Tricia Lost Saints: silence, gender, and Victorian literary canonization University Press of Virginia 1996 [12398] Fine in d/w £35

61. MACCARTHY, B.G. The Female Pen; women writers and novelists 1621-1818 Cork University Press 1994 [12412] First published in 1944, this edition with an introduction by Janet Todd. Soft covers – 530pp – fine £12

62. McMILLAN, Margaret The Child and the State The National Labour Press 1911 [11641] In which she advocated giving poor children a more broad and humane education than they currently were receiving. Vol 9 in the Socialist Library series. Card covers – very good £28

63. MARCUS, Jane Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury: a centenary celebration Macmillan 1987 [12493] Fine in fine d/w £15

64. MARKS, Lara Metropolitan Maternity maternity and infant welfare services in early 20th century London Rodopi 1996 [11624] Soft covers – fine £22

65. MARTINDALE, Louisa Under the Surface Southern Publishing Co (Brighton) 6th ed, no date [c 1910] [12462] ‘This pamphlet is a statement of facts. My one object has been to prove to those who do not believe it, that the existence of Prostitution in our land, is due to the fact that women are not treated a, or believed to be, the equals of men; that as long as the economic dependence of one sex upon the other exists, so long will Prostitution as a profession exist; and that the first step in securing the economic independence of women, is to give them the vote.’ A w woman doctor’s comment. 72pp – very good internally – paper covers slightly chipped. COPAC lists copies in the National Library of Scotland and in the libraries of the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool and in LSE – but not, surprisingly, the British Library. £55

66. MEAKIN, Annette Woman in Transition Methuen 1907 [12646] A feminist study of a changing society. Fixed to the inner front cover is a piece of doggerel from a newspaper entitled ‘My Lady in Khaki’, dated 1916, showing how even greater were the changes to be a mere 9 years after the book’s publication. ‘There is a change, a subtle change/That’s quite apparent in your bearing,/In perfect keeping with the strange,/Weird uniform you’re wearing.’ Very good £28

67. MILLER, Robert Researching Life Stories and Family Histories Sage 2000 [11520] Covers methods and issues involved in collecting and analysing family histories, and collecting and analysing life histories. (pub. price £24.99) £15

68. MORGAN, David Suffragists and Liberals: the politics of woman suffrage in Britain Basil Blackwell 1975 [12133] Fine in d/w £15

69. NASH, Julie And SUESS, Barbara (eds) New Approaches to the Literary Art of Anne Bronte Ashgate 2001 [12423] Mint in d/w (pub price £55) £35

70. NEWMAN, Barbara St Hildegard’s Theology of the Feminine University of California Press 1989 [11856] Soft covers – fine £10

71. PAPWORTH, L. Wyatt and ZIMMERN, Dorothy M. The Occupations of Women according to the census of England and Wales, 1911 Women’s Industrial Council 1914 [12235] Soft covers – very good – ex-Women’s Library £20

72. PEACH, Linden Contemporary Irish and Welsh Women’s Fiction: gender, desire and power University of Wales Press 2008 [11572] The first comparative study of fiction by late 20th and 21st-century women writers from England, Southern Ireland and Wales. Soft covers – mint £15

73. PEDERSEN, Frederik Marriage Disputes in Medieval England Hambledon 2000 [11977] The records of the church courts of the province of York, mainly dating from the 14th c, provide a welcome light on private, family life and on individual reactions to it. Hardcovers – fine in fine d/w £25

74. PLOWDEN, Alison The Case of Eliza Armstrong: ‘A child bought for £5’ BBC 1974 [11476] A study of the case brought in 1885 against the journalist W.T. Stead, whose crusade against child prostitution, highlighted the sexual double standard and the precarious position of poverty-stricken young girls in a patriarchal society. Very good in d/w £12

75. REPORT ON THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN SOUTH AFRICA, BY THE COMMITTEE OF LADIES APPOINTED BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR HMSO 1902 [12179] containing reports on the camps in Natal, the Orage River Colony, and the Transvall. The committee was led by Millicent Fawcett and comprised Katheine Brereton, Lucy Deane, Alice Knox, Dr Ella Scarlett (sister of Evelina Haverfield) and Dr Jane Waterston. The 208pp, foolscap, report is packed with details of conditions in the camps and recommendations for improvement. Blue paper front cover is detached and the back cover is missing – otherwise good, clean and tight – scarce £65

76. ROBERTS, Alison Hathor Rising: the serpent power in ancient Egypt Northgate 1995 [11866] Soft covers – fine £8

77. ROPER, Lyndal Oedipus and the Devil: witchcraft, sexuality and religion in early modern Europe Routledge 1994 [11961] Soft covers – fine £18

78. SAGE; a scholarly journal on black women The Sage Women’s Educational Press Inc 1986 [11676] Issue for Vol III, no 2 Fall 1986 – entitled ‘Africa and the Diaspora’. Includes contributions from Audre Lorde and Paula Giddings. Fine £4

79. SAGE, a scholarly journal on black women The Sage Women’s Educational Press Inc 1988 [11677] Issue for Vol V, no 1 Summer 1988. Very good £4

80. SAGE; a scholarly journal on black women The Sage Women’s Educational Press Inc 1990 [11678] Issue for Vol VII, no 1 Summer 1990 £4

81. SAGE, Lorna Women in the House of Fiction: post-war women novelists Macmillan 1992 [11880] Soft covers – fine £7

82. (SANGER) Esther Katz (ed) The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger Vol 2: Birth Control Comes of Age, 1928-1939 University of Illinois Press 2007 [11583] Hard covers – mint in d/w – heavy (pub price £38) £25

83. SCARLET WOMEN Scarlet Women Collective April 1978 [11322] Newsletter of the Socialist Feminist Current. Combined issues 6 & 7. Good £4

84. SCARLET WOMEN Scarlet Women Collective August 1978 [11324] Newsletter of the Socialist Feminist Current. Issue 8. Very good £4

85. SCHIEBINGER, Londa (ed) Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering Stanford University Press 2008 [11554] Essays exploring how gender analysis can profoundly enhance human knowledge in the areas of science, medicine and engineering. Soft covers – mint £15

86. SERVADIO, Gaia Renaissance Woman I.B. Taurus 2005 [11982] Fine in fine d/w £8

87. SHAHAR, Shulamith The Fourth Estate: a history of women in the Middle Ages Routledge 1993 (r/p) [11858] Paper covers – fine £12

88. SHIRAZI, Faegheh Velvet Jihad: Muslim women’s quiet resistance to Islamic fundamentalism University Press of Florida 2009 [11615] Hardcovers – mint in d/w £20

89. SHOWALTER, Elaine A Jury of Her Peers: American women writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx Virago 2009 [11900] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w £12

90. SJOBERG, Laura and GENTRY, Caron Mothers, Monsters, Whores: women’s violence in global politics Zed Books 2007 [11565] Studies military women who engage in torture, the Chechen ‘Black Widows’, Middle Eastern suicide bombers, and the women who directed and participated in genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda, to analyse the biological, psychological and sexualized stereotypes through which these women are conventionally depicted. Soft covers – mint £10

91. STONE, Alison An Introduction to Feminist Philosophy Polity 2007 [11566] Soft covers – mint £13

92. TAYLOR, Barbara Mary Wollstonecraft and the Feminist Imagination CUP 2003 [11898] Soft covers – fine £17

93. TAYLOR, Yvette Working-class Lesbian Life: classed outsiders Palgrave 2007 [11575] Hardcovers – mint (pub. price £45) £25

94. THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEAR-BOOK AND DIRECTORY FOR 1888 JUBILEE EDITION Hatchard’s 1888 [11772] edited by ‘L.M. H.’ [Louisa Hubbard], comprising Part I Englishwomen and their work in Queen Victoria’s reign and Part II

Directory for 1888. A wonderful source – full of details of names and addresses. Very good and tight in decorative boards, a little darkened and marked with age. Extremely scarce £195

95. THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY 1901 A & C Black 1901 [11770] Ed by Emily Janes. Packed with information. Good internally – cloth covers marked – scarce £80

96. THORMAHLEN, Marianne The Brontes and Religion CUP 2004 [12430] Soft covers – fine £30

97. TROUBLE AND STRIFE: Trouble and Strife Collective 1988 [11683] Issue no 14 Winter 1988. Very good £4

98. TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine Trouble and Strife Collective 1984 [11679] Issue no 3 Summer 1984. Includes ‘Storming the Wimpy Bars: an interview with Lilian Mohin’. Very good £4

99. TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine Trouble and Strife Collective 1985 [11680] Issue No. 5. Spring 1985 £4

100. TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine Trouble and Strife Collective 1986 [11681] Issue no 9 Summer 1986 £4

101. TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine Trouble and Strife Collective 1988 [11682] Issue no 13 Summer 1988 £4

102. TUCKWELL, Gertrude The State and its Children Methuen 1894 [11651] ‘Among the social questions with which the nation has to deal there is none, it seems to me, so important as the question of children.’ Chapters include: ‘Reformatories and Indusrial Schools’, ‘Workhouse schools and children’, ‘Canal and van children’; ‘Circus and theatre children’, ‘Homes for blind and deaf and dumb’ and ‘Work for the Society for the Prevention of Curelty to Children’. Very good – scarce £25

102. VINCE, Mrs Millicent Decoration and Care of the Home W. Collins 1923 [12870] Mrs Vince had been a pupil of the pioneer ‘House Decorator’, Agnes Garrett. Very good in rubbed d/w £18

103. WEBSTER’S ROYAL RED BOOK or Court and Fashionable Register for May 1876 Webster and Larkin 1876 [12154] A London street guide (Abbey Gardens, St John’s Wood to Young St, Kensington) giving the names of individual householders – combined with a list of the names and addresses of the ‘Fashionable’ – a wide swathe of middle-class London. A very useful directory. In fair condition – very good internally -clean and tight – but decorative, gilt embossed cloth is rubbed and sewing has parted at inside back cover. This early directory is quite scarce £30

104. WEST, Rebecca The Young Rebecca: writings of Rebecca West 1911-17 Indiana University Press 1982 [11674] Selected and introduced by Jane Marcus. Soft covers – fine £12

105. WINSTEAD, Karen (ed) Chaste Passions: medieval English virgin martyr legends Cornell University Press 2000 [11983] Soft covers – very good £9

106. WOODBRIDGE, Linda Women and the English Renaissance:

literature and the nature of womankind 1540-1620 Harvester 1984 [11986] Hardcover -very good internally – a few small inkspots to front board £25

107. WHEELER, Hazel Half a Pound of Tuppeny Rice: life in a Yorkshire village shop Sutton 1997 (r/p) [11535] Memories about a Yorkshire village shop during the first 50 years of the 20th century. Soft covers – mint £5

108. WOUTERS, Cas Sex and Manners: female emancipation in the West 1890-2000 Sage 2004 [11540] Examines changes in American, Dutch, English and German manners regarding the changing relationships between men and women. Hard covers – mint £18


109. BELL, MAUREEN, PARFIT, GEORGE AND SHEPHERD, SIMON A Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers 1560-1720 G.K. Hall 1990 [11878] Expands the boundaries of what is conventionally recognized as 17th century English literature by uncovering, reintroducing and documenting the lives and works of more than 550 English women who wrote betwen 1580-1720. Fine in d/w £25

110. (BERR) Hélène Berr Journal Maclehose 2008 [12439] The diary of a young Jewish woman in occupied Paris. Translated from the French by David Bellos, with an introduction and an essay by David Bellos and an afterword by Mariette Job. Fine in fine d/w £6

111. BETHAM, Matilda A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of Every Age and Country printed for B. Crosby 1804 [11227] A fascinating compilation. First edition – 852pp – bound in half leather and marbled boards – very good – scarce £200

112. (BRONTE) Dudley Green Patrick Bronte: father of genius The History Press 2008 [12452] Fine in fine d/w £10

113. (BRONTE) Dudley Green (ed) The Letters of the Reverend Patrick Bronte The History Press 2005 [12453] Soft covers – mint £8

114. (BRONTE) Margaret Smith (ed) Selected Letters of Charlotte Bronte OUP 2007 [11632] Mint in d/w £15

115. (BUTTS) Nathalie Blondel (ed) The Journals of Mary Butts Yale University Press 2002 [12460] 500pp – heavy – mint in mint d/w £20

116. (CARLYLE) Kenneth Fielding and David Sorensen Jane Carlyle:

Newly Selected Letters Ashgate 2004 [12433] Mint in mint d/w (pub price £58.50) £45

117. (CLIFT) Max Brown Charmian and George; the marriage of George Johnston and Charmian Clift Rosenberg 2004 [12457] The tempestuous relationship of two Australian writers. Soft covers -mint £10

118. (COBBE) Frances Power Cobbe Life of Frances Power Cobbe : as told by herself Swan Sonnenschein 1904 [11475] The Posthumous – and best – edition – ‘With Additions by the Author and Introduction by Blanche Atkinson’. Fine – rather scarce £75

119. (DE GOURNAY) Marjorie Henry Ilsley A Daughter of the Renaissance; Marie le Jars de Gournay: her life and work Mouton 1963 [11998] Hardcovers – very good – but ex-library with library stamp on front endpapers and shelf mark on spine – but scarce £18

120. (GLASPELL) Barbara Ozieblo Susan Glaspell: a critical biography University of North Carolina Press 2000 [12016] Soft covers – fine in fine d/w £18

121. HAYS, Frances Women of the Day: a biographical dictionary of notable contemporaries J.B. Lipincott (Philadelphia) 1885 [12594] A superb biographical source on interesting women. Good in original binding – with library shelf mark in ink on spine- scarce £75

122. (HILDEGARD) Fiona Maddocks Hildegard of Bingen: a woman of her age Headline 2001 [11852] Fine in fine d/w £10

123. (HILDEGARD OF BINGEN) Sabina Flanagan Hildegard of Bingen: a visionary life Routledge 1990 [11854] Soft covers – fine £7

124. (HOWE) Valarie Ziegler Diva Julia: the public romance and private agony of Julia Ward Howe Trinity Press International 2003 [11892] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w £10

125. (HUMBERT) Agnes Humbert Résistance: memoirs of Occupied France Bloomsbury 2008 [12392] Memoirs of Agnes Humbert (1894-1963), an art historian who helped form one of the first organised groups of the French Resistance. First published in France in 1946, this translation, by Barbara Mellor, is the first in English. Mint in d/w £5

126. (JAMESON) G.H. Needler (ed) Letters of Anna Jameson to Ottilie von Goethe OUP 1939 [12451] Very good internally – cover marked £20

127. (JAMESON) Judith Johnston Anna Jameson: Victorian, feminist, woman of letters Scolar Press 1997 [12461] An examination of Jameson’s non-fiction writing in the context of her life. Mint in mint d/w £20

128. (LOVELACE) Benjamin Woolley The Bride of Science: romance, reason and Byron’s daughter Macmillan 1999 [12000] Biography of Ada Lovelace £10

129. (MARTIN) Sarah Martin A Brief Sketch of the Life of the Late Miss Sarah Martin of Great Yarmouth: with extracts from the Parliamentary Reports on Prisons; her own Prison Journals etc C. Barber (Yarmouth) 2nd ed, 1844 [12756] Prison visitor, dressmaker, Sunday School teacher. Her comments on the prisoners are particularly interesting. Good in original cloth £35

130. MIDDLETON, Dorothy Victorian Lady Travellers Routledge 1965 [11622] Lives of Isabella Bird Bishop, Marianne North, Fanny Bullock Workman, May French Sheldon, Annie Taylor, Kate Marsden and Mary Kingsley. Very good in d/w £12

131. (MITCHISON) Jill Benton Naomi Mitchison: a biography Pandora 1992 [12003] Soft covers – fine £3

132. (MONTGOMERY) Catherine Andronik Kindred Spirit: a biography of L.M. Montgomery, creator of Anne of Green Gables Athenaeum 1993 [12441] Very good- in fine d/w £8

133. (MOODIE/TRAILL) Charlotte Gray Sisters in the Wilderness: Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill, pioneers of the Canadian backwoods Duckworth 2001 [11887] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w £12

134. NEWNHAM COLLEGE REGISTER 1871-1950 privately printed [11776] packed with biographical information on students and staff. Soft covers – 2 vols – good – although backing on vol 1 is coming unstuck and outermost cover of vol II is missing- internally very good – scarce £40

135. (OSBORN) Emily Osborn (ed) Political and Social Letters of a Lady of the Eighteenth Century: 1721-1771 Griffith Farren, Okeden and Welsh (London) 1890 [12054] Living in London and Chicksands (Bedfordshire), she managed her son’s involved estate. Her letters reveal to us 18th-century life – political, social and domestic. Very good internally -paper on spine and corners a little rubbed – gift inscription, 1895, to ‘Lady Strathmore’ – the present Queen’s great-grandmither £45

136. (PERRY) Ruth Perry The Celebrated Mary Astell: an early English feminist University of Chicago Press 1986 [11897] Soft covers – very good – scarce £25

137. (ROBINS) Elizabeth Robins Both Sides of the Curtain Heinemann 1940 [12597] Autobiography of the actress, novelist and suffragette. An Ibsen heroine in life and art. Very good – quite scarce £35

138. (STOWE) Joan Hedrick Harriet Beecher Stowe OUP 1994 [11991] Soft covers – fine £9

139. (STUART) James Stuart Reminiscences privately printed (Chiswick Press) 1911 [11653] Yes, the biography of a man – but a man who was especially supportive of the women’s movement. He was one of the first Girton lecturers in the earliest days at Hitchin and then one of Josephine Butler’s chief supporters. His sister was one of the chief peripatetic lecturers for Central Committee for Women’s Suffrage in the 1870s. Stuart succeeded Henry Fawcett as MP for Hackney, in 1890 married Laura Colman, who had studied at Newnham, and eventually became director of her family firm, Colmans, mustard manufacturers, of Norwich. In fine condition- scarce £20

140. (TOWNSEND WARNER/GARNETT) Richard Garnett (ed) Sylvia & David: the Townsend Warner/Garnett letters Sinclair Stevenson 1994 [12437] Fine in fine d/w £12

141. (TREFUSIS) Henrietta Sharpe A Solitary Woman: a life of Violet Trefusis Constable 1981 [12442] Fine in fine d/w £15

142. (TREFUSIS) Philippe Jullian and John Phillips Violet Trefusis: life and letters Hamish Hamilton 1976 [12443] Fine in fine d/w £8

143. (WARD) John Sutherland Mrs Humphry Ward: eminent Victorian, pre-eminent Edwardian OUP 1990 [12008] Fine in very good d/w £8


[NB Anything marked as ‘withdrawn from the Women’s Library’ is merely the result of a sensible rationalisaion of archives in order to avoid duplication – and not anything more sinister.]

144. Education in Industry: a survey of schemes for the recruitment, training, and further education of the employees of Cadbury Brothers Ltd Publication Department, Bourneville c 1937 [12718] With an introduction by George Cadbury. ‘In these days, when there is a prospect of a dwindling population and at the same time an apparently irreducible mass of unemployed, it is the duty of everyone to find out how he can help to bring out the best in the race that is to be.’ With 28 photos. Soft covers – 86pp £20

145. ASSOCIATION FOR MORAL AND SOCIAL HYGIENE Collection of Annual Reports [12313] A collection of 13 of the Association’s Annual Reports – 7th (1921/22)-15th (1929/30); 29th (1950)-33rd (1954). Packed with information – and names of members, Paper covers – all in good condition – 13 items – together £50

146. ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES Memorandum Forwarded to the President of the Board of Education, 5 Jan 1907 [12698] 8-pp pamphlet dealing with the issue of the length of the school day and whether afternoon classes should be compulsory or optional. Good – ex-Board of Education libary £5

147. ATKINS, Frederick (ed) The Young Woman: Vol IV an illustrated monthly magazine Horace Marshall 1896 [12754] This volume runs from Oct 1895 to September 1896. Includes ‘Horticulture for Women: a peep at Swanley College’, ‘Lady Members of the London School Board’, ‘On learning to cycle’ by Eliz. Robins Pennell, ‘A Peep at the Pioneer Club’, ‘Young wives and their difficulties’ by Mrs Haweis – as well as interviews or articles about Mary Hill Burton, Mary Kingsley, G.F. Watts, Lucas Malet, Katharine Macquoid, the Countess of Meath, and Mrs Humphry Ward, – as well as stories, cooking, advice etc – and many illustrations. An excellent magazine. Good in original cloth £20

148. BEDALES 1898 [12716] 4-pp leaflet written by John H. Badley, headmaster of Bedales, setting out the idea – and the realities – of admitting girls to the school. Very interesting – scarce – ex-Board of Education library £20

149. BEDALES SCHOOL, Petersfield, Hants Prospectus 1909 [12714] Full details of the co-educational boarding school, together with a list of parents who might be applied to for references (I noted in passing Sir Victor Horsley, who was to head an inquiry into the forcible feeding of suffragette prisoners, and H.Y. Stanger the MP who introduced a women’s suffrage bill), a full list of staff – male and female – and their qualifications, a full description of the syllabus, of the timetable, of the school estate and of the fees. With 13 photographs. In original wrappers – very good – 16pp – with a sheet of ‘Additional Information for Parents’ laid in – ex-Board of Education library £18

150. BEDALES SCHOOL. Petersfield, Hants Prospectus 1911 [12715] Full details of the co-educational boarding school, together with a list of parents who might be applied to for references (I noted in passing Sir Victor Horsley, who was to head an inquiry into the forcible feeding of suffragette prisoners, and H.Y. Stanger the MP who introduced a women’s suffrage bill), a full list of staff – male and female – and their qualifications, a full description of the syllabus, of the timetable, of the school estate and of the fees. With 13 photographs. In original wrappers – very good – 16pp – with a sheet of ‘Additional Information for Parents’ laid in – ex-Board of Education library £18

151. BRITISH WOMEN’S EMIGRATION ASSOCIATION [12689] 4-pp pamphlet detailing the Association’s aims, its methods, and the members of its 1908 Council. Good – ex-Board of Education library £10

152. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ACTS Copy of the Annual Report of the Assistant Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis for the year 1878 relating to the Contagious Diseases Acts HMSO 1879 [12359] Packed with information. Fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library £8

153. COUNCIL OF WOMEN CIVIL SERVANTS Higher Appointments Open to Women in the Civil Service P.S. King 1928 [12709] ‘It is believed that the number and the importance of the careers in the Civil Service open to women are not fully recognised…’. 8-pp pamphlet – good- ex-Board of Education library. £10

154. DAME IRENE WARD (1895-1980) [12477] Collecction of letters and cards from Irene Ward (Conservative MP for, first, in 1931, Wallsend and then, 1950, Tyneside) to a friend, Cynthia Josephine Romilly (after her marriage in 1964, Romilly-Luscombe) (1914-2001) – together with a colleciton of cuttings about Irene Ward that her correspondent pasted onto album sheets – together with a quantity of loose cuttings – following the MP’s career – from the early 1940s. The correspondence continues into the late 1970s. Good – as a collection. £65

155. FREE KINDERGARTEN AT WESTMINSTER [12722] The Kindergarten was based at 28 Ruskin Buildings, Millbank – an appropriately named and appropriately designed building in which to launch such a venture. The ‘child-garden’ originally occupied 2 small ground-floor rooms, ‘where three-and twenty happy little children, between the ages of two and five years, have for so long a time met every morning from 9 until 12 o’clock.’ It was described by C.R. Murray in ‘The Child Under Eight’ as the second nursery school in London had been founded by Miss Hilda Maufe in 1907, who had formerly worked at the first nursery school, Sesame House, founded by the Sesame Club. The Annual Reports available in this collection – Third, Oct 1910, 4th, Oct 1911, 5th, Oct 1912, 6th, Oct 1913 – give details of the Kindergarten – which was clearly run from love on a shoestring and fell victim to the difficulties caused by the First World War. 4 items – covers fragile -but internally good – with photos. Ex-Board of Education library – very scarce – together £40

156. GORDON, Dr Mary Prophylaxis and Venereal Disease 1919 [12344] A paper read before the International Conference of Medical Women, New York, Oct 1919. 8-pp pamphlet – reprinted from ‘The Shield, Dec 1919-Jan 1920. Good condition – withdrawn from the Women’s Library £3

157. HARVEY, L.D. The Education of the Girl: the necessity of fitting her education to her life Bulletin of the Wisconsin State Board of Industrial Education 1912 [12712] Bulletin No 4 – 10-pp pamphlet – very good in original wrappers – ex-Board of Education library £8

158. HERFORD, Caroline, CASE, Janet, NEEDHAM, E. Report on Bedales School 1908 [12713] An Examiners’ Report, from which Bedales – and the idea of co-education – emerged with flying colours. Card covers – very good – ex-Board of Education library. 21-pp pamphlet – scarce £25

159. HOPKINS, Ellice The Early Training of Girls and Boys: an appeal to working women P.S. King reprint [1902] [12708] ‘Especially intended for Mothers’ Unions’. Very good in original wrappers – ex-Board of Education £15

160. HOW-MARTYN, Edith The Methods of Appointment of Administrative & Clerical staffs in the Local Government Service of England and Wales National Association of Local Government Officers 1922 [12226] reprinted from the Jan 1922 issue of ‘Economica’, a terminal publication of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Paper covers – very good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. £8

161. INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY What Socialism Means for Women ILP c 1905 [12757] ILP Leaflet No 6. ‘Socialism means freedom for women just as it does for men. It means enfranchising them…’ Worthy aims. Small – 4-pp leaflet £12

162. INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN Juvenile Delinquency: its causes, and methods of prevention and correction, 1913-14 [12710] ‘Reports from Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Sweden, United States’. Good – 52pp – ex-Baord of Education library £15

163. LONDON INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PLAIN NEEDLWORK [12681] opened in 1878 with the aim of teaching teachers how to teach needlework and to present diplomas to those who passed its examinations. The diploma holders were then eligible to give demonstrations in plain needlework and to teach it. This collection of annual reports of the Instute runs from 1902-1914, 1916,1917, 1918 (merely a postcard report – ‘war conditions’), 1919, 1920. (17 items).. Certificates were awarded to girls from a range of schools – Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Wycombe Abbey as well as high schools and proprietory schools. The reports include not only the names of all these schools, but also the names of all those who held the Institute’s various qualifications – and details of all the syllabuses for its examinations. All in good condition in original wrappers- ex-Board of Education library. A collection £85

164. McMILLAN, Margaret The Future of Education among Adolescents Co-operative Union 1919 [12742] ‘An address delivered at the special Educational Session of the 51st Annual Co-operative Congress, Carlisle, 10 June 1919.’ Paper coves -8pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

165. McMILLAN, Margaret The Future of Our Young People Co-operative Union 1911 [12743] Paper covers – 12pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

166. National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks WOMEN AND THE LIVING-IN SYSTEM printed at the Garden City Press, Letchworth 1908 [12475] Pamphlet published by the Union that was ‘founded some seventeen years ago to improve the conditions of shop-life..’ by 1908 the Union was campaigning against the ‘Living-in System’, whereby the shop staff were required to live on the premises and, of course, pay their employer for the privilege. Good – 12pp – paper covers a little chipped £25

167. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS’ CLUBS Clubs and Club Making University of London Press 1943 [12747] A history – and then 13 chapters on how to run a club. Soft covers – 104pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

168. PALLISTER, Minnie Socialism for Women ILP no date [1924] [12759] ‘Not only the “Intelligent” Women but for all Women’ – with a nod to G.B. Shaw. Paper covers -18-pp pamphlet – good £18

169. PRIMROSE LEAGUE Dance Card [12476] for a Primrose League Dance organised by the North Kensington (Hamilton Habitation on 23 January 1908 at the Ladbroke Hall. Green’s Imperial Orchestra provided the music and on the reverse of the card is a list of the dances – beginning with a Polka and ending with a Sir Roger de Coverley. Thick card – all edges gilt – with a punch hole at one corner (through which a silken twist would once have been threaded – either to loop around the wrist – or, perhaps, attached to a pencil). This card has not been completed with the names of the lucky partners. Very good – unusual £15

170. REPORT OF THE MABYS ASSOCIATION FOR THE CARE OF YOUNG GIRLS, 1922 1923 [12723] Founded by Mrs Nassau Senior in 1874 ‘to befriend and protect the girls brought up in the Guardians’ Schools, and those of other Public Authorities in the Metropolitan area. The Association tries to ensure for these girls the same chances in life and the same status as those girls who have been brought up in their own homes’. This Annual Report gives full detail of the Mabys work – the homes it ran – and its workers and supporters. Good – 34pp – ex-Board of Education library £15

171. RESEARCH COMMITTEE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS’ CLUBS AND MIXED CLUBS Club Girls and Their Interests no date [1947] [12746] A sociological enquiry – with masses of statistics – and a sample questionnaire (the ‘Copeland-Chatterson method’) inside the back cover. I rather think its complexity might fox many of today’s adolescent girls. Interesting. Paper covers – 56pp – good -ex-Board of Education library £15

172. SHAFTS ed. by Margaret Shurmer Sibthorpe 1892 [12501] Volume 1 – issue no 1 – 3 Nov 1892 – of this ‘progressive’ radical woman’s paper. This first issue contains an article on The Pioneer Club – whose – members were just the readership at which ‘Shafts’ was aiming – on ‘Type-Writing as an Employment for Women’ – on ‘Social Purity’ by ‘A Working Woman’ – and a review by Frances Lord (first English translator of Ibsen) of ‘Peter Ibbetson’ by George du Maurier.- noted as the first in a series of ‘short notes on Books containing Occult, Psychical or Mystical Teaching.’ ‘Shafts’ caught the fin-de-siècle zeitgeist. First issue – very good condition – very scarce £48

173. SIR HENRY JONES [11407] writes a glowing testimonial for his former pupil, Mabel Atkinson, a candidate for a lectureship at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. She was a Fabian and a suffragette Fine £48

174. SMALL COLLECTION DOCUMENTING THE ACADEMIC PROGRESS OF MURIEL LONG AT THE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, WEST KIRBY 1920-1926 [12613] The tenor of Muriel’s school reports is ‘very fair’ – and we all know what that means. But she was clearly much younger than the average age of the class and does quite well in maths and science. Generally her conduct is ‘very good’ but at least one report notes ‘rather noisy in the class room’.Included in the collection are a number of programmes for Speech Day and Annual Sports. In 1926 Muriel went on to Underwood Commercial College in Liverpool to learn shorthand and typing (1st in the class in ‘Office Routine’). I think Muriel married in 1940 and died in 2006 – leaving bequests to Venice in Peril and the Royal Overseas League – so it doesn’t look as though being graded only ‘very fair’ at Scripture, Ancient History etc had prevented her taking an interest. An eclectic collection of material £45

175. THE ACLAND CHRONICLE April 1903 [12684] The second number of the ‘Acland Chronicle’ recording the work of the Acland Club for boys and girls that was associated with the Women’s University Settlement. Good in original wrppers – ex-Board of Education library £8

176. THE ASSOCIATION FOR MORAL AND SOCIAL HYGIENE The Alison Neilans Memorial Lectures AMSH [12335] 6 of these annual lectures: 1) No 2 Madame Legrand-Falco, History of the Abolition of State Regulation of Prostitution, with special relation to France and the position today, 1946; 2) No 3 Mrs Franklin Lefroy, The Solicitation Laws, 1948; 3) No 4 C.R. Hewitt, The Police and the Prostitute, 1951; 4) No 5 Mary Stocks, Josephine Butler and the Moral Standards of Today, 1961; 5) No 6 T.C.N. Gibbens, The Clients of Prostitutes, 1962; 6) No 10 Dr R.D. Catterall, Prostitution and the Venereal Diseases, 1967. All paper covers – in good condition, withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Together £20

177. THE ASSOCIATION FOR MORAL AND SOCIAL HYGIENE The Alison Neilans Memorial Lectures AMSH [12337] 2 of these annual lectures: 1) No 5 Mary Stocks, Josephine Butler and the Moral Standards of Today, 1961; 2) No 6 T.C.N. Gibbens, The Clients of Prostitutes, 1962. paper covers – in good condition, withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Together £8

178. THE HOUSEHOLD WASH A collection of modern postcards all associated with the household wash. 26 of the cards are reproductions of late-19th and early-20th century advertisements for e.g.Sunlight Soap, Recitts Blue, Rinso, Vim Persil etc. 8 cards are reproductions of various washing days. 2 cards are typograhical 1980s humour with a washing-day theme. Together with an original advertising 6-pp fold-out leaflet for E.G. Bentford’s Washing, Wringing and Mangling Machines. The leaflet is printed on both sides – showing, therefore, 12 of their lines of stock. The firm was based in Brighton – the leaflet dates from, I think, the beginning of the 20th century. The postcards are all unused and unposted. The advertising leaflet is in good condition. As a collection [11626] £25

179. THE LEAGUE OF SERVICE Report, 1910-1911 [12737] ‘The League of Service exists to bring such influences to bear upon the physical conditions and the homes of the chidlren of the nation that each child may at least begin life with a fair chance of attaining full development.’ The Report details the League’s work – in London only – with centres at King’s Cross, Marylebone and Battersea, each with its own ‘Mothers’ Dining Room’. Paper covers – 20pp -very good – ex-Board of Education library £15

180. THE SHIELD [12339] ‘The Official Organ of the British Committee of the International Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice’ – 5 issues. 1) August 1911; 2) Feb-March 1926; 3) May 1940; 4) Oct 1961; 5) Nov 1970 (Centenary Number) All paper covers – good condition – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. – together £12

181. THE VIGILANCE RECORD [12336] ‘The Organ of the National Vigilance Association’, 3 issues: 1) 15 January 1888, ed Mrs Ormiston Chant 2) April 1926 3) April 1928. All withdrawn from the Women’s Library – in good condition – nicked and creassed at edges. Together £10

182. THE WOMEN’S BRANCH FEDERATION Fifth Annual Report, 1912-13 [12744] ‘Affiliated to the Social Institutes’ Union’ – ‘unites existing Clubs and Social Institutes for women and girls of the industrial community by promoting amongst them mutual interest and friendly intercourse.’ Good – in original wrappers – 16pp – 2 photos -ex-Board of Education lbirary £12

183. THE WOMEN’S BRANCH FEDERATION Sixth Annual Report, 1913-14 [12745] ‘We can only conclude by saying that we have endeavoured to raise the standard of London Working Girls by encouraging them to take pleasure in interesting study, and employ their leisure hours in healthy and wholesome recreation.’ With details of all the affiliated Clubs. Paper covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

184. THE WOMEN’S LEAGUE OF SERVICE Report, 1911-1912 [12738] The League of Service was now renamed – and, in addition to those detailed in the 1910-11 Report, now had Centres in Hammersmith, Croydon and Bristol. Paper covers – 34pp – very good – ex-Board of Education library £15

185. VICTORIA UNIVERSITY:THE OWEN’S COLLEGE MANCHESTER Prospectus of the Arts, Science, and Law Department and Department for Women and of Evening and Popular Courses [12683] Prospectuses for Sessions 1896-7, 1898-9, 1899-1900, including full details of the contents of all courses. In good condition in original wrappers (the wrapper for 1896-7 torn and detached) – -each prospectus c 170pp – ex-Board of Education library.. 3 items – as a collection £45

186. WHITE, Florence The Spinsters Manifesto!!: a detailed statement of the case for contributory (non-retiring) pensions at 55 National Spinsters Pensions Association 1945 [11346] ‘We herewith present the case for pension consideration for single women at 55, trusting that after perusal you will be impressed by the reasonable nature of the reform advocated, agreeing with us that single women are indeed the OVERLOOKED SECTION in the present Social Insurance Proposals’. Pamphlet -12pp – fine £28

187. WILSON, Helen On Some Causes of Prostitution with special reference to economic conditions Association for Moral and Social Hygiene 1916 [12318] A paper read at the Eleventh Congress of the International Abolitionist Federation, held in Paris, June 9-12, 1913, revised edition. Paper covers – 15pp – good £2

188. WOMEN’S CO-OPERATIVE GUILD 35th Annual Report, 1 May 1917-30 April 1918 [12750] Paper covers – 24pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

189. WOMEN’S CO-OPERATIVE GUILD 36th Annual Report 1 May 1918-30 April 1919 [12751] Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library £12

190. WOMEN’S EMPLOYMENT FEDERATION Memorandum on Openings and Trainings for Women, 1947-8 [12731] Packed with information on what post-war work opportunities were open to women – from Accountancy to Youth Leadership. With illuminating ads. Paper covers – 66pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £15

191. WOMEN’S HOLIDAY FUND Twenty-Sixth Annual Report, 1920 [12733] ‘This Fund helps respectable working women requiring rest and change to have one, two, or three weeks in the country, or by the sea…’ With details of the Fund’s work and of its subscribers etc. Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library £15

192. WOMEN’S INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL Annual Report, 1904-5 [12703] packed with information on the work of the WIC – including that of its Central Lending Library for Working Girls’ Clubs, its Central Association for Circulating Pictures (to Girls’ Clubs), a list of its lectures, names of its subscribers etc. Paper covers – very good – ex-Education Library £15

193. WOMEN’S INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL Nineteenth Annual Report 1912-13 [12704] Includes a long, v interesting and wide-ranging list of lectures given – as well as details of the work undertaken by the council – including the trades into which it had undertaken investigations. Paper covers – very good – ex-Board of Education library £15

194. WOMEN’S LABOUR LEAGUE Report for the Years 1914 and 1915, together with Report of Proceedings at the Tenth National Conference held in Bristol on 25 January 1916 [12734] Paper covers – 56pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £15


195. BEDFORD COLLEGE FOR WOMEN [9464] Photographic postcard of ‘The Students’ Small Common Room’ – in the college when in Regents’ Park. Very good – posted on 8 January 1926 £8

196. CLARK’S COLLEGE, CIVIL SERVICE Preparing for the Lady Clerk’s G.P.O. Exam [9233] Photograph of the young women preparing for this exam which, if they passed, offered a chance of bettering themselves. Very good – unposted £12

197. HORTICULTURAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, HEXTABLE [12876] real photographic postcard of Hextable House, home of Swanley Horticultural College (for details of which see Crawford, ‘Enterprising Women: the Garretts and their circle’). The card was posted on 19 Jan 1918 from, I assume, a student to her mother, with the message ‘Have arrived safely.’ Good £8

198. MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL FOR GIRLS [11781] Real photographic postcard of the exterior of the Crosby, Liverpool, girls’ school. The ink message on the back includes ‘The view is of Aunty Nina’s school..’ and continues onto the front of the card on white space to the side of the photograph. Posted in, I think, 1933. Good £10

199. MISS MARGARET MCMILLAN [8930] photographic postcard, reproduced by the Newcastle Socialist Society, c 1908. With the caption ‘My message to the Socialist movement is always the same: REAL education would make children fit to live in a better social environment and unfit to live in the world of todday..’ Very good – unposted £24

200. MISS MINNIE PALLISTER [8418] photographic postcard of the ILP speaker and writer. Probably dates from 1920s – unposted – very good £12

201. THE CITY WOMAN’S CLUB: 8 Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, London EC4 [12471] postcard – linedrawing – depicting an exterior view of this club and two of its elegant young members. The club was opened c 1920 – this card probably dates from c 1930. Unposted -the card is a little creased at the top right – an unusual item £15


202. AITKEN, David Sleeping with Jane Austen No Exit Press 2000 [12417] Facetious crime novel. Soft covers – very good £4

203. BEHN, Aphra Ten Pleasures of Marriage and the second part of The Confession of the New Married Couple printed for the Navarre Society 1950 [12468] With an introduction by John Harvey. Good – corners a little bumped £10

204. CLIFT, Charmian Walk to the Paradise Gardens Harper & Bros (NY) 1960 [12458] First US edition of this Australian novel. Very good in very good d/w, which is slightly chipped at top and bottom of spine £25

205. DOBSON, Joanne Death Without Tenure Poisoned Pen Press 2010 [12487] Political correctness in the English Department at New England’s Enfield College results in a threat to Karen Pelletier’s dream of tenure – and a death for our intrepid lecturer to investigate. A good read. Mint in d/w £12

206. TAYLOR, Mary Miss Miles OUP 1990 [12413] Mary Taylor was the life-long friend of Charlotte Bronte. This edition with an introduction by Janet Horowitz Murray. Soft covers – very good £6

207. TRAVERS, Graham [pseud of Margaret Todd] Mona MacLean: medical student William Blackwood, 14th ed 1899 [11784] Novel written by Sophia Jex-Blake’s friend and biographer. Cover marked – scarce £38

Suffrage Non-fiction

208. ANTHONY Jr, Charles The Social and Political Dependence of Women Longmans, Green, and Co 1880 (6th ed) [12058] This was one of the earliest books published in support of J.S. Mill’s proposed amendment to the 1867 Reform Bill – to give qualified women the vote. Interestingly he begins his tract with an analysis of the way in which ridicule was used to dismiss the idea of the enfranchised woman. Charles Anthony was the editor of the ‘Hereford Times’. Helen Blackburn lists the book in her Bibliography for ‘The Record of Women’s Suffrage’ . Very good internally in original decorated cloth, slight rubbing to head and tail of spine – unusual £65

209. BAX, Belfort The Legal Subjection of Men: a reply to the Suffragettes The New Age Press 1908 (new edition) [12660] ‘There have been few agitations in history which have been characterised by such hard lying and shameless perversions of fact as the so-called ‘Woman’s Movement’.. The ‘Woman’s rights’ (?) agitator has succeeded by a system of pure impudent, brazen, ‘bluff’, alternately of thh whimpering and the shrieking order, in inducing a credulous public to believe that in some mysterious way the female sex is groaning under the weight of the tyranny of him whom they are pleased to term ‘man the brute’. Very good – rebound in cloth – with original paper covers bound in. £28

210. BLACKBURN, Helen (ed) A Handbook for Women engaged in social and political work J.W. Arrowsmith 1895 [3534] Packed with information and names; Helen Blackburn’s precise intelligence shines through. Two pull-out diagrams. Very good – and very scarce £80

211. CAMPBELL, Olwen W. The Feminine Point of View Williams & Norgate 1952 [4231] The report of a Conference which began in the winter of 1947 and included among its members Teresa Billington-Greig and Margery Corbett Ashby. Olwen Campbell was the daughter of Mary Ward, who had been the leading light of the Cambridge Association for Women’s Suffrage. Very good in d/w £18

212. DICEY, A.V. Letters to a Friend on Votes for Women John Murray 1909 [3457] Very good internally – wrappers sunned and bumped on corners with writing in pencil on front. 93pp – Scarce £55

213. DOBBIE, B.M. Willmott Dobbie A Nest of Suffragettes in Somerset: Eagle House, Batheaston Batheaston Society 1979 [11380] The story of the Blathwayt family and their involvement in the women’s suffrage movement – copiously illustrated by the photographs taken by Col Blathwayt. Soft covers – quite scarce £26

214. GIBSON, Sir John The Emancipation of Women Gwasg Gomer 1992 [10973] First published in 1891. Gibson was editor of the ‘Cambrian News’ between 1875-1915 and a strong supporter of women’s suffrage in Wales. Soft covers – mint £12

215. LEWIS, Jane Before the Vote was Won: arguments for and against women’s suffrage 1864-1896 Routledge (Women’s Source Library) 1987 [12099] A very useful collection of texts. Fine in d/w £28

216. MARTIN, Anna Mother and Social Reform NUWSS 1913 [11478] Two articles reprinted from the ‘Nineteenth Century and After’ issues of May and June 1913 as a booklet. Anna Martin, deeply concerned about the level of infant mortality and general ill-health of poor women and children, argues for easier separation in cases where the husband and father is neglectful or worse, the right of women to a ‘maintenance’ that is in some way defined. With a membership form for the NUWSS tipped in at the front, and a subscription form to ‘The Common Cause’ at the back. Paper covers (with a few nicks at edges) – very good condition -64pp £45

217. PANKHURST, Sylvia The Suffragette: the history of the women’s militant suffrage movement 1905-1910 The Woman’s Journal (Boston) 1911 [4798] This history of the British militant suffrage movement was first published in the USA – this copy bears the pinprick library mark of Louisville Free Public Library – very good – scarce £85

218. PEACOCK, Sarah Votes for Women: the women’s fight in Portsmouth Portsmouth City Council 1983 [12484] Soft covers – fine – rather scarce £25

219. SEAWELL, Molly Elliot The Ladies’ Battle Macmillan Co (NY) 1911 [11143] She was an American novelist who here argues against women’s suffrage, maintaining that if women were to vote an unlooked-for ‘general revolution’ would be inaugurated. Good – uncommon £38

220. STOPES, Charlotte Carmichael British Freewomen: their historical privilege Swan Sonnenschein, revised edition 1909 [8585] An important volume in the historiography of the women’s suffrage movement. Mrs Stopes made use of material collected by Helen Blackburn. Good £65

221. STRACHEY, Ray The Cause: a short history of the women’s movement in Great Britain G. Bell 1928 [12059] This copy belonged to Lord McGregor – author of ‘Divorce in England’ , a book that includes a very useful bibliography of works on women’s rights. He has laid in the book a collection of newspaper cuttings, from the 1950s to 1970s, relating to the position of women. The copy of the book is in good condition – but he had bought it as an ex-library copy and has added a few pencilled notes on the back pastedown. An interesting association copy.


222. TICKNER, Lisa The Spectacle of Women: imagery of the suffrage campaign 1907-14 Chatto and Windus 1987 [12606] A wonderful book. Fine in d/w – scarce £45

Suffrage Biography

223. (HAMILTON) Lis Whitelaw The Life and Rebellious Times of Cicely Hamilton Women’s Press 1990 [4014] Paper covers – very good £6

224. (LESLIE) ‘Henrietta Leslie’ (pseudonym of Gladys Schutze) More Ha’pence Than Kicks; being some things remembered MacDonald, 2nd imp 1943 [11239] Her autobiography – she was a keen supporter of the WSPU – gave shelter to Mrs Pankhurst at her house in Chelsea. Good internally – cover rubbed – quite scarce £19

225. (LYTTON) Lady Betty Balfour (ed) Letters of Constance Lytton William Heinemann 1925 [10628] Very good – in purple cloth, with design by Syvlia Pankhurst on front cover £68

Suffrage Fiction

226. ARMOUR, Margaret Agnes of Edinburgh Andrew Melrose 1911 [3719] A novel of its time – the suffrage movement although not central to the plot – flows along behind, occasionally breaking the surface in a discussion of women’s rights and attitudes to the campaign. Interesting – very scarce – I’ve only seen it previously in the Briitish Library. Very good in rubbed paper wrapper – with a little card inlaid – showing that it had been presented to Nesta Prichard, of Form Vb, as a prize for mathematics. £55

227. BALDRY, W. Burton From Hampstead to Holloway: depicting the suffragette in her happiest mood John Ouseley 1909 [12755] Delightful comic novel relating the journey of a suffragette from active membership of the ‘Women’s Defence League’ to contented bride – taking in many of the well-known motifs along the way – the office in Westminster, the meeting in ‘Paxton Hall’, the rally in Trafalgar Square, the battle with the police, the appearance in court, and, finaly, Holloway, where, like Ann Veronica, she finds herself thinking rather more about a certain young man than the Cause. Profusely and splendidly illustrated by G.E. Shepeard. Very good – original pictorial yellow cloth slightly rubbed and dulled, leading inner hinge slightly cracking – very scarce – I last had a copy in 1999 £350

228. JOHNSTON, Mary Hagar Constable 1913 [1344] Includes mention of the US women’s suffrage campaign. Very good £12

229. JOHNSTON, Sir Harry Mrs Warren’s daughter: a story of the women’s movement Chatto & Windus 1920 [1342] A suffrage novel. Very good – presentation copy from the author’s wife £85

230. A LOOKER-ON The Home-Breakers Hurst and Blackett 1913 [12632] ‘An anti-militant suffragist novel by a Popular and Well-known Novelist who desires to remain anonymous’. The author was J.S. Stainton. An extremely interesting ‘suffrage’ novel – its ‘anti’ sentiment when written, has been rather eroded by the passing of time – and it is an excellent read for the detail in which it delinates the militant campaign and the women involved in it. And, again, although it might have been inteded to be anti-militant, the publishers were sufficiently savvy to ensure that it was cased in purple cloth (now a little faded) with the title in white in a green rectangle – ie the WSPU colours. It was obviously published in the latter half of 1913, as it includes a visit to the Derby, witnessing Emily Davidson [sic] go under the horse’s hooves. Very scarce £75

231. LUCAS, E.V. Mr Ingleside Methuen, 7th ed s, no date 1910 912?) [1397] A novel with suffrage scenes. Very good £15

232. MASSIE, Chris Esther Vanner Sampson Low, Marston & Co no date (1937) [1436] The heroine is a suffragette. Very good in d/w £85

233. PAGE, Gertrude The Winding Paths Hurst & Blackett c 1911 [8th ed] [12888] A novel with a suffrage theme. ‘The men call them “new Women” with derision, or mannish, or unsexed; but those who have been among them, and known them as friends, know that they hold in their ranks some of th most generous-hearted, unselfish, big-souled women who exist in England to-day…One such as the best of these was Ethel Hayward..’ Good £20

234. ROBERTS, Katherine Pages From the Diary of a Militant Suffragette Garden City Press 1910 [11202] There has been some doubt about whether this is an autobiography or fiction. I tend to think that it is fiction – clearly written by an active suffragette – but am not further forward about who Katherine Roberts was. Extremely interesting – and vivid. Paper covers – a little chipped – but a very good copy – clean and tight – of a very scarce book £250

235. ROBINS, Elizabeth The Convert Women’s Press 1980 [11672] Her suffrage novel. Reprint of the 1907 edition – with an introduction by Jane Marcus £9

236. SAUTER, Lilian Through High Windows Curtis & Davison (11a Church St, Kensington) 1911 [12880] Poems. Includes ‘Woman’s Plea for Suffrage’ and ‘Woman’s Song of Freedom.’. The latter was set to music by Annette Hullah and published by the London Society for Women’s Suffrage £25

237. TEMPEST, Evelyn [pseud. of Edward Cuming] The Doubts of Diana Hodder & Stoughton [1911/12] [12881] Light-hearted novel – with the heroine taking part in a suffragette raid akin to ‘Black Friday’ [‘The rumour that Govenment had thoughts of employing policemen from other parts of London was lightly discredited; everybody was sure no such thing would be done, even by the new Home Secretary’] and ending up in a police court. Good in original binding £28

238. WHITE, Percy To-Day Tauchnitz 1913 [12885] A very readable novel – with suffrage taking central stage – alongside criticism of the divorce laws. The heroine, as in ‘Ann Veronica’, is prepared to sacrifice her social position for the Cause and enter into a legal pact rather than a conventional marriage. Paper covers – good – scarce £18

Suffrage Ephemera

239. BODICHON, Mrs Reasons for the Enfranchisement of Women London National Society for Women’s Suffrage, no date late 1860s? [9519] Printed by Head, Hole & Co, Farringdon Street and Ivy Lane, E.C. Scarce and important pamphlet -8pp – good £250

240. CENTRAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE To Demand the Franchise. Procession of Women and Great Meeting, February 9th 1907 [12519] Single sheet sent to members of the Society asking whether they would join this, the earliest of the grand suffrage processions, or held in various other specified ways. Fine – has been folded – very scarce £55

241. CONFERENCE ON ELECTORAL REFORM Letter from Mr Speaker to the Prime Minister HMSO 1917 [12181] Section VIII reports ‘The Conference decided by a majority that some measure of woman suffrage should be conferred’. They were, however, still debating whether the age at which a woman could vote would be 30 or 35. 8-pp – foolscap £8

242. CORONATION PROCESSION 17 June 1911 [11274] A stereoscope photograph of ‘The Empire Car’ – part of the ‘Pageant of Empire’ part of the procession staged by the suffrage societies to mark the Coronation of George V. Very good £95

243. DAILY GRAPHIC 7 May 1913 [8536] The front page is devoted to an interior view of the destruction of St Catherine’s Church, Hatcham – inside there is another photograph of the fire – with fire engine. Also a report of the defeat of the Dickinson Bill proposing a measure of women’s enfranchisement. Complete issue – very good £18

244. DAILY SKETCH Friday, May 22, 1914 [12512] ‘”Tell the King!” Mrs Pankhurst’s agonised cry as she is torn bodily from the gates of Buckingham Palace in an amazing riot’ is the headline – and the front page is filled with the picture of Mrs Pankhurst being picked up by Inspector Roise. Complete paper – good condition – a little frayed along the edges – but the iconic photo of Mrs Pankhurst is untouched. £25

245. EDINBURGH NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE [11313] Testimonial, dated 14 December 1881, from the Edinburgh National Society to Charles Cameron, MP for Glasgow, for ‘having introduced and successfully carried through Parliament, during the last troubled Session, the Municipal Franchise Bill, conferring on Women Householders the same right which men Householders have hitherto enjoyed..’ The testimonial is signed by Priscilla McLaren, as President, and with the signatures also appended of the Secretaries, Eliza Wigham, Emily Rosaline Masson and Elisa Kirkland. £300

246. ELMY, Elizabeth Wostenholme Woman’s Franchise: the need of the hour ILP 2nd ed, no date [1907] [12760] A campaigner for women’s suffrage since the mid-1860s, she had put aside a lifetime’s aversion to party politics and joined the Manchester ILP in 1904. This article was originally published in the ‘Westminster Review’. In her concise style she analyses the events of the previous 40 years and demands that Liberal MPs who profess to support women’s suffrage honour their pledges. £65

247. FORD MADDOX HEUFFER ‘The Women of the Novelist’ [12518] [Ford Madox Hueffer in 1919 becameFord Madox Ford.] A flyer advertising a lecture by the novelist to be held on 5 February 1908 in aid of the funds of the London Society for Women’s Suffrage at 10 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill Gate. This was then the address of Alexandra and Gladys Wright who were a couple of years later to desert the London Society for the newly-founded New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage. Very good – very scarce £65

248. ISOLATED: PARLIAMENT GUARDED BY FIVE THOUSAND POLICE [4201] The Illustrated London News, 17 Oct 1908. Full page picture – the caption reads: ‘Guarding against the “Rush” of the suffragettes and the unemployed: the scene of desolation outside the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday night’. The picture was drawn by ‘special artist, Arthur S. Begg’ and shows policemen (tho hardly the advertised five thousand) standing guarding the end of Westminster Bridge and the entrance to Parliament Square. The caption gives more information about the exercise. Good – edges of page a little chipped and rubbed – image fine £18

249. LEIGH SMITH, Barbara A Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women; together with a few observations thereon Holyoake & Co, 2nd edition revised with addition 1856 [9033] Barbara Leigh Smith (later Barbara Bodichon) was 27 years old when she wrote this pamphlet, first published in 1854 as part of her campaign to change the Married Women’s Property Acts. This pamphlet is extremely scarce (I have never had a copy for sale before), bound inside recent paper covers. Rather amusingly, the printed price of ‘Threepence’ has been scored through and ‘1 1/2 d’ added – a comment, presumably, then on the interest being shown in the campaign by a public not yet awakened to the cause. Very good £280

250. LYDIA BECKER [12607] Letter from Lydia Becker to ‘Mr Levi’ – written from 85 Carter St, Greenyes, Manchester on ‘Oct 16’ – I have worked out that the year is1868. ‘Mr Levi’ is probably Prof Leone Levi, to whom she had sent a pamphlet a few days earlier. I think, in response, he had written to her in admiration asking for some material from her for his autograph book. In this letter, in return, she writes ‘I have written out my three Norwich prospositions ,[these are drawn from her address at Norwich to the British Association Section F on 25 Aug 1868] which I hope may serve your purpose as a curiosity! for your autograph book, and a bone of contention for your friends.’ These ‘three Norwich propositions’ are set out on a separate sheet. But, in addition, in her 4-pp mss letter she sets out ‘my general wishes and conclusions as to the rights of women’.. All the material has been carefully attached to a sheet that once was page 77 in a collection of autograph material. Incidentally the material on the reverse, p 78, is in Italian, lending credence to my supposition that the correspondent was Leone Levi, who had left his native Italy for Liverpool in 1844. A very interesting letter – very good £95

251. MCCABE, Joseph Woman in Political Evolution Watts & Co 1909 [9803] An overview -from ‘ Woman Before Civilisation’ to ‘The Moral Base of Enfranchisement.’Paper wrappers – one nick at spine eats into the margin of a few pages -and a tiny bit of text is lost on two pages, but does not interfere with reading. £28

252. MAP OF THE WSPU/WFL PROCESSION OF 18 JUNE 1910. [12303] The map was a contemporary reprint of a page from ‘Votes for Women’ for 17 June 1910 and was issued to those thousands taking part. It shows where the separate sections should line up – from the Portsmouth and Petersfield WSPU at Westminster Bridge to the Peckham WSPU at Carmelite Street. The procession was to be led up Northumberland Avenue by University Graduates, Pharmacists and Women Sanitary Inspectors and members of the Men’s League. The map is framed in a silver metal frame -looks rather good. Because of the problem of the glass, I will be unable to post it, so it will need to be picked up in London. £95

253. MEN’S LEAGUE FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE [12679] ‘Membership Application Form with Constitution and Rules of the Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage’. 4-pp leaflet – very good condition – scarce £85

254. NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SOCIETIES ELECTION CAMPAIGN [9749] in Cumberland (Carlisle, Whitehaven and Cockermouth Divisions), 1909. The NUWSS aimed to induce as many candidates as possible to put women’s suffrage in the Election Addresses and to organise a Voters’ petition in favour of women’s suffrage. This appeal is over the name of Catherine Marshall, as Organizing Secretary. One sheet £15

255. NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES [3986] with the Men’s League (Portsmouth branches) – Programme for an evening meeting that began with a musical recital, followed by the singing of suffrage songs (the words are printed – one of them is by Margaret O’Shea, sister of the secretary of the Portsmouth NUWSS society and then a speech by Lady Balfour followed by more singing and then a closing speech by Alice Abadam. Interestingly the Vote of Thanks is seconded by Alderman Sanders, LCC, who in 1908 was Labour parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth and whose wife, Beatrice, was financial secretary to the WSPU. I think this programme may date from 1908 – because there is a mention at its foot of an Exhibition of Banners (Fuller’s tea Rooms, Palmerston Road) – and such exhibitions were common after the June 1908 Hyde Park rally. 1 sheet -good £180

256. NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Bye-election Policies Compared Oct 1908 [12525] Double-sided, two-columned leaflet in which the NUWSS compares the different elements of its bye-election policy with that of the WSPU. The NUWSS had incorporated material supplied by Christabel Pankhurst into the WSPU statements. Fine – a little tag remaining on the second side – not affecting text – where it has been pasted into album – very scarce £55

257. NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Leading Facts of the Movement for the Parliamentary Enfranchisement of Women c 1907 [12526] 4-pp leaflet setting out the principal dates and achievements in the advance towards enfranchisement. Good – a little creased £35

258. NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Women Suffragists’ Celebration [12515] Flyer for the celebrations held at Queen’s Hall, Langham Place on Thursday 21 February 1918 – ‘To Welcome the Extension of the Franchise to Women’. The flyer includes the long list of societies that were taking part – the WSPU was a notable exception. On the list was the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage – and this flyer bears the annotation in ink ‘Please get tickets from’ followed by the NCWS’s rubber stamp with their address in Knightsbridge. Very good – very scarce £55

259. NORTH KENSINGTON WOMEN’S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION Seventh Annual Report 1897-98 [12529] Includes names and addresses of the Association’s members. A drawing-room meeting was held on 29 April 1898 at which an address was to be given ‘on ‘Women’s Sufrage’ and especially on the question whether women should work for Liberal Parliamentary candidates who were opposed to their franchise. As the attendance was very small the address was not given.’ However at a Special Meeting held a couple of weeks later ‘after a long discussion, a resolution was passed in favour of not working for such candidates. The Committee regret that the attendance was small, an intimation that the important question of Women’s Suffrage does not take that foremost place in the thoughts of the Association that it should do.’ Paper covers – 14pp – very good – tip of corner missing fromback paper cover – scarce £65

260. OLIVE WHARRY ETCHING [12586] of a sail ship, ‘Ceres’, tied up at a quay. Olive Wharry (1886-1947) was an artist and, from 1910, an active member of the WSPU. She was imprisoned on several occasions and went on hunger strike. The photograph of her emaciated figure is now notorious. Her final imprisonment only ended on 10 August 1914, after the government amnesty. Her prison notebook, full of delightful drawings of prison life, is held in the British Library. She trained at the Exeter School of Art and worked professionally as an artist. In her will she asked that etchings to be given to various friends and that they should be framed in three-eighths of an inch black flat frames. Here is an opportunity to purchase one of Olive Wharry’s etchings framed as she had desired. The provenance revealed a Devon connection and it was probably originally purchased during her lifetime. In good condition £95

261. PETHICK-LAWRENCE, Emmeline and Frederick (eds) VOTES FOR WOMEN VOL III Oct 1909-Sept 1910 [12407] Hefty bound volume of the WSPU weekly newspaper, in original Sylvia Pankhurst-designed boards. Signs of wear at leather corners – spines rebacked – ex Reading University Library – with library label on back boards. Internally very clean and tight, except for a page of the Index where paper has split, but with no loss of text.. £900

262. PHILLIPS, Mary The Militant Suffrage Campaign privately printed 1957 [11357] ‘This pamphlet is designed to tell in a concise form the story of the ‘Votes for Women Canpaign’ and to explain the reasoned policy on which it was based.’ Mary Phillips had been a leading WSPU organizer. Soft covers – 15pp – scarce £65

263. PUNCH CARTOON [12766] 30 Nov 1910, scene is a suffragette demonstration, ‘Votes for Women’ flags flying. Two young street urchins observe and comment. Caption is ‘Man of the World (lighting up), “Well ‘ave to give it ’em, I expect, Chorlie”‘. Half-page illustration £10

264. PUNCH CARTOON [12767] 13 July 1910, full-page – the caption is ‘Excelsior!’ as Suffragist puts her shoulder to the boulder of ‘Women’s Suffrage’ and says, ‘It’s no good talking to me about Sisyphus; he was only a man’ £10

265. PUNCH CARTOON [12768] 13 March 1912, full-page, suffragettes wield hammers in the background as Roman-type matron, bearing a paper labelled ‘Woman’s Suffrage’ comments ‘To think that, after all these years, I should be the first martyr’. the heading is ‘In the House of Her Friends’ £10

266. PUNCH CARTOON [12769] 23 January 1918 – A St Joan figure holds the ‘Woman’s Franchise’ banner and, with arms outstretched, cries out ‘At Last’. Full page – very good £12

267. PUNCH CARTOON [12770] 20 July 1910, Asquith is placing The Women’s Suffrage Bill on an overhead shelf and saying to the assembled cabinet, ‘Well, Gentlemen, now that your individual consciences had had their fling, let’s get to work again’. Just so. Very good £10

268. PUNCH CARTOON [12771] 6 July 1910 – ‘The Suffragette that Knew Jiu-Jitsu’. Backed by her ‘Votes for Women’ poster, she is hurling policemen over the fence. Half-page £10

269. PUNCH CARTOON [12772] 10 January 1912 -full page – ‘United We Differ’. Lloyd George and Lewis Harcourt are back to back on a platform. Lloyd George addressing his side, where a Votes for Women’ banner is to be seen, cries ‘Votes for Women! Don’t you listen to my esteemed colleague!’. While addressing his, male, crowd cries ‘No Votes for Women! My esteemed colleague is talking nonsense!’. Asquith’s cabinet was split on this issue. Very good £10

270. PUNCH CARTOON [12773] 5 Oct 1927 -full-page – The Conservative Party (in the guise of one four-plussed chap in a shooting party) looks at a young flapperish women taking a gun from the ghillie and says ‘I hope she’s got enough ‘intutition’ not to let off in my direction’. The explanation is given: ‘The question of extended suffrage for women (in whose ‘intutition’ Mr Baldwin reposes so much confidence) will be raised at the approaching Conference of the Conservative Party.’ £10

271. PUNCH CARTOON [12775] 21 October 1908 – full page – two burglars ‘on the way to suburban night-work’ pass a line of policemen marching in the opposite direction. The wallposter announces a Votes for Women demonstration in Parliament Square – and the burglars agree that ‘sufferajits’ are a good thing, keeping the police occupied they we they do. £10

272. PUNCH CARTOON [12776] 2 December 1908 – a Bernard Partridge full-length illustration shows Asquith (Andromedus) chained to his rock – beset by the sea monster taunting him with her Votes for Women triton and searching for salvation from Persea – the Women’s National Anti-Suffrage League. Very good £12

273. PUNCH CARTOON [12777] 21 January 1912 – full page – ‘The Suffrage Split’. Sir George Askwith (the charismatic industrial conciliator), as ‘Fairy Peacemaker’, has tamed the dragon of the Cotton Strike – and Asquith, wrestling to keep a seat on the Cabinet horse turns to him ‘Now that you’ve charmed yon dragon I shall need ye to stop the strike inside this fractious gee-gee.’ £10

274. PUNCH CARTOON [12778] 21 October 1908 – c. half-page – two effete anti-suffragist club loafers – the one to the other, ‘The idea of their wantin’ to be like us!’ and the response ‘Yes, makin’ themselves utterly ridiculous!’. £8

275. PUNCH CARTOON [12779] 7 December 1910 – small cartoon captioned ‘Voter’s Vertigo’. Yet another general election is at hand and the poor voter is in a frightful spin as he wrestles with ‘don’t tax the poor man’s dreadnought’; ‘home rule for suffragettes’ and ‘two power standard for the house of lords’ £6

276. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE [12661] is the caption to this full page George Belcher cartoon, published in the Tatler on 12 August 1908. Two impoverished old women are talking in the street – a unconsciously joky exchange – which is the amusing part for the audience of the day (I won’t go into the rather laboured humour which, if it has any suffrage relevance, is only to mock woman’s supposed illogicality)- but what is interesting to us is that one of the old dears is standing holding an advertising bill for the magazine, ‘New Age’, on which the roughly sketched in legend reads something like ‘A Suffragette’s reply to Belfort Bax.’. For the book that sparked off the debate in New Age see item ? Bax had published an article ‘Feminism and Female Suffrage’ in the issue for 30 May, to which Millicent Murby had written a reply that appeared in the issue of 6 June, to which Bax had made a riposte in the issue of 8 August. Single page – very good £15

277. SPALDING, Frances (ed) The Charleston Magazine:Charleston, Bloomsbury and the Arts Charleston Trust issue 19, Spring/Summer 1999 [12652] Includes an article ‘A Rich Network of Associations: Bloomsbury and Women’s Suffrage’, written by me (seems a very long time ago). Also an article on Frank Rutter that touches on his suffrage sympathies – and other interesting articles. A much lamented magazine. Fine – card covers £12

278. SUFFRAGE LANTERN SLIDES [12891] one of the images is marked ‘Suffragettes canvassing N.W. Manchester’ – and shows a street scene with three women – the suffragettes – addressing a working man. A four local women and a child, standing outside their terraced houses, look on. I think the canvassing was taking place during the early 1906 General Election, when the fledgling WSPU was campaigning against Churchill in NW Manchester. It is difficult to identify the suffragettes with certainty – but my guess would be Nellie Martel, Teresa Billington and Jennie Baines – but I may be quite wrong. Whoever they are, the image is striking and unusual. One doesn’t often see an image of such an intimate canvassing moment. The other glass slide shows women plastering a cart with posters advertising – I am pretty certain – an NUWSS meeting to be held at ‘St John’s Waterloo Road’. I have found that there is a St John’s Church in Waterloo Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester which seems to be the likely venue for the meeting. From the women’s attire I would think this image is of much the same date as the ‘North-West Manchester’ one – and, as the two slides, were acquired from the same source I think it likely that the second slide can be attributed to the Manchester area. Anyway, they are both great images – and well worth researching further. Together £125

279. SUFFRAGETTE BEING FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THE RAILINGS OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE – 21 MAY 1914 [12612] real news photograph – showing a policeman seizing a distressed young woman who, with her one free hand, is clutching the Palace railings. This policeman is in the act of pulling off her hat or pulling down her hair while another, hidden from view, is pulling her away – his arm firmly locked around her waist. Besides capturing a moment of dramatic action, the photograph is a rather well composed shot of intermingled limbs, movement and shadows. The photograph – 15cm x 11 cm – has been mounted, but is unframed. Very good – unusual £95

280. THE NATIONAL WOMEN’S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION What Liberal Statesmen Say About Militant Action NWSPU c 1910 [12516] Headed by ‘Votes for Women’ and one of the Sylvia Pankhurst-designed WSPU symbols this two-sided leaflet begins ‘In view of the fact that the present Government seeks to meet the Women’s Agitation for political power by the use of repressive measures instead of by the removal of their grievances, the following extracts from the writings or speeches of Liberal Statesmen are significan, exemplifying as they do the wide divergence between Liberl principles as enunciated by the Spokesmen of the party and Liberal practice as exhitied in the attitude of the present Government towards the women who are at the present time agitationg for the franchise.’ There follow extracts from John Bright, Gladstone, Herbert Gladstone and Lord Morley. I think it was issued around the time of ‘Black Friday’ in 1910. Scarce – creased and with a nick on the bottom lower edge – not affecting text. £40

281. THE WOMAN SUFFRAGISTS IN HYDE PARK [12762] full page – front page – illustration from ‘Black & White’, 3 Nov 1906, showing a woman addressing a Hyde Park crowd. Behind her is a banner for the Women’s Social and Political Union with the message ‘We Demand Votes for Women’. The meeting was organised that rainy Sunday by the WSPU with Christabel Pankhurst presiding. The speaker in the illustration may be Ethel Snowden. ‘The Times’ reported that this was one of the largest meetings the WSPU had yet held and was composed mainly of men and boys – a fact rather borne out by the illustration. The meeting became rowdy, with both insults and missles slung, although the police kept control. Certainly a policeman is to the fore in this picture. Very good – interesting – unusual £20

282. WIDDOWSON, Florence The Power of the Vote ILP c 1928 [12758] A 2-sided leaflet appealing to the newly-enfranchised young woman to vote for Socialism. Good £12

283. WOMEN ON WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE [12763] full-page of line drawings, by R.M. Paxton, from ‘Black & White, 22 October 1903 showing ‘The afternoon sitting at the National Convention in Defence of the Civic Rights of Women at the Holborn Town Hall last Friday’. I rather feel that the importance of this event, held on 16-17 October, as a turning point in the suffrage campaign is overlooked by suffrage historians. It was, in the main, the result of Elizabeth Wostenholme Elmy’s persistence that it was held, backed by W.T. Stead. She was very keen that there should be a mass suffrage campaign in the run-up to the next election. 200 delegates attended and it marked a revitalisation of the NUWSS. Mrs Pankhurst, whether or not she was invited, did not attend; she had held her first kitchen-table meeting with the group that became the WSPU on 10 October. The timing may be a coincidence. The vignettes in the illustration show ‘Mrs Elmy on Women’s Highest Mission’, The chairman, the Rev Alfred Steinthal, Mrs Green (President of the Women’s Co-operative Guild), Miss Eva Gore-Booth (Sec Women’s Trade Union Council Manchester) and a scene of a section of the gathered company listening attentively. Very good – unusual £18

284. WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Constitution [12517] 4-pp leaflet dating from c 1908 setting out the Constitution of the newly-formed WFL. Also inludes a list of the Officers of the League and a tear-off section to be returned to enrol as a member. The leaflet is printed with their first address in Buckingham St, but a rubber stamp of the Robert St address to which they moved in 1908 has been added, indicating that the leaflet was issued quite early in the League’s life. Very good – very scarce £65

285. WOMEN’S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY Local Government Elections in England and Wales: Qualifications for Candidates WLGS May 1918 [12170] 1-page leaflet – very good condition £10

286. WOMEN’S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY A New Franchise WLGS Feb 1918 [12169] 1-page, double-sided, leaflet, written by Margaret Kilgour, setting out the qualifications for voting in local government elections under the new ‘Representation of the People’ Act 1918. Good – with two punch holes in the wide margin and slight tear inward from the left-hand margin, with no loss of text £8

287. WOMEN’S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY Registration in England and Wales: Women Occupiers and their Votes WLGS July 1905 [12171] 1-page, double sided, leaflet setting out the position after the Eduation Act of 1902 had abolished School Boards, by which women rate payers were no longer automatically qualified to vote and it was necessary for women occupiers to be registered. The 1902 Act was another in a series of acts that actively disenfranchised women of local government rights that they had gained in the 3rd quarter of the 19th century – and was one of the causes of the impetus given to the suffrage campaign at the beginning of the 20th. This leaflet, which is withdrawn from the Women’s Library, has an ink emendation to the final paragraph, noting that the fact that a woman could not be a candidate for county, borough or metropolitan borough councils had been remedied by the passing of the 1907 Qualification of Women Act. Fair condition, edges rubbed and nicked £12

288. WOMEN’S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY The Work of a Public Health Committee WLGS Oct 1918 [12177] 4-pp leaflet, written by S.M. Smee, chairman of the Public Health Committee, 1912-14 and 1916-18. Good condition – with two punch hole in margin, with no loss of text £5

289. WSPU FLAG [12889] made of linen. It is 68.5cm ( 27 “) wide x 132cm (52”) long. Three linen sections – one each of purple, white and green (from the top in that order) – are very neatly hand stitched together. This item would not, I have thought, been free flying – but rather pinned up at a WSPU meeting or in a shop or at a bazaar. One can see flags such as this draped behind the platform when Mrs Pankhurst, for instance, is photographed addressing a suffrage meeting.This flag has at least one tiny pinhole (rather than a moth hole) at the top edge – for the material does now carry some small moth holes. Rather than detracting, however, in my view they vouchsafe its age and, therefore, authenticity. With the WSPU flag I acquired from the same source a Union flag which I think dates from the same period. It, too, has moth holes but, unlike the WSPU flag, is machine stitched and has a cord attachment at the side to enable it to be flown from a flag pole. I have never had such a WSPU flag for sale before. Ironically, although the Women’s Library and the Museum of London each hold a wonderful collection of suffrage banners, a flag such as this, a more basic signaller of WSPU committment, is not, I think, represented, making its existence all the more remarkable. Made, presumably, by a grassroots activist (it is not a commercial production), its day over, it was neatly folded up, together with the Union flag (to which the buyer of the WSPU flag is welcome, gratis), and consigned to an attic – to reappear 100 years later. In generally good condition – with, as I note above, authenticating moth holes and slight fraying at the top right-hand corner – perhaps pulled off too roughly from its fixture. Extremely scarce £1,000

Suffrage Postcards: Real Photographic

290. FORTISSIMO [12875] – real photograph, – toddler holds the songsheet for ‘Bother the Men’, dating from the 1880s. Published by Rotary Photo, this is one in a series. Posted by Dick on 21 December 1908 to Master Harry Day of 9 Arthur St, Pembroke Dock, with the message ‘Harry boy – learning Dada’s Xmas Song.’ Good £28

291. MARGUERITE SIDLEY [12610] Photograph by Foulsham and Banfield, headed ‘Votes for Women’ and captioned ‘Women’s Freedom League’ 1 Robert St, Adelphi, London W.C.,’ She wears, I think, the WFL ‘Holloway’ badge at ther throat and, certainly, a WFL flag brooch on her bosom. She had joined the WSPU in London in 1907, working for some time in the London office and then as a peripatetic organizer before leaving the WSPU to do the same kind of work for the Women’s Freedom League. Fine – scarce – unposted £85

292. MRS LILIAN M. HICKS [11634] – photographed by Lena Connell – an official Women’s Freedom League photographic postcard. Mrs Hicks had been an early member of the WSPU, but left to join the WFL in the 1907 split, returning in 1910 to the WSPU. Fine – unposted £35

293. MRS PANKHURST [12764] arrested in Victoria Street, 13 February 1908. She is on her way from the WSPU ‘Women’s Parliament’ in Caxton Hall – a policeman holds her left hand – she carries her ‘Parliament’s’ resolution in the other. Very good – unposted £45

294. ‘RUINS OF ST KATHERINE’S CHURCH, BURNT DOWN MAY 6 1913 [11824] Real photographic card. There are several images published on postcards of the ruins of St Catherine’s (this is the correct spelling; the card’s publisher was a bit slapdash) Church at Hatcham in Surrey, for the burning of which the suffragettes were thought responsible – but I have never seen this one before. £35

295. SIR WILLIAM LEVER’S BUNGALOW [8958] at Rivington. The photographic postcard shows it after it had been set on fire by Edith Rigby, Preston’s infamous suffragette. The note, in ink, on the reverse reads ‘Sir William Lever’s Bungalow, Rivington. fired by Suffragettes 1 a.m.July 8th 1913.’ I have never seen this image before. Very good – unposted £95

296. THE WOMEN’S GUILD OF EMPIRE [12877] ‘souvenir packet’ of 6 postcards, in their original printed paper envelope, published by the Women’s Guild of Empire. The cards are: 1) ‘Women’s Guild of Empire Committee’ – the 6 members of the Committee, who included Flora Drummond and Elsie Bowerman, sit around a table; 2) Mrs R.S Henderson, president; 3) Mrs Flora Drummond, Controller-in-Chief; 4) WGE banner ‘Peace Unity Concord’ surrounded by members; 5) Banner Making for the Great Demonstration April 17th 1926 – Mrs Drummond under an ‘Efficiency and Enterprise’ banner; 6) ‘Women Pipers from the Lothians’ – with Mrs Drummond in control Scottishness was to the fore. An extremely rare set – I have never seen any of these cards before – and, in general, there are few images of the Guild of Empire and its work. The printed envelope carries details of the ‘Objects’ of the Guild and of its work. All cards in pristine condition – dating, I assume, to c 1926. As a set £220

297. WHITEKIRK CHURCH (Lothian) [11067] A photograph of the church before it was burned down by Fanny Parker on 26 Feb 1914 – in retaliation for the forcibly feeding of Ethel Moorhead £6

Suffrage Postcards: Artist-drawn

298. AMID THIS MIGHT FUSS JUST LET ME MENTION THE RIGHTS OF WOMAN MERIT SOME ATTENTION [12874] These words of Robert Burns are the caption to a scene that has the stereotypical comic postcard suffragette – tyrolean hat with feather, fierce expression and umbrella [‘gamp’], ensuring that she has the attention of her female audience. The artist is ‘F. MacLeod’. The card was posted in Stratford (London E.) on 4 December 1908 and reads: ‘Just a P.C. to let you know I am still alive & kicking like the old girl opposite. We had a few like these at the Town Hall on Tuesday (minus the gamp)..’ Good – with a very slight crease that does nothing to spoil the image. £28

299. ‘COME OVER HERE’ [12659] two burly policeman are playing games with tiny (elegant,

300. ‘HI! MISS! YER TROWSERS IS A-COMING DOWN’ [12507] shouts tyke to elegant young woman sporting ‘harem’ trousers. Pre-First World War, pub by Felix McGlennon. Not actually ‘suffrage’ but of the time. Very good – very glossy £25

301. LONDON MUSEUM (as the Museum of London was then known) Set of Suffragette postcards London Museum 1972 [12882] six facsimiles of postcards issued by the Artists’ Suffrage League and the Suffrage Atelier. The set is in pristine condition, still held together with a purple, white and green paper band, as issued. Now 40 years old, dating from a time when the Museum was still in Kensington Palace, this set is itself historic’. £24

302. ‘NOT IN THOSE TROUSERS’ [12506] is the caption to a hand-painted postcard (the artist has initialed it ‘K.S.’). The subject of the remark is a lady in a purple and green outfit – a long tunic over ‘harem’ trousers – wearing a green and purple hat and carrying an umbrella. The author of the remark, a dapper gentleman, stands in the background. The colouring may indicate that a suffrage inference might be drawn – the style of dress certainly points to an early-20th-century date. Very good – unposted £15

303. THE SIMPLE LIFE – CARAVANNING [12675] Two comic suffragettes are having a problem with the relcacitrant horse pulling their caravan. One is brandishing a purple, white and green ‘Votes for Women’ leaflet. Message on the back reads ‘When you have your caravan you must steer clear of ‘suffragettes’ or they will make your old horse kick like this…’ Good -posted £50

304. THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT MAN BUILT [12673] ‘The House that our statesmen for years have controlled/Ruling the world with mind fearless and bold/Can Woman expect to rule such a House/She that’s afraid of a poor little mouse….’ Suffragettes stands on stool as mouse scuttles past – with House of Commons in background. Good – posted 1912 £45

305. WHEN WOMEN VOTE [11281] ‘Sitting up for mother’. Father sits at home nursing baby, while his wife tiptoes in after her night out. In the same series as the above. £45

306. WHEN WOMEN VOTE [11282] ‘It won’t be lawful for a man to remain single’. All the men are being rushed into marriage – tweaked by the nose and carried under the arms of women – and all because they have a vote! In the same series as the two above. All were posted, at different times in 1907, to the same women £45

307. WHEN WOMEN VOTE: Washing Day [11280] Father is in the kitchen bathing baby, while his wife and her friends sit in the parlour playing cards and eating chocolates – commenting ‘Yes, my old man is a lazy old wretch’. And that’s what will happen when women have the vote £45

308. WHO SAID VOTES FOR WOMAN!!! [12656] Postcard. Bulldog with specs and a pipe sits foursquare against a background of the Union Jack. The handwritten message on the reverse begins ‘I think the back of this card describers the question of the age.’ Good – posted from Cowes to Rotherhithe in Feb 1909. £12

Women and the First World War- Non-fiction and Biography

309. BARTON, Edith And BARTON, Marguerite Eve in Khaki:the story of the Women’s Army at home and abroad Thomas Nelson, no date (1918) [12577] Part I – in England by Edith M. Barton. Part II – In France by Marguerite Cody. The First World War and the early years of the WAAC. Very good £38

310. CAHILL, Audrey Fawcett Between the Lines: letters and diaries from Elsie Inglis’s Russian Unit Pentland Press 1999 [11675] Soft covers – mint £15

311. DEARMER, Mabel Letters from a Field Hospital: with a memoir of the author by Stephen Gwynn Macmillan 1916 [12640] In April 1915 Mabel Dearmer, the wife of the Christian socialist Rev Percy Dearmer, went out to work with Mrs Stobart in Serbia. She died of enteric fever in July. Very good internally – cream cloth cover a little grubby – scarce £75

312. DENT, Olive A V.A.D. in France Grant Richards Ltd 1917 [12636] Autobiographical account of nursing in France in the First World War. Very good, with atmospheric pictorial cloth cover £75

313. FARMBOROUGH, Florence Russian Album 1908-1918 Michael Russell 1979 [12645] Photographs taken both before and during the First World War by Florence Farmborough, who first went to Russia in 1908 – and left in 1918. At the outbreak of war she served with the Russian Red Cross. An amazing collection. Large format, fine in d/w £28

314. [HALL] Edith Hall Canary Girls & Stockpots WEA Luton Branch 1977 [12884] Memories of life in the First World War – and of the ’20s and ’30s. During the War Edith Hall’s mother was landlady to munition workers – ‘the Canaries’ (so called because the chemicals turned their skin yellow) at the Hayes factories.

Soft covers – signed by the author £10

315. HMSO Substitution of Women in Non-Munition Factories During the War HMSO 1919 [12581] ‘In view of the important questions which will arise at the close of the War in regard to women’s employment, it now seems desirable to make generally available the experience of the Department [the Factory Dept. of the Home Office] in regard to the extensions of women’s employment during the War in the great industries (other than the munitions industries) of the Country.’ The industries range from ‘Aero Engines’ to ‘Woollen and Worsted’. 52-pp – good in blue paper covers as issued £35

316. MCLAREN, Eva Shaw (ed) A History of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals Hodder & Stoughton 1919 [12638] A very full history of the work of the SWH in the First World War. With 57 illustrations, including a marvellous pull-out panoramic photograph of the Salonika hospital in 1918 – huts and tents as far as the eye can see. 408pp – very good -with new endpapers and a little foxing – scarce £65

317. MARLOW, Joyce (ed) The Virago Book of Women and the Great War Virago 1998 [11926] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w £12

318. (ROSS) Ishobel Ross Little Grey Partridge Aberdeen University Press 1988 [12153] ‘First World War diary of Ishobel Ross, who served with the Scottish Women’s Hospitals Unit in Serbia.’ With an introduction by Jess Dixon. Paper covers – fine £10

319. STONE, Gilbert (ed) Women War Workers: accounts contributed by representative workers of the work done by women in the more important branches of war employment George G. Harrap & Co 1917 [12631] With a foreword by Lady Jellicoe. Chapters on: munition work; the land; work as a postwoman; banking; as a bus conductor; driver of butcher’s delivery cart; nursing at the Front in France; work as a V.A.D.; working with ‘Concerts at the Front’; and welfare work. Includes a chapter on War Organisations for Women, full of facts and figures – with 12 photographs. Very good – a surprisingly scarce book £60

320. WALKER, Dora M. With the Lost Generation 1915-1919: From a V.A.D.s Diary A. Brown & Sons (Hull) 2nd imp 1971 [12879] ‘A “Girl’s Eye View” of work in some of the famous War Hospitals of 1914-1918.’ – written at the time by the author to her father. Dora Walker worked in hospitals in Britain, France and Belgium. With 20 photographs. Fine – scarce £25

Women and the First World War Ephemera

321. The Deportation of Women and Girls from Lille Hodder & Stoughton 1916 [12197] ‘Translated textually from the Note addressed by the French Government to the Governments of Neutral Powers on the conduct of the German Authorities towards the population of the French Departments in the occupation of the enemy.’ 81-pp – paper covers – good £12

322. ANDERSON, Adelaide Memorandum on Subsidiary Health and Kindred Services for Women HMSO 1918 [12195] compiled at the request and for the consideration of the Women’s Employment Committee. 24-pp – good £12

323. DENNYS, Joyce Portrait of Nurse Winifred Whitworth [11472] Winifred Fanny Whitworth (b.1891) was a VAD nurse at the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Truro, when she was commended for ‘valuable service in connection with the war’ in the London Gazette 29 Nov 1918. She was the only daughter (with 6 brothers) of Mr & Mrs R. Whitworth of Truro. Joyce Dennys (1893-1991), illustrator and humourist, was herself a VAD, working in hospitals in Devon. She was commissioned c 1915 to draw the pictures for ‘Our Hospitals ABC’, pub by John Lane. She must have visited the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital at Truro c 1917, when she was working in the VAD adminsitration office. The pastel and gouache portrait of Nurse Whitworth is one of 31, unsigned drawings, that were contained in a sketch book. Research by an art dealer, specialising in art of the First World War, established that the sketch book was the work of Joyce Dennys. Plenty of scope, I feel, for further research on Nurse Whitworth and her fellow Cornish VADs. Very good – mounted £95

324. GRANT, LILIAS and MOIR, ETHEL ‘Uncensored Diary’ and ‘Uncensored Letters’ [12590] Lilias Grant wrote the ‘Uncensored Diary’ and her friend, Ethel Moir, the ‘Uncensored Letters’ while on service together – as orderlies – with Dr Elsie Inglis’ Serbian-Russian Unit of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals in Rumania and Russia between August 1916 and April 1917. Also in that unit were Elsie Bowerman and Yvonne Fitzroy – and many other figures now well known to students of the SWH make frequent appearances. Ethel Moir did further service with the SWH between Feb 1918 and Jan 1919 with the ‘Elsie Inglis Unit’ in Salonika, Verbiliani and Hordiack and recorded that experience in a second section of the ‘Uncensored Letters’. These foolscap typescripts (or, in the case of the Moir Letters, a xerox of the tss) have been bound and were each inscribed by Lilias Grant (by then Mrs Lilias Dyson) and given in 1972 to her friends Nina and Ian Cameron of North Petherton, Somerset. Laid in the Moir volume is a letter from her husband, Dacre Dyson, explaining that there are only 3 copies of the Moir tss (and, by inference, also of the Grant Diary). One set is this set, owned by the Camerons, one is in the possession of Ethel Moir’s sister and the Dysons’ own set is destined, in due course, to be given to Edinburgh Central Library. Lilias Dyson died in 1975 and her husband in 1980 and their set of tss is now in the ECL. Indeed it was after reading the tss there that the playwright Abigail Docherty wrote her SWH play ‘Sea, Land and Sky’, staged at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow in 2010. Audrey Cahill published excerpts from the diary and letters in ‘Between the Lines’ (see item # ). Although she been unable to find anything further about Lilias Grant, the extra information provided in the laid-in letter and note that accompanies these volumes has made it possible to establish that, born in York in 1880, in 1922 she married Dacre Dyson, a Ceylon tea planter. They lived in Ceylon until at least 1938 and after the Second World War were living in Burley in Hampshire. Ethel Moir and Lilias Grant, who were both living in Inverness, had been friends before, together, joining the SWH The whereabouts of the third set of the tss is at the moment unknown.

The tss have been very well bound and are in fine condition (with one very small scuff on the spine of ‘Uncensored Letters’) – with presentation inscription from Lilias Grant and laid-in letter and note from her husband. Extremely scarce £500

325. HMSO Munitions of War Employment and Remuneration of Girls under 18 years of age on Munition Work of a class customarily done by Male Labour of 18 years and over HMSO 1916 [12190] Order dated July 6, 1916. 4-pp leaflet – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. £8

326. HMSO Munitions of War HMSO 1916 [12583] Order, dated June 26, 1916, of the Minister of Munitions. 4-pp leaflet – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. £3

327. HMSO Munitions of War HMSO 1916 [12667] Order, dated June 26, 1916, of the Minister of Munitions. 4-pp leaflet – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. £3

328. HMSO Munitions of War Act, 1915 HMSO July 1915 [12192] ‘An Act to make provision for furthering the efficient manufacture, transport and supply of Munitions for the present War; and for purposes incidental thereto.’ 14-pp – good £8

329. HMSO Munitions of War (Amendment)Act, 1916 HMSO 1916 [12193] 16-pp. Good £8

330. HOME OFFICE AND BOARD OF TRADE PAMPHLETS ON THE SUBSTITUTION OF WOMEN IN INDUSTRY FOR ENLISTED MEN [12797] 11 pamphlets – setting out the position of women’s employment during the First World War – covering the ‘China and Earthenware Trade’, ‘Pottery (Coarse Ware) and Brick Trade; ‘India Rubber Trades’, ‘Colour, Paint and Varnish Trade’, ‘Wool Industry’, ‘Cotton Trade’, ‘Hosiery Trade’, ‘Wood Working Trades’, ‘Leather tanning and Currying Trades’, ‘Soap and Candle Trades’, ‘Glove Trade’, ‘Heavy Clothing Trade’. Good – ex-Board of Educaiton library – as a collection £40

331. MEDICAL RESEARCH COMMITTEE AND DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Reports of the Industrial Fatigue Research Board HMSO 1919 [12194] No 2 – The Output of Women Workers in Relation to Hours of Work in Shell-Making. 24-pp – good in original paper covers – withdrawn from the Women’s Library £15

332. SCOTTISH WOMEN’S FIRST AID CORPS [12892] natural-coloured linen canvas satchel with the initials ‘S.W.F.A.C.’ [Scottish Women’s First Aid Corps] machine-embroidered in red on the front.The satchel hangs from a long red grosgrain ribbon strap which has a buckle for altering its length. The bag still contains an Esmarch’s Triangular Bandage – printed with images of how to apply, in a variety of ways, the bandage to wounded men, together with two packs labelled ‘Scottish Women’s First Aid Corps First Field Dressing’, supplied by J. Gordon Nicholson, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 15 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, and two small safety pins on a piece of card, presumably to be used for fixing the bandages. Luckily this SWFAC member was required to put the bandages to the test. The SWFAC had been formed in 1909 by Mary E. Macmillan and came into its own in the First World War, appealing to middle and upper-middle class women who wanted to ‘do their bit’. The SWFAC ran classes in First Aid and sick nursing and some of its recruits then went out to nurse in Italy and Serbia. Very good – an unusual survival £120

333. THE WOMEN’S IMPERIAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION Sixth Annual Report 1915 [12796] The Associations’s first Aim was ‘To teach the women of the Empire the elementary principles in health; particularly with reference to the care and nurture of children’. This annual report gives full details of the Association, its work, and its subscribers and supporters. With many photographs. Paper covers – 52pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £10

Women and the First World War Fiction

334. DENNYS, Joyce And GORDON, Hampden, and TINDALL, M.C. Our Hospitals A.B.C. John Lane no date (c. 1916) [12472] VAD’s alphabet – by one of them. Joyce Dennys did the delightful illustrations Very good – grey paper boards a little scuffed and bumped – but internally fresh and sharp £40

335. MACAULAY, Rose Three Days Constable & Co 1919 [12622] Already an established novelist, during the First World War Rose Macaulay worked as a VAD nurse and a land girl and in early 1917 joined the War Office. Good – a little chipped on spine – in wrapper cover. £25

336. SMITH, Helen Zenna Not So Quiet… The Feminist Press (NY) 1989 [12396] First published in 1930, this reissue with afterword by Jane Marcus. Soft covers – mint £7






Edited by Elizabeth Crawford

Campaigning for the Vote tells, in her own words, the efforts of a working suffragist to convert the men and women of Edwardian England to the cause of women’s suffrage. Kate Parry Frye (1878-1959) kept a detailed diary of life as a paid organiser for the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage and in this edited edition we accompany her in London and in the provinces as she knocks on doors, arranges meetings, trembles on platforms, speaks from carts in market squares, and deals with the egos and foibles of her fellow suffragists.


Kate Parry Frye, organiser for the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage, 1913

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