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Books And Ephemera For Sale: Catalogue 180 (Which Includes A Sale Section)








Catalogue 180

[Including a SALE SECTION – see items 346-498]



Elizabeth Crawford




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1.       ALEXANDER, Lynn Women, Work and Representation: needlewomen in Victorian art and literature Ohio Unversity Press 2003 [11620] Hardcovers – mint in d/w                                                             £15

2.       ANDREWS, Maggie The Acceptable Face of Feminism: the Women’s Institute as a social movement Lawrence & Wishart 1997 [9533] Soft covers – mint                                                                                    £9

3.       ANGERMAN, Anna Et Al (eds) Current Issues in Women’s History  Routledge 1989 [10641] Includes articles on ‘Witchcraft in the Northern Netherlands’, ‘Female culture, pacifism and feminism: Women Strike for Peace’, ‘The origins of feminism in Egypt’, ‘Female aspiration and male ideology: school-teaching in 19th century New England’, ‘Women’s psychological disorders in 17th-century Britain’ (by Anne Laurence), ‘Whores and gossips: sexual reputation in London 1770-1825’ (by Anna Clark) etc. Soft covers – very good                             £5

4.       ANON After the Dawn: a record of the pioneer work in Edinburgh for the higher education of women Oliver & Boyd 1939 [9159] Based on a scrapbook kept by Sarah Siddons Mair and other records contemporary with the 19th-century movement for higher education in Edinburgh. Very good                                           £48

5.       APPRENTICESHIP AND SKILLED EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION Trades for London Girls and How to Enter Them  Longmans, Green 1909 [9178] Packed with information on trades and wages.Soft covers – good – scarce                                                                                                                                         £38

6.       BEACHY, Robert Et Al (eds) Women, Business and Finance in 19th-century Europe: rethinking separate spheres Berg 2006 [9208] Fine                                                                                                  £12

7.       BENJAMIN, Marina (ed) Science and Sensibility: gender and scientific enquiry 1780-1945 Basil Blackwell 1994 [11668] An interesting collection of essays, Soft covers – mint                                            £18

8.       BERRY, Mrs Edward And MICHAELIS, Madame (eds) 135 Kindergarten Songs and Games  Charles and Dible, no date [1881] [9035] ‘These songs are printed to supply a want in English Kindergartens’ – the music is, of course, included – as are movement instructions. Mme Michaelis ran the Croydon Kindergarten. Very good         £48

9.       BLACK, Clementina Sweated Industry and the Minimum Wage  Duckworth 1907 [11756] With an introduction by A.G. Gardiner, chairman of the executive committee of the National Anti-Sweating League           £45

10.     BLOCH, R. Howard Medieval Misogyny and the Invention of Western Romantic Love  University of Chicago Press 1991 [11978] Soft covers – fine                                                                                        £18

11.     BOYD, Kenneth Scottish Church Attitudes to Sex, Marriage and the Family 1850-1914  John Donald 1980 [9679] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                      £18

12.     BRITTAIN, Vera Lady Into Woman: a history of women from Victoria to Elizabeth II Andrew Dakers 1953 [13161] Good – though ex-public library                                                                                       £8

13.     BURGAN, Mary Illness, Gender and Writing: the case of Katherine Mansfield John Hopkins University Press 1994 [11905] Mint in d/w                                                                                                          £15

14.     BURSTALL, Sara A. The Story of the Manchester High School for Girls 1871-1911  Manchester University Press 1911 [9606] Very good internally – slightly marked cover                                                  £38

15.     BUTTERWORTH, Annie Manual of Household Work and Management  Longmans, Green, 3rd ed 1913 [9186] A text book, written primarily for student qualifying for the Teacher’s Diploma of Houswifery. Annie Butterworth taught in the Domestic Arts department of University College of South Wales. Good £12

16.     CADBURY, Edward, MATHESON, M. Cecile and SHANN, George Women’s Work and Wages: a phase of life in an industrial city University of Chicago Press 1907 [8076] US edition of this study of women’s work in Birmingham. Good – inner hinge a little loose                                                                                £50

17.     CHAPONE, Mrs On the Improvement of the Mind together with Dr Gregory’s, Legacy to His Daughters  and Lady Pennington’s, Advice to Her Absent Daughter,  with An Additional letter on the Management and Education of Infant Children  Scott, Webster and Geary, no date c. 1835 [9555] A compendium of Good Conduct – a ‘four in one’. With engraved frontispiece and title page -good  in slightly rubbed half leather and marbled boards   £38

18.     CHECKLAND, Olive Philanthropy in Victorian Scotland: social welfare and the voluntary principle John Donald Ltd 1980 [9241] Fine in fine d/w                                                                                    £20

19.     COLLET, Clara Report by Miss Collet of the Statistics of Employment of Women and Girls  HMSO 1894 [7203] Report prepared under the aegis of the Board of Trade – Employment of Women (Labour Department). Very good – 152pp – bound into new protective card covers                                                                £85

20.     COLLET, Clara Report by Miss Collet on the Money Wages of Indoor Domestic Servants  HMSO 1899 [7207] Women workers were in the overwhelming majority of those considered in this report. Fascinating information. Very good in original card covers                                                                              £55

21.     CORELLI, Marie Free Opinions: Freely Expressed Archibald Constable 1905 [13257] Includes the essay ‘The Advance of Woman’ – ‘I have often been asked if I would like to see women in Parliament. I may say frankly, and at once, that I should detest it.’                                                                                                         £10

22.     CUNNINGTON, C. Willett Feminine Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century  William Heinemann 1935 [2558] Good                                                                                                                                          £15

23.     DEMOOR, Marysa Their Fair Share: women, power and criticism in the ‘Athenaeum’ , from Millicent Garrett Fawcett to Katherine Mansfield, 1870-1920 Ashgate 2000 [11667] Mint                                   £25

24.     DICKENS, Andrea Janelle Female Mystic: great women thinkers of the Middle Ages I.B. Tauris 2009 [11947] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                                         £10

25.     DINSHAW, Carolyn and WALLACE, David (eds) The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Women’s Writing  CUP 2003 [11857] Soft covers – fine                                                                          £12

26.     DON VANN, J. and VANARSDEL, Rosemary T. (eds) Periodicals of Queen Victoria’s Empire: an exploration University of Toronto Press 1996 [9600] Fine in fine d/w                                          £18

27.     DURHAM, Edith High Albania  Virago 1985 [10802] First published in 1909. Soft covers – very good        £8

28.     ELLIS, Mrs Sarah Stickney The Select Works  Henry G. Langley (New York) 1844 [11234] Includes ‘The Poetry of Life’, ‘Pictures of Private Life’, ‘A Voice From the Vintage, on the force of example addressed to those who think and feel’

Good in original decorative cloth                                                                                                  £48

29.     ERICKSON, Amy Louise Women and Property in Early Modern England  Routledge 2002 (r/p) [9730] Soft covers – fine internally – crease to front cover                                                                               £15

30.     EVERGATES, Theodore (ed) Aristocratic Women in Medieval France  University of Pennsylvania Press 1999 [11979] Soft covers – very good                                                                                                 £17

31.     FARRELL, Christine My Mother Said…; the way young people learned about sex and birth control Institute for Social Studies in Medical Care 1978 [8997] Based on over 1500 interviews with a national random sample of 16- to 19-year olds in 1974-5. Very good in good d/w – though ex-library                                              £10

32.     FRYE, Susan And ROBERTSON, Karen (Eds) Maids and Mistresses, Cousins and Queens: women’s alliances in early modern England OUP 1999 [7435] A collection of essays exploring how early modern women associated with other women in a variety of roles, from alewives to midwives, prostitutes to pleasure seekers, slaves to queens, serving maids to ladies in waiting …’. Fine                                                                         £35

33.     FULLER, Sophie The Pandora Book of Women Composers  Pandora 1994 [8979] Fine in d/w       £15

34.     GILBERT, Sandra And GUBAR, Susan No Man’s Land: the place of the woman writer in the twentieth century Yale University Press 1994 [8899] Vol 3 – ‘Letters From the Front’ .477pp –  mint in d/w           £25

35.     GILLESPIE, Diane F. (ed) The Multiple Muses of Virginia Woolf  University of Missouri Press  [7496] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                             £25

36.     GLUCK, Sherna Berger and PATAI, Daphne (eds) Women’s Words: the practice of oral history Routledge 1991 [11532] Explores the theoretical, methodological, and practical problems that arise when women utilize oral history as a tool of feminist scholarship. Hardback – fine in d/w                                                     £15

37.     HALLSWORTH, Joseph and DAVIES, Rhys J The Working Life of Shop Assistants: a study of conditions of labour in the distributive trades privately published 1910 [11765] Fascinating insight into the working conditions and wages of a wide range of shop workers with description of some of the reforms that had been put in place. Very good in original cloth                                                                                                                    £35

39.     HILDEGARD OF BINGEN Selected Writings  Penguin 2001 [11853] With introduction and notes by Mark Atherton. Soft covers – fine                                                                                                            £6

41.     HOLCOMBE, Lee Victorian Ladies at Work: middle-class working women in England and Wales 1850-1914 David & Charles 1973 [11226] Very good in chipped d/w                                                          £25

42.     HOLLIS, Patricia Ladies Elect: women in English local government 1865-1914 OUP 1987 [13264] Excellent study. Paper covers – good – now a scarce book                                                                         £23

43.     HOLT, Anne A Ministry To The Poor: being a history of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society, 1836-1936 Henry Young (Liverpool) 1936 [9243] Very good – scarce                                                         £45

44.     HUGHES, Linda K. And LUND, Michal Victorian Publishing and Mrs Gaskell’s Work  University Press of Virginia 1999 [9537] Fine in fine d/w                                                                                          £15

45.     JAMES, Selma Sex, Race and Class  Falling Wall Press 1975 [13193] Paper covers – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                           £5

46.     JAMIESON, Mrs A History of France, from the earliest periods to the beginning of the year 1834 W. Edwards (London) 1834 [2776] Fair internally – boards cracked                                                                 £8

47.     JEPHCOTT, Pearl With Nancy Seear and John H. Smith Married Women Working  Allen & Unwin 1962 [9160] Very good in d/w – with stamp of the Reference and Political Library of the Conservative Research Department                                                                                                                                 £15

48.     JOHNSON, Patricia E. Hidden Hands: working-class women and Victorian social-problem fiction Ohio University Press 2001 [10784] ‘Argues that the female industrial worker became more dangerous to represent than the prostitute or the male radical because the worker exposed crucial contradictions between the class and gender ideologies of the period and its economic realities’. Soft covers – mint                                            £15

49.     KEDDIE, Nikki And BARON, Beth (eds) Women in Middle Eastern History: shifting boundaries in sex and gender Yale University Press 1991 [10511] The first study of gender relations in the Middle East from the earliest Islamic period to the present. Fine in d/w                                                                                      £15

50.     KEEBLE, Samuel (ed) Citizen of To-morrow: a handbook on social questions Charles H. Kelly (10th thousand) c 1906 [9811] Dedicated to the members of the Weslyan Methodist Union for Social Science. Among many articles on subject such as housing, land, drink, unemployment etc is one by Marie Stuart, Late Associate of the Royal Sanitary Society, on Women and Social Problems, which covers sweated trades, factory work, infant mortality, creches, shop work etc. Good                                                                                                                           £14

51.     LASDUN, Susan Victorians At Home: The Drummond Children’s World 1827-1832 Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1981 [13260] Traces the changing character of the interior of the English home during the 19th century. The delightful contemporary illustrations – watercolours and photographs – are drawn from family records, which also furnish the text. Fine in fine d/w                                                                                                                     £10

52.     LERNER, Gerda The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: from the middle ages to 1870 OUP 1993 [11921] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w                                                                                                          £13

53.     LERNER, Gerda The Creation of Patriarchy  OUP 1986 [11924] Soft covers – fine           £10

54.     LEVITT, Dorothy The Woman & The Car: A chatty little handbook for all women who motor or who want to motor Hugh Evelyn Reprint 1970 [13259] First published in 1909. Packed full of useful information for the woman motorist. Fine in d/w                                                                                                                    £15

55.     LEWIS, Judith Schneid In the Family Way: childbearing in the British aristocracy, 1760-1860 Rutgers University Press 1986 [8652] Very good in slightly chipped d/w                                                                  £25

56.     LITOFF, Judy Barrett And SMITH, David C. We’re In This War, Too: World War II Letters from American Women in Uniform OUP 1994 [8310] Fine in d/w                                                                      £16

57.     LLEWELYN DAVIES, Margaret (ed) Maternity: letters from working women collected by the Women’s Co-operative Guild Virago 1978 [13159] First published in 1915. Soft covers – very good                  £8

58.     LOANE, M. An Englishman’s Castle  Edward Arnold 1909 [9060] Martha Loane was a district nurse – this study of the homes of the poor is the result of her social investigation. Good                                  £18

59.     (LUXEMBOURG) Richard Abraham Rosa Luxembourg: a life for the International Berg 1989 [1399] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                             £10

60.     MCCANN, Jean Thomas Howell and the School at Llandaff  D. Brown (Cowbridge) 1972 [10608] Good – ex-university library                                                                                                                      £15

61.     McMILLAN, Margaret The Child and the State  The National Labour Press 1911 [11641] In which she advocated giving poor children a more broad and humane education than they currently were receiving. Vol 9 in the Socialist Library series. Card covers – very good                                                                          £28

62.     MALVERY, Olive Christian Baby Toilers  Hutchinson 1907 [8216] A study of the child workers of Edwardian Britain. Good                                                                                                                               £38

63.     MARKS, Lara Metropolitan Maternity maternity and infant welfare services in early 20th century London Rodopi 1996 [11624] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                  £22

64.     MARTIN, Jane Women and the Politics of Schooling in Victorian and Edwardian England  Leicester University Press 1999 [10781] Mint (pub price £65)                                                                   £35

65.     MASON, Michael The Making of Victorian Sexuality  OUP 1994 [10599] Fine in d/w      £14

66.     MILLER, Robert Researching Life Stories and Family Histories  Sage 2000 [11520] Covers methods and issues involved in collecting and analysing family histories, and collecting and analysing life histories. (pub. price £24.99)                                                                                                                                       £15


67.     NARAYAN, Anjana and PURKAYASTHA, Bandana Living Our Religions: Hindu and Muslim South Asian American Women Narrate Their Experiences Kumarian Press 2009 [11509] The population of the South Asian diaspora in the US is over 2.5 million people. Yet little is known about this group beyond images of Muslim and Hindu fundamentalists and veiled women. Rarely are Hindu and Muslim American women asked about their everyday lives and religious beliefs. Soft covers – mint                                                                                         £12

68.     NELSON, Claudia Boys Will Be Girls: the feminine ethic and British children’s fiction, 1857-1917 Rutgers University Press 1991 [9805] Mint in d/w                                                                                   £18

69.     NEWMAN, Barbara St Hildegard’s Theology of the Feminine  University of California Press 1989 [11856] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                                         £10

70.     NORWICH HIGH SCHOOL 1875-1950   privately printed, no date [1950] [9612] A GPDST school. Very good internally – green cloth covers sunned – ex-university library                                                  £15

71.     ORRINSMITH, Mrs The Drawing Room: its decoration and furniture Macmillan 1877 [9344] In the ‘Art at Home’ series. ‘The author has endeavoured to give more particular directions as to the furnishing and adornment of the Drawing-Room than was possible in the Miss Garretts’ volume treating of the whole subject of ‘House Decoration’ .’ Very good – missing free front end paper many illustrations – a scarce book                                  £60

72.     OSBORNE, Honor And MANISTY, Peggy A History of the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army 1864-1965  Hodder & Stoughton 1966 [10609] Good – ex-university library                    £12

73.     PEACH, Linden Contemporary Irish and Welsh Women’s Fiction: gender, desire and power University of Wales Press 2008 [11572] The first comparative study of fiction by late 20th and 21st-century women writers from England, Southern Ireland and Wales. Soft covers – mint                                                              £15

74.     PEDERSEN, Frederik Marriage Disputes in Medieval England  Hambledon 2000 [11977] The records of the church courts of the province of York, mainly dating from the 14th c, provide a welcome light on private, family life and on individual reactions to it. Hardcovers – fine in fine d/w                                                        £25

75.     PHILLIPS, Eileen (ed) The Left & the Erotic  Lawrence & Wishart 1983 [5344] Contributers include Angela Carter and Elizabeth Wilson. Paper covers – very good                                                                  £6

76.     PHILLIPS, M. And TOMPKINSON, W.S. English Women in Life and Letters  OUP 1927 [9151] Describes the lives of Englishwomen of the past, some rich, others poor and unknown – using both historical sources and fiction – from the 14th century to the mid 19th. Very good                                                      £20

77.     PHILLIPS, Margaret Mann Willingly to School: memories of York College for Girls 1919-1924 Highgate Publications 1989 [13124] Good in card covers – though ex-library                                             £10

78.     RENDALL, Jane The Origins of Modern Feminism: women in Britain, France and the United States 1780-1860 Macmillan 1985 [9461] Soft covers – very good                                                                £15

79.     RICHARDS, Anna The Wasting Heroine in German Fiction by Women 1770-1914  OUP 2004 [9691] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                          £12

80.     ROBERTS, Alison Hathor Rising: the serpent power in ancient Egypt Northgate 1995 [11866] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                                                                      £8

81.     ROWLAND, Robyn (ed) Women Who Do & Women Who Don’t Join the Women’s Movement  Routledge 1984 [5358] Paper covers – good                                                                                                £5

82.     ROYDEN, A. Maude Political Christianity  G.P. Putnams’ 1923 (r/p) [13120] Dedicated to members of the Guildhouse congregation. Good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                         £8

84.     SCARLET WOMEN   Scarlet Women Collective April 1978 [11322] Newsletter of the Socialist Feminist Current. Combined issues 6 & 7. Good                                                                                                       £4

85.     SCARLET WOMEN   Scarlet Women Collective August 1978 [11324] Newsletter of the Socialist Feminist Current. Issue 8. Very good                                                                                                           £4

86.     SHAHAR, Shulamith The Fourth Estate: a history of women in the Middle Ages Routledge 1993 (r/p) [11858] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                                      £12

87.     SHIRAZI, Faegheh Velvet Jihad: Muslim women’s quiet resistance to Islamic fundamentalism University Press of Florida 2009 [11615] Hardcovers – mint in d/w                                                                          £20

88.     SHOWALTER, Elaine A Jury of Her Peers: American women writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx Virago 2009 [11900] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w                                                                       £12

89.     SIX POINT GROUP In Her Own Right: a discussion conducted by the Six Point Group Harrap 1968 [12975] Includes contributions from Hazel Hunkins-Hallinan, Marghanita Laski, Pat Hornsby-Smith and Lena Jeger, stemming from a conference ‘where it was felt that it was timely to investigate ths uccess of the movement towards emancipation and to discuss the problems remaining fifty years after the emancipation of women’. Paper covers – good £10

90.     STAFFORD, H.M. Queenswood: the first sixty years 1894-1954 privately printed 1954 [9643] History of the school. Good – ex-college library                                                                                                 £12

91.     STANLEY, Liz Et Al (eds) Auto/Biography: Bulletin of the British Sociological Association Study Group on Auto/Biography  (1993) [10494] Vol 2, no 1 ‘Research Practices’. Soft covers – fine                     £9

92.     STENTON, Doris Mary The English Woman in History  Allen & Unwin 1957 [8440] Good reading copy – ex-library                                                                                                                                     £15

93.     STONE, Dorothy The National: the story of a pioneer college Robert Hale 1976 [8231] History of the pioneering domestic economy training college – The National Training College of Domestic Subjects. Fine in d/w       £12

94.     TAYLOR, Barbara Mary Wollstonecraft and the Feminist Imagination  CUP 2003 [11898] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                                                              £17

95.     TAYLOR, Yvette Working-class Lesbian Life: classed outsiders Palgrave 2007 [11575] Hardcovers – mint (pub. price £45)                                                                                                                          £25

96.     THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEAR-BOOK AND DIRECTORY FOR 1888  JUBILEE EDITION Hatchard’s 1888 [11772] edited by ‘L.M. H.’ [Louisa Hubbard], comprising Part I Englishwomen and their work in Queen Victoria’s reign and Part II

Directory for 1888. A wonderful source – full of details of names and addresses. Very good and tight in decorative boards, a little darkened and marked with age. Extremely scarce                                                £195

97.     THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY 1901   A & C Black 1901 [11770] Ed by Emily Janes. Packed with information. Good internally – cloth covers marked – scarce                   £80

98.     TOBIN, Beth Fowkes Superintending the Poor: charitable ladies and paternal landlords in British fiction, 1770-1860 Yale University Press 1993 [9806] Mint in d/w                                                                  £18

99.     TROUBLE AND STRIFE:   Trouble and Strife Collective 1988 [11683] Issue no 14  Winter 1988. Very good                                                                                                                                                      £4

100.   TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine  Trouble and Strife Collective 1984 [11679] Issue no 3 Summer 1984. Includes ‘Storming the Wimpy Bars: an interview with Lilian Mohin’. Very good       £4

101.   TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine  Trouble and Strife Collective 1985 [11680] Issue No. 5. Spring 1985                                                                                                                              £4

102.   TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine  Trouble and Strife Collective 1986 [11681] Issue no 9 Summer 1986                                                                                                                                £4

103.   TROUBLE AND STRIFE: a radical feminist magazine  Trouble and Strife Collective 1988 [11682] Issue no 13 Summer 1988                                                                                                                           £4

105.   TYLECOTE, Mabel The Education of Women at Manchester University 1883 to 1933  Manchester University Press 1941 [13139] With a newscutting obituary of Dame Mabel Tylecote laid in. Good – scarce        £40

106.   VINCE, Mrs Millicent Decoration and Care of the Home  W. Collins 1923 [12870] Mrs Vince had been a pupil of the pioneer ‘House Decorator’, Agnes Garrett. Very good in rubbed d/w                          £18

107.   WARWICK, Countess Of A Woman and the War  Chapman and Hall 1916 [13141] The wartime thoughts of an interesting woman – a social reformer.  Includes chapters on ‘Nursing in Wartime’ and  ‘Women and the War’.  Very good                                                                                                                                           £48

108.   WEST, Rebecca The Young Rebecca: writings of Rebecca West 1911-17  Indiana University Press 1982 [11674] Selected and introduced by Jane Marcus. Soft covers – fine                                           £12

109.   WILLIAMS, A. Susan Ladies of Influence: women of the elite in interwar Britain Allen Lane 2000 [8087] Studies of, among others, Edith, Marchioness of Londonderry, Katharine, Duchess of Atholl, Nancy Cunard, and Stella, Marchioness of Reading. Fine in very good d/w                                                                 £12

110.   WOODS, Edgar & Diana Things That Are Not Done: an outspoken commentary on popular habits and a guide to correct conduct Universal Publications, no date (1937) [10612] Good                                    £12



111.   ALLEN, Alexandra Travelling Ladies: Victorian Adventuresses   [13198] Studies of Daisy Bates, Isabella Bird Bishop, Midlred Cabele and Evangeline and Francesca French, Alexandra David-Neel, Jane Digby el Mesrab, Kate Marsden, Marianne North and May French Sheldon. Fine in d/w                                                 £10

112.   BELL, Alan (ed and with an introduction by) Sir Leslie Stephen’s ‘Mausoleum Book’  OUP 1977 [13199] Intimate autobiography written for Stephen’s immediate family after the death of his wife, Julia, the mother of Vanessa and Virginia. Very good in d/w                                                                                                     £12

113.   BELL, MAUREEN, PARFIT, GEORGE AND SHEPHERD, SIMON A Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers 1560-1720  G.K. Hall 1990 [11878] Expands the boundaries of what is conventionally recognized as 17th century English literature by uncovering, reintroducing and documenting the lives and works of more than 550 English women who wrote betwen 1580-1720. Fine in d/w                                   £25

114.   (BRONTE) Margaret Smith (ed) Selected Letters of Charlotte Bronte  OUP 2007 [11632] Mint in d/w   £15

115.   (COBBE) Frances Power Cobbe Life of Frances Power Cobbe : as told by herself Swan Sonnenschein 1904 [11475] The Posthumous – and best – edition – ‘With Additions by the Author and Introduction by Blanche Atkinson’. Fine – rather scarce                                                                                                     £75

116.   (EDEN) Violet Dickinson (Ed) Miss Eden’s Letters  Macmillan 1919 [9339] Born, a Whig, in 1797. Her letters are full of social detail. In 1835 she went to India with her brother when he became governor-general. Very good                                                                                                                                                    £28

117.   (GASKELL) John Chapple (ed) Elizabeth Gaskell: the early years Manchester University Press 1997 [9614] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                  £18

118.   (HOWARD) Elizabeth Jane Howard Slipstream: a memoir Macmillan 2002 [10523] Fine in d/w      £8

119.   (HOWE) Valarie Ziegler Diva Julia: the public romance and private agony of Julia Ward Howe Trinity Press International 2003 [11892] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w                                                               £10

120.   (JAMESON) Storm Jameson Journey from the North: autobiography of Storm Jameson Virago 1984 [9685] Soft covers – good – 2 volumes complete                                                                                     £12

121.   [JEBB]  Alice Salomon Eglantyne Jebb  Union Internationale de Secours Aux Enfants 1936 [13170] Short study in French. Paper covers – 53pp – very good                                                                                   £5

122.   (JERNINGHAM) Ernest Betham (ed) A House of Letters: being excerpts from the correspondence of Miss Charlotte Jerningham, Lady Jerningham, Coleridge, Lamb, Southey, Bernard and Lucy Barton, and others, with Matilda Betham Jarrolds  [2179] ‘Also notes of some phases in the evolution of an English family’- the Bethams. Good                                                                                                                                          £28

123.   KELSALL, Helen Berridge House Who’s Who, 1893-1957  privately published [1957] [13005] A list of all the pupils and staff of the National Society’s Training College for Domestic Subjects –  with a short history of the college. Paper covers – good                                                                                                                    £12

124.   (KINGSLEY) Robert Pearce Mary Kingsley: light at the heart of darkness Kensal Press 1990 [9667] A biography of the West African traveller. Very good in d/w                                                            £15

125.   (MARTIN) Sarah Martin A Brief Sketch of the Life of the Late Miss Sarah Martin of Great Yarmouth: with extracts from the Parliamentary Reports on Prisons; her own Prison Journals etc C. Barber (Yarmouth) 2nd ed, 1844 [12756] Prison visitor, dressmaker, Sunday School teacher. Her comments on the prisoners are particularly interesting. Good in original cloth                                                                                                  £35

126.   (MOODIE/TRAILL) Charlotte Gray Sisters in the Wilderness: Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill, pioneers of the Canadian backwoods Duckworth 2001 [11887] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w       £12

127.   (MORRELL) Robert Gathorne-Hardy (ed) Ottoline:the early memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell; Ottoline at Garsington: memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell Faber, 1963 and Faber, 1974 (respectively  [9499] Two volumes together, as a set – both good in d/w                                                                                            £28

128.   NEWNHAM COLLEGE REGISTER 1871-1950   privately printed  [11776] packed with biographical information on students and staff.   Soft covers – 2 vols – good – although backing on vol 1 is coming unstuck and outermost cover of vol II is missing- internally very good – scarce                                                 £40

129.   (NICE) Miranda Seymour The Bugatti Queen: in search of a motor-racing legend Simon & Schuster 2004 [10532] Romantic life of Helle Nice, who set land-speed records for Bugatti in the 1930s. Fine in d/w     £8

130.   (NICHOL) Anna Stoddart Elizabeth Pease Nichol  Dent 1899 [12999] (1807-1897) Scottish Quaker – daughter of the founder of the Peace Society, suffragist, chartist, anti-vivesectionist. Very good – scarce    £35

131.   (PHILIPS) Philip Webster Souers The Matchless Orinda  Harvard University Press 1931 [9602] An account of the life of Mrs Katherine Philips, the first woman in England to gain the reputation of a poetess.Good – ex university library                                                                                                                                          £28

132.   (PUREFOY) G. Eland (ed) Purefoy Letters 1735-1753  Sidgwick & Jackson 1931 [9338] The letters of Elizabeth Purefoy (1672-1765), whose husband died in 1704, and her son, Henry Purefoy.  Elizabeth Purefoy was, as her epitaph recorded, ‘a woman of excellent understanding, prudent and frugal’ and her letters are full of domestic detail.  Very good – two volumes                                                                                                 £40

133.   (RAVERAT) Gwen Raverat Period Piece  Faber 1987 (r/p) [9686] Soft covers – very good   £6

134.   (RHYS) Francis Wyndham And Diana Melly (eds) Jean Rhys Letters 1931-1966  Deutsch 1984 [9507] Very good in d/w                                                                                                                                 £12

135.   (ROBINS) Octavia Wilberforce Backsettown & Elizabeth Robins  published for private circulation 1952 [13258] A little tribute – telling how Elizabeth Robins came to set up the retreat at Backsettown in Sussex. With lovely photograph of Elizabeth Robins tipped in as frontispiece. Fine in paper wraps – with a birthday inscription on free front endpaper – scarce                                                                                                         £38

136.   [RUSKIN] Mary Lutyens (ed) Young Mrs Ruskin in Venice: the picture of society and life with John Ruskin 1849-1852 Vanguard Press (NY) 1965 [13200] Very good in d/w                                            £12

137.   (SPRINGFIELD) VALENTINE, Penny And WICKHAM, Vicki Dancing With Demons: the authorised biography of Dusty Springfield Hodder 2000 [10049] Mint in d/w                                                 £6

138.   (TAYLORS) Doris Mary Armitage The Taylors of Ongar  W. Heffer 1939 [9601] A joint biography of the family of writers that included Ann and Jane Taylor – the latter the author of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star’. Good – ex-university library                                                                                                                           £18

139.   (TENNYSON) James O. Hoge Lady Tennyson’s Journal  University Press of Virginia 1981 [9675] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                                    £18

140.   (TREFUSIS) Philippe Jullian And PHILLIPS, John Violet Trefusis: a biography including correspondence with Vita Sackville-West Methuen 1986 [10164] Soft covers – good                                                    £7

141.   (TROUBRIDGE) Jaqueline Hope-Nicholson (ed) Life Amongst the Troubridges: journals of a young Victorian 1873-1884 by Laura Troubridge John Murray 1966 [9324] Very good in rubbed d/w £10

142.   (TUCKER) Agnes Giberne A Lady of England: the life and letters of Charlotte Maria Tucker Hodder & Stoughton 1895 [9599] The standard biography of a popular children’s and religious writer – who spent the later years of her life as a missionary in India.  Good – though ex-university library                                 £28

143.   (TWINING) Louisa Twining Recollections of My Life and Work  Edward Arnold 1893 [10625] She was an early ‘social worker’ – involved with workhouse visiting, promoting the idea of poor law inspectors and was herself a poor law guardian. Very good – scarce                                                                                        £68

144.   (WARWICK) Charlotte Fell-Smith Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick (1625-1678), her family and friends  Longmans, Green 1901 [1754] Very good                                                                                  £45

145.   (WATERSTON) Lucy Bean And Elizabeth Van Heyningen (eds) The Letters of Jane Elizabeth Waterston 1866-1905  Van Riebeeck Society (Cape Town) 1983 [13266] A Scotswoman, she went as a missionary to Africa – to the Cape – returning to Britain in 1874 to train as a doctor – first, for a short time, with Sophia Jex-Blake in Edinburgh and then as one of the first students at the London School of Medicine, qualifying in 1879. She then returned to Africa, eventually settling in Cape Town, where, during his period there as editor of the\i  Cape Times\i0 ,  one of her closest friends, although v much younger than her, was Edmund Garrett, cousin to Millicent Garrett Fawcett, on whose commission to investigate concentration camps during the Boer War, Jane Waterston served. Fine                                                                                                                                                    £25

146.   (WHARTON) R.W.B. Lewis And Nancy Lewis The Letters of Edith Wharton  Simon & Schuster 1988 [9747] Fine in fine d/w – 654pp                                                                                                  £12

147.   (YOURCENAR) Josyane Savigneau Marguerite Yourcenar: inventing a life University of Chicago Press 1993 [10522] Biography of  the author of ‘The Memoirs of Hadrian’ . Translated from French by Joan E. Howard. Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                             £10



148.   ANON The Board of Education and Catholic Secondary Schools  W. Watson & Co (Birmingham) 1910 [13037] Written by a supporter of Catholic education – and heavily annotated – presumably by someone at the Board of Education. Interesting. Paper covers – good – 16pp in card covers – ex-Board of Education        £6

149.   ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING THE EMPLOYMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLWORK Report of Meeting Held at the Westminster Town Hall on Wed Nov 12th 1902    [13043] The Association was formed in 1897 and was disbanded in 1905. The Association’s aim, at its most basic, of promoting the employment of middle-class young women  – ie those who had attended high schools – in working-class – ie elementary – schools. ‘Higher teachers are now at last waking up to the absolute necessity of training, and Elementary teachers are far more cultured than they were five or ten years ago.’16-pp pamphlet – good                                                                                                                                                      £4

150.   ASSOCIATION OF ASSISTANT MISTRESSES Education Policy (with special reference to Secondary Education)  AAM no date (1920s?) [13042] 4-pp leaflet. Good – ex-Board of Education library £2

151.   ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS Collection of Proceedings at the Annual General Meetings    [13223] Proceedings of the meetings held in 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902. Each c 34pp, in original paper covers (some covers present but detached). As a collection                       £20

152.   ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN TEACHERS Thirtieth Annual Report, 1912-1913  AUWT 1914 [13216] Includes a (slightly surprisingly) long list of the members. Soft covers – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                                        £10

153.   BINFIELD, Clyde Belmont’s Portias: Victorian nonconformists and middle-class education for girls Dr Williams’ Trust 1981 [9158] The 35th Friends of Dr Williams’s Library Lecture. Paper covers – 35pp – good – scarce       £18

154.   BIRMINGHAM, H.R. The Church After the War  Midland Educational Co (Birmingham) [1918] [13209] 20-pp pamphlet by the Bishop of Birmingham. Good in original covers – bound into plain card covers – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                        £12

155.   BRITISH WOMEN TRADE UNIONISTS Soviet Russia: An Investigation by British Women Trade Unionists, April to July 1925 W.P. Coates 1925 [13212] They liked it. Soft covers – 88pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                                        £14

156.   BUTLER, Josephine (ed) The Storm Bell  Ladies’ National Association for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice Feb 1899 [9802] Single issue. Contains the rather touching notice: ‘If there should occasionally be some delay or irregularity in the appearance of the Storm Bell, I beg my Friends to judge its Editor leniently….As I have no Sub-Editor, it will be understood that it is not always easy to prepare even so humble a periodical as this, in time to be out exactly at the right date.’ Fine – scarce                                                                                          £28

157.   CARPENTER, J. Estlin The Promotion of International Peace Through Universities  National Peace Council 1912 [13210] ‘A Paper read at the Eighth National Peace Congress, 1912’. 12-pp – paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                       £8

158.   CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY Right and Wrong as to School Feeding  COS 1906 [9237] Facts and figures. Paper covers – 8pp – very good – unusual                                                                  £18

159.   CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY D.R. Sharpe Centralised Registration of Assistance  COS 1911 [9236] Paper read on 31 May 1911 at the Annual National Conference of Charity Organisation Societies. Paper covers – 14pp pamphlet – good – unusual                                                                                     £18

160.   CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY Miss Pike Friendly Visiting and Personal Service  COS 1911 [9238] Paper read on 1 June 1911 at the Annual National Conference of Charity Organisation Societies. Paper covers – 11pp – good – a little foxing – unusual                                                                              £20

161.   CO-OPERATIVE HOLIDAYS ASSOCIATION     [12798] 3-pp pamphlet, reprinted from ‘Modern Language Teaching’, June 1910, setting out the work of this Associaiton, which had begun by the Congregational Church in industrial Lancashire, together with Annual Reports for the year ending Sept 30th, 1910 and Annual Report for the year ending Sept 30th 1911. Interesting – 3 items – the Annual Reports v good – the pamphlet rubbed and split (with no loss of text) – ex-Board of Education library – as a collection                                                    £15

162.   COLLECTION OF FABIAN SOCIETY TRACTS ETC     [13143] The collection comprises: 1) The Abolition of Poor Law Guardians (Fabian Tract 126), 1906; Socialism and Labor Policy (FT 127), 1906; 2) The Case for a Legal Minimum Wage (FT 128), 1906; 3) More Books To Read on Social and Economic Subjects (FT 129), 1906; 4) Miss L.B. Hutchins, Home Work and Sweating: the causes and the remedies (FT 130), 1907; 5) Sidney Webb, The Decline in the Birth-Rate (FT 131), 1907; 6) A Guide to Books For Socialists (FT 132), 1907; 7) The Rev Percy Dearmer, Socialism and Christianity (FT 133), 1907; 8) Small Holdings, Allotments, and Common Pastures (FT 134), 1907; 9) Sidney Webb, Paupers and Old Age Pensions (FT 135), 1907; 10) Edward Carpenter, The Villand and the Landlord (FT 136), 1907; 11) Parish Councils and Village Life (FT 137), 1908; 12) 22nd Annual Report on the work of the Fabian Society for year ended March 1905, reprinted1906; 13) 23rd Annual Report on the work of the Fabian Society for year ended March 1906, 1906; 14) 24th Annual Report on the work of the Fabian Society for the year ended March 1907, 1907; 15) Lecture List of the Fabian Society: London and Provinces, Sept 1907; 16) F. Lewis Donaldson, The Unemployed, Christian Social Union pamphlet no 14, 1907; 17) James Timewell, The Royal Commission on the Metropolitan Police, pub by the Police and Public Vigilance Society, c.1906; 18) Sybella Gurney, Co-operative Housing, pub by the Co-partnership Tenants’ Housing Council, c.1907; 19) John Nettlefold, Slum Reform and Town Planning: the Garden City idea applied to existing cities and their suburbs, c 1907. 19 pamphlets in cloth binding which bears the stamp of Westminster Public Libraries. Bookplate on front pastedown shows that it has been withdrawn from the Library.                                                                       £35

163.   COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO INDUSTRIAL UNREST: Report of the Commission for Wales  HMSO 1917 [13215] 50pp – good reading copy – bound into later card covers – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                                                    £12

164.   FABIAN WOMEN’S GROUP Summary of Eight Papers and Discussions upon the Disabilities of Mothers as Workers  Fabian Women’s Group (Private Circulation)  1910 [12973] Papers by Mrs Pember Reeves, Dr Ethel Vaughan-sawyer, Mrs Spence Weiss, Mrs Bartrick Baker, Mrs Stanbury, Mrs S.K. Ratcliffe, Miss B.L. Hutchins, Mrs O’Brien Harris. Paper covers – good                                                                                     £15

165.   GARDNERS’ TRUST FOR THE BLIND Report of the Conference on Matters relating to the Blind  Farmer and Sons 1902 [13222] The Conference was held at the Church House, Westminster on 22, 23, 23 April 1902. 258pp in original boards – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                       £18

166.   GIRL GUIDES Log of 2nd Worthing Ranger Company April-September 1927    [13127] An exercise book covered in linen with a handpainted Girl Guide trefoil on the front and dried specimens of the Company’s three patrols – Poppy, Oak and Silver Birch on the inside front cover. The title page has been lovingly decorated – and there are occasional drawings in the text and a few photographs of the girls at camp. The Log is a handwritten record of the Rangers’ activities in 6 months of 1927- recorded in some detail. The names of many of the girls and their leaders are mentioned. Unusual                                                                                                                      £35

167.   HARTOG, P.J. The Owens College, Manchester  Co-operative Printing Society 1895 [13224] A description and history of the College – with photographs. Originally presented by the author to Michael Sadler – paper covers – 31pp – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                           £5

168.   INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY What Socialism Means for Women  ILP c 1905 [12757] ILP Leaflet No 6. ‘Socialism means freedom for women just as it does for men. It means enfranchising them…’ Worthy aims. Small – 4-pp leaflet                                                                                                                                  £12

169.   LONDON INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PLAIN NEEDLEWORK Annual Report for the Year ending September 30th, 1909   1909 [13041] 24pp – good in card covers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                      £8

170.   MANNING, E. A. Moral Teaching in Schools: a paper read at the Social Science Congress, Brighton Edward Stanford Oct 1875 [13208] Elizabeth Adelaide Manning was, among other things, for many years hon sec of the National Indian Association. Paper covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library           £12

171.   MELLORS, Robert Evening School in the Villages of Nottinghamshire   1910 [13024] ‘An appeal to the ladies and gentlemen of every class in the county to aid in the formation and management of evening schools adapted to local industrial conditions.’ Mr Mellors was an alderman on Nottinghamshire County Council. 20-pp pamphlet – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                             £4

172.   NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN WORKERS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Collection of Conference Reports    [13207] Papers Read at the Conferences held at Cheltenham and Gloucester, 1903; Birmingham, 1905; Tunbridge Wells, 1906; Manchester, 1907; Aberdeen, 1908; and Lincoln, 1910. The Papers cover a wide range of the subjects close to the heart of the actively philanthropic women involved with the NUWW. The speakers included, at random, Margaret Bondfield, Henrietta Barnett, Millicent Fawcett, Sarah Siddons Mair, Eunice Murray, Honnor Morten, Mrs George Cadbury, Dorothea Beale, Sarah Burstall, Mary MacArthur, Sarah Dickenson and Margaret Irwin. 6 volumes – good reading copies – they have been disbound at some point from an all-encompassing binding and the sewing is no longer tight. Ex-Board of Education Library. Scarce. As a collection                                                                                                                                                    £80

173.   NORWEGIAN JOINT COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL POLICY The Status of Women in Norway Today   1953 [13173] Paper covers -67 pp – with photographs – with drawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                                                      £3

174.   PALLISTER, Minnie Socialism for Women  ILP no date [1924] [12759] ‘Not only the “Intelligent” Women but for all Women’ – with a nod to G.B. Shaw. Paper covers -18-pp pamphlet – good                        £18

176.   PAUPER HOSPITALS AND SCHOOLS Return of ‘all district and separate pauper hospitals (including asylums of the Metropolitan Asylum District), also of district and separate pauper schools, built during the past ten years; giving the name of hospital or school; names of unions contribution; class of inmates; extent of area; cost of site; cost of building; number of inmates; exclusive of officers; cost per head on number to be accommodated; and number of inmates on 1 May 1885 HMSO 1885 [9205] 6 foolscap pages. Very good – disbound £20

177.   REFORMATORIES AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS (COMMITTALS) Returns showing the comparative number of committals of boys and girls to reformatories and industrial schools   April 1872 [9150] ‘Shows comparative number of committals of boys and girls to reformatories and industrial schools in 1870, with the number of cases in which the parents have been charged with such payment towards their children’s cost at such schools as may be considered equal to the expense they are saved by so throwing their children on public support, together with a comparative statement of the number of cases in which such charge has been adjudged, with that of the charges actually recovered and regularly paid.’ Raw facts. 4 foolscap pp – disbound      £28

178.   ROBERT BROWNING HALL SERIES OF SOCIAL TRACTS: nO 2 The Labour Movement in Religion    [13227] Talk by the Warden, Herbert Stead on 6 Jan 1895. Paper covers – 8pp – fair – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                                          £3

179.   ROBERT BROWNING HALL SOCIAL TRACTS: NO 1 The State and the Unemployed by Sir John Gorst MP    [13226] A speech delivered by Gorst on 9 May 1895 in Robert Browning Hall, Walworth. 8-pp leaflet – fair – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                            £4

181.   SENIOR, Mrs Nassau Pauper Schools  HMSO 1875 [10457] ‘Copy ”of a Letter addressed to the President of the Local Government Board by Mrs Nassau Senior, lately an Inspector of the Board, being a reply to the observation of Mr Tufnell, also a former inspector upon her report on pauper schools’. This was a follow-up to Mrs Senior’s 1874 report.

24pp – large format – disbound.                                                                                                   £55

182.   SIDGWICK, Mrs Henry University Education for Women  Manchester University Press 1913 [12791] ‘Presidential Address delivered to the Education Society, Manchester University, on 21st November, 1912.’ Paper covers – 24pp – ex-Board of Education library – good                                                                  £15

183.   SIR HENRY JONES     [11407] writes a glowing testimonial for his former pupil, Mabel Atkinson, a candidate for a lectureship at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. She was a Fabian and a suffragette Fine                                                                                                                                                    £48

184.   TEACHERS’ GUILD Helps to Self-Help for Teachers by Assurance and Investment through the Teachers’ Guild   1901 [13221] Paper covers – 28pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library                    £8

185.   TEACHERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Collection of Annual Reports    [13217] Reports for 1896-1897; 1897; 1899; 1900; 1901-1902; 1904-1905; 1905-1906; 1906; 1907-1908; 1908; 1909-10; 1910; 1911-12. The Guild represented both male and female teachers. With much detail of local branches. Each Report c 90pp, in original paper covers (the occasional cover present, but detached) – all in good condition. Together – 13 items                                                                                                                                    £80

186.   TEACHERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND List of Members Alphabetically Arranged   1913 [13218] Names and addresses – very useful. Women teachers appear to be in the majority. Soft covers – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                  £15

187.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES List of Public Secondary Schools for Girls 1903   1903 [13045] Card covers – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                     £10

188.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES List of Public Secondary Schools for Girls 1905   1905 [13046] Card covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                      £10

189.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEADMISTRESSES Girls’ Patriotic Union of Secondary Schools: Subscription list for the ‘Star and Garter’ home at Richmond for sailors and soldiers totally disabled in the war  1916 [13044] List of schools that subscribed. The treasurer was Miss Gadesden of Blackheath High School. 1-p leaflet — ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £2

190.   THE EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE TEACHERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND A Catalogue of the Historical Section   1896 [13219] A list of  the  costumes, tables, charts, photographs, maps and lantern slides that were available for hire by teachers. Interesting. Paper covers – 20pp – fair – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                          £8

191.   THE LAUNDRY INDUSTRY EDUCATION BOARD Education, Training and Scholarships in the Laundry Industry  Laundry Industry Education Board 1953 (revised) [13214] A vanished world of work. Paper covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                  £8

192.   THE TEACHERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Scheme of Proposed Teachers’ Guild Friendly Society (Sickness and Accident Fund)   1897 [13220] Insurance for teachers. The contributions for women teachers is set higher arising ‘from the fact that amonst women the frequency, if not the duration of sickness, is very much greater than amongst men of coresponding ages, and to provide for both on the same terms would be inequitable and unsafe.’ Soft covers – 12pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library                       £8

194.   WHITE, Florence The Spinsters Manifesto!!: a detailed statement of the case for contributory (non-retiring) pensions at 55 National Spinsters Pensions Association 1945 [11346] ‘We herewith present the case for pension consideration for single women at 55, trusting that after perusal you will be impressed by the reasonable nature of the reform advocated, agreeing with us that single women are indeed the OVERLOOKED SECTION in the present Social Insurance Proposals’. Pamphlet -12pp – fine                                                                      £28

195.   WILKINS, Mrs Roland The Training and Employment of Education Women in Horticulture and Agriculture  Women’s Farm and Garden Association 1927 [13213] Soft covers – 52pp – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                                                                                        £25

196.   A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE Abortion Law Reform Association Why we must fight the Abortion (Amendment) Bill and how to go about it   [13197] 20-pp pamphlet giving ‘Some Information about the Abortion (Amendment) Bill’ – and including a ‘List of Members of Parliament who voted AGAINST the Bill’s Second Reading, 7 Feb 1975)                                                                                                                                  £8



197.   BEDFORD COLLEGE  The Common Room    [13254] Real photographic card – I can see a print of G. F.Watts’ ‘Hope’ among the pictures – and is that a portrait of Emily Penrose over the fireplace? I’m not sure. Very good – printed in Berlin so probably dates from pre-1914 – unposted                                           £10

198.   CLARK’S COLLEGE, CIVIL SERVICE Preparing for the Lady Clerk’s G.P.O. Exam    [9233] Photograph of the young women preparing for this exam which, if they passed, offered a chance of bettering themselves. Very good – unposted                                                                                                                          £12

199.   GEORGE BERNARD SHAW     [13278] real photographic postcard, published by the Independent Labour Party, pre- First World War. A little foxed                                                                                   £15

200.   GEORGE LANSBURY, MP, LCC     [13279] real photographic postcard published by the Church Socialist League, London branch, pre – First World War. Fine – unposted                                                  £25

201.   HORTICULTURAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, HEXTABLE     [12876] real photographic postcard of Hextable House, home of Swanley Horticultural College (for details of which see Crawford, ‘Enterprising Women: the Garretts and their circle’). The card was posted on 19 Jan 1918 from, I assume, a student to her mother, with the message ‘Have arrived safely.’ Good                                                                                              £8

202.   MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL FOR GIRLS     [11781] Real photographic postcard of the exterior of the Crosby, Liverpool, girls’ school. The ink message on the back includes ‘The view is of Aunty Nina’s school..’ and continues onto the front of the card on white space to the side of the photograph. Posted in, I think, 1933. Good £10



203.   MAZZANTINI, Margaret Don’t Move  Chatto & Windus 2004 [8907] A novel with a Roman setting. Soft covers – uncorrected proof copy – fine                                                                                           £6

204.   SINCLAIR,Catherine Modern Society; or, the March of the Intellect William Whyte 1837 [10803] Very good in half-leather and marbled boards                                                                                                   £20

205.   SPARK, Muriel Territorial Rights  Macmillan 1979 [8910] Set in Venice. Very good in d/w £12

206.   SWAN, Annie S. Aldersyde: a Border story of seventy years ago Oliphant, Anderson, & Ferrier 1885 (r/p) [9697] Good reading copy – cover marked                                                                                               £8

207.   SWAN,  Annie S. Carlowrie: or, among Lothian folk Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, no date, reprint (1890s?) [9696] Good reading copy                                                                                                           £8

208.   SWAN, Annie S. The Secret Panel  Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier 1896 (r/p [9701] Very good in decorative binding                                                                                                                                          £8

209.   SWAN, Annie S. The Strait Gate  S.W. Partridge, no date (1890s?) [9706] Good in decorative binding         £8

210.   TRAVERS, Graham [pseud of Margaret Todd] Mona MacLean: medical student William Blackwood, 14th ed 1899 [11784] Novel written by Sophia Jex-Blake’s friend and biographer. Cover marked – scarce £38

211.   YONGE, Charlotte M. A Book of Golden Deeds  T. Nelson, no date, reprint  [9698] Good reading copy     £5




Suffrage Non-fiction

212.   BLACKBURN, Helen (ed) A Handbook for Women engaged in social and political work J.W. Arrowsmith 1895 [3534] Packed with information and names; Helen Blackburn’s precise intelligence shines through. Two pull-out diagrams. Very good – and very scarce                                                                                        £80

213.   CAMPBELL, Olwen W. The Feminine Point of View  Williams & Norgate 1952 [4231] The report of a Conference which began in the winter of 1947 and included among its members Teresa Billington-Greig and Margery Corbett Ashby. Olwen Campbell was the daughter of Mary Ward, who had been the leading light of the Cambridge Association for Women’s Suffrage. Very good in d/w                                                                   £18

214.   DOVE, Iris Yours in the Cause: suffragettes in Lewisham, Greenwich and Woolwich Lewisham Library Services and Greenwich Library Services 1988 [13110] 22-pp in card covers. Withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                                                                                                                                    £25

215.   GIBSON, Sir John The Emancipation of Women  Gwasg Gomer 1992 [10973] First published in 1891. Gibson was editor of the ‘Cambrian News’ between 1875-1915 and a strong supporter of women’s suffrage in Wales. Soft covers – mint                                                                                                                               £12

216.   KENT, Susan Sex and Suffrage in Britain, 1860-1914  Princeton University Press 1987 [1361] Fine in d/w (which has one slight nick)                                                                                                            £20

217.   KING, Elspeth The Scottish Women’s Suffrage Movement  People’s Palace, Glasgow 1978 [13272] Soft-covered booklet that was published to accompany the ‘Right to Vote’ exhibition organised by the People’s Palace Museum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1928 Representation of the People Act. Very good            £12

218.   MARTIN, Anna Mother and Social Reform  NUWSS 1913 [11478] Two articles reprinted from the ‘Nineteenth Century and After’ issues of May and June 1913 as a booklet. Anna Martin, deeply concerned about the level of infant mortality and general ill-health of poor women and children, argues for easier separation in cases where the husband and father is neglectful or worse, the right of women to a ‘maintenance’ that is in some way defined. With a membership form for the NUWSS tipped in at the front, and a subscription form to ‘The Common Cause’ at the back. Paper covers (with a few nicks at edges) – very good condition -64pp                                          £45

219.   OWEN, Harold Woman Adrift: the menace of suffragism Stanley Paul [1912] [13140] Anti-suffrage polemic by a playwright and journalist.. Good – scarce                                                                                      £55

220.   PANKHURST, Sylvia The Suffragette: the history of the women’s militant suffrage movement 1905-1910 The Woman’s Journal (Boston) 1911 [4798] This history of the British militant suffrage movement was first published in the USA – this copy bears the pinprick library mark of Louisville Free Public Library – very good – scarce            £85

221.   PETHICK-LAWRENCE, Frederick The Women’s Fight for the Vote  The Woman’s Press 1910 [13138] One of the classics of the women’s suffrage campaign. Very good internally – delightfully decorated cover (purple and gold) slightly rubbed and faded- – very scarce                                                                            £150

222.   RUBINSTEIN, David Before the Suffragettes: women’s emancipation in the 1890s Harvester 1986 [13158] Soft covers – very good                                                                                                               £15

223.   SEAWELL, Molly Elliot The Ladies’ Battle  Macmillan Co (NY) 1911 [11143] She was an American novelist who here argues against women’s suffrage, maintaining that if women were to vote an unlooked-for ‘general revolution’ would be inaugurated. Good – uncommon                                                                                    £38

224.   STOPES, Charlotte Carmichael British Freewomen: their historical privilege Swan Sonnenschein, 3rd ed 1907 [13137] An important volume in the historiography of the women’s suffrage movement. Mrs Stopes made use of material collected by Helen Blackburn. Good.                                                                              £65


Suffrage Biography

225.   (LESLIE) ‘Henrietta Leslie’ (pseudonym of Gladys Schutze) More Ha’pence Than Kicks; being some things remembered MacDonald, 2nd imp 1943 [11239] Her autobiography – she was a keen supporter of the WSPU – gave shelter to Mrs Pankhurst at her house in Chelsea. Good internally – cover rubbed – quite scarce £19

226.   (LYTTON) Lady Betty Balfour (ed) Letters of Constance Lytton  William Heinemann 1925 [10628] Very good – in purple cloth, with design by Syvlia Pankhurst on front cover                                           £68

227.   (PANKHURST) Emmeline Pankhurst My Own Story  Eveleigh Nash 1914 [13265] Mrs Pankhurst’s authobiography, written with the help of the American journalist, Rheda Childe Dorr. Good – scarce £55

228.   (PANKHURST) Richard Pankhurst Sylvia Pankhurst: artist and crusader  Paddington Press 1979 [13162] Fully illustrated study of her work as an artist.  Very good                                                             £12


Suffrage Fiction (Novels, Poetry & Plays)

229.   ARMOUR, Margaret Agnes of Edinburgh  Andrew Melrose 1911 [3719] A novel of its time – the suffrage movement although not central to the plot – flows along behind, occasionally breaking the surface in a discussion of women’s rights and attitudes to the campaign. Interesting – very scarce – I’ve only seen it previously in the Briitish Library. Very good in rubbed paper wrapper – with a little card inlaid – showing that it had been presented to Nesta Prichard, of Form Vb, as a prize for mathematics.                                                                        £55

231.   JOHNSTON, Mary Hagar  Constable 1913 [1344] Includes mention of the US women’s suffrage campaign. Very good                                                                                                                                           £12

232.   JOHNSTON, Sir Harry Mrs Warren’s daughter: a story of the women’s movement  Chatto & Windus 1920 [1342] A suffrage novel.  Very good – presentation copy from the author’s wife                           £85

233.   LUCAS, E.V. Mr Ingleside  Methuen, 7th ed, no date 1910912?) [1397] A novel with suffrage scenes.  Very good                                                                                                                                           £15

234.   MASSIE, Chris Esther Vanner  Sampson Low, Marston & Co no date (1937) [1436] The heroine is a suffragette.  Very good in d/w      £85

235.   MCLEOD, Irene Rutherford Songs to Save a Soul  Chatto and Windus 1916 (7th ed) [13186] A collection of poems. An introductory note states that some had been previously published in, amongst other journals, ‘Votes for Women’. Irene McLeod had been a member of the WSPU’s Young Purple, White and Green Association and of its Drummers’ Union. Very good                                                                                                      £20

236.   PAGE, Gertrude The Winding Paths  Hurst & Blackett c 1911 [8th ed] [12888] A novel with a suffrage theme. ‘The men call them “new Women” with derision, or mannish, or unsexed; but those who have been among them, and known them as friends, know that they hold in their ranks some of th most generous-hearted, unselfish, big-souled women who exist in England to-day…One such as the best of these was Ethel Hayward..’ Good   £20

237.   ROBERTS, Katherine Pages From the Diary of a Militant Suffragette  Garden City Press 1910 [11202] There has been some doubt about whether this is an autobiography or fiction. I tend to think that it is fiction – clearly written by an active suffragette – but am not further forward about who Katherine Roberts was. Extremely interesting – and vivid. Paper covers – a little chipped – but a very good copy – clean and tight – of a very scarce book                                                                                                                                                  £250

238.   ROBINS, Elizabeth The Convert  Women’s Press 1980 [11672] Her suffrage novel. Reprint of the 1907 edition – with an introduction by Jane Marcus                                                                                               £9

239.   SAUTER, Lilian Through High Windows  Curtis & Davison (11a Church St, Kensington) 1911 [12880] Poems. Includes ‘Woman’s Plea for Suffrage’ and ‘Woman’s Song of Freedom.’. The latter was set to music by Annette Hullah and published by the London Society for Women’s Suffrage                                                         £25

240.   SHAW, Bernard Press Cuttings: a topical sketch compiled from the editorial and correspondence columns of the Daily Papers Constable & Co no date (1909) [13000] as performed by the Civic and Dramatic Guild at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on the 9th July 1909. A suffragette play. In grey card covers a little chipped at edge        £35

241.   ST JOHN, Christopher and THURSBY, Charles The Coronation  International Suffrage Shop 1911 [11804] This is a play that was banned by the Lord Chamberlain. Although not strictly of suffrage content, I have placed it in this section because of its very close connection with the suffrage movement. It was given  it first perfomance (a benefit in aid of the International Suffrage Shop) at the Savoy Theatre on 28 January 1912, with Kate Frye (see Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary) in the central, albeit non-speaking part, of the statue of ‘the Blessed Virgin’. Kate has a good deal to say about Edith Craig’s staging of the play that day. Very good internally – cvoers good – although missing back strip of cloth on spine – extremely scarce           £120

242.   WHITE, Percy To-Day  Tauchnitz  1913 [12885] A very readable novel – with suffrage taking central stage – alongside criticism of the divorce laws. The heroine, as in ‘Ann Veronica’, is prepared to sacrifice her social position for the Cause and enter into a legal pact rather than a conventional marriage. Paper covers – good – scarce           £18

Suffrage Ephemera


243.   ANTI-SUFFRAGE CAMPAIGN     [13053] Typed letter, dated 18 July 1910, from George Calderon, Acting Secretary to the Campaign Committee, on note paper headed ‘Anti-Suffrage Campaign’ and giving the names of committee members and the office address (Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, Westminster, S.W.) The letter thanks an MP for the ‘really splendid speech’ he gave ‘on Saturday’. Very good                                            £25

244.   BODICHON, Mrs Reasons for the Enfranchisement of Women  London National Society for Women’s Suffrage, no date late 1860s? [9519] Printed by Head, Hole & Co, Farringdon Street and Ivy Lane, E.C. Scarce and important pamphlet -8pp – good                                                                                          £250

246.   CALLING ALL WOMEN: Newsletter of the Suffragette Fellowship   Suffragette Fellowship 1971 [13172] Issue for 1971 – with photograph of the statue of Mrs Pankhurst on the cover and inside a photograph and report of the unveiling of the suffrage memorial in front of Caxton Hall, together with a short autobiographical piece by Grace Roe Very good                                                                                                                            £30

247.   CONSERVATIVE AND UNIONIST WOMEN’S FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION A Reply to the Anti-Suffragists  CUWFA  [13191] 4-pp leaflet written by Annesley Horsfall. Pages detached – edges very nicked – but text untouched. Withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                  £12

248.   CORONATION PROCESSION 17 June 1911     [11274] A stereoscope photograph of ‘The Empire Car’ – part of the ‘Pageant of Empire’ part of the procession staged by the suffrage societies to mark the Coronation of George V. Very good                                                                                                                                   £95

249.   ELMY, Elizabeth Wostenholme  Woman’s Franchise: the need of the hour  ILP 2nd ed, no date [1907] [12760] A campaigner for women’s suffrage since the mid-1860s, she had put aside a lifetime’s aversion to party politics and joined the Manchester ILP in 1904. This article was originally published in the ‘Westminster Review’. In her concise style she analyses the events of the previous 40 years and demands that Liberal MPs who profess to support women’s suffrage honour their pledges.                                                                            £65

250.   FAWCETT, Mrs Henry Home and Politics an address delivered at Toynbee Hall and elsewhere Women’s Printing Society 1894 [12939] A much reproduced speech – first given c 1890. This printing does not bear a date but probably c 1900. It carries the ownership stamp of Margaret Clark, Street, Somerset who in 1909 married Arthur Gillett – so probably predates 1909. 8pp – a little creased and marked – but tight                          £35

249.   GRONNO, Arthur  The Woman M.P.: a Peril to Women and the Country Manchester Branch of the Women’s National Anti-Suffrage League, 2nd ed c. 1909 [13148] Originally published in 12 articles in the ‘Manchester Evening News’. Paper covers – 40pp – very good – very scarce                                                                £98


251.   HILL, MISS OCTAVIA Women and the Suffrage   1910 [13150] 2-sided leaflet, reproducing a letter from Octavia Hill to the Editor of the ‘Times’, dated 14 July 1910. In this she repudiates the necessity of votes for women – ‘Let the woman seek the quiet paths of helpful real work, be set on finding where she is wanted, on her duties, not on her rights…’ The 2-sided leaflet was printed by the National Press Agency Ltd and does not carry the imprimatur of the anti-suffrage society, although I imagine that group was probably behind its publication, the NPA being their usual printer. Good – very scarce                                                                                                          £68

252.   IN MEMORIAM  Rt Hon Lord and Lady (Emmeline) Pethick-Lawrence of Peaslake    [13195] 4-pp leaflet describing the various commemorations of the lives of the Pethick-Lawrences. Issued by the Suffragette Fellowship under the names of Lady (Helen) Pethick-Lawrence and Grace Roe. Good                                  £15

253.   L’UNION FRANCAISE POUR LE SUFFRAGE DES FEMMES La Charte de la Femme   1910 [13192] par Jean Finot suivie d’une Enquete sur le Vote Politique des Femmes en France. 60 pp – fair – paper covers present but detached                                                                                                                                  £8

254.   LEIGH SMITH, Barbara A Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women; together with a few observations thereon Holyoake & Co, 2nd edition revised with addition 1856 [9033] Barbara Leigh Smith (later Barbara Bodichon) was 27 years old when she wrote this pamphlet, first published in 1854 as part of her campaign to change the Married Women’s Property Acts. This pamphlet is extremely scarce (I have never had a copy for sale before), bound inside recent paper covers. Rather amusingly, the printed price of ‘Threepence’ has been scored through and ‘1 1/2 d’ added – a comment, presumably, then on the interest being shown in the campaign by a public not yet awakened to the cause. Very good                                       £280

255.   LENNOX, Geraldine The Suffragette Spirit  The Suffragette Fellowship 1932 [12960] One of the series of ‘Suffragette Lectures’ – given at Caxton Hall on 17 Nov 1931. Paper covers – good internally -although has been folded. Paper covers carry many shelf marks – withdrawn from the Woman’s Library – scarce       £40

256.   LONDON AND NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SERVICE Report, October 1st 1938 to March 31st 1943    [13194] A Report giving details of how Women’s Service House fared during the early years of the war (bombed) and where the Library was accommodated (Oxford) – together with details of the Society’s perilous financial postition. Good                                                                                                               £25

257.   MCCABE, Joseph Woman in Political Evolution  Watts & Co 1909 [9803] An overview -from ‘ Woman Before Civilisation’ to ‘The Moral Base of Enfranchisement.’Paper wrappers – one nick at spine eats into the margin of a few pages -and a tiny bit of text is lost on two pages, but does not interfere with reading.            £28

258.   MCLAREN, Lady ‘Better and Happier’: An Answer from the Ladies’ Gallery to the Speeches in Opposition to the Women’s Suffrage Bill, February 28th, 1908 T. Fisher Unwin 1908 [13102] I have always been rather an admirer of Laura McLaren and her straight-forward prose. 46-pp – paper covers present but detached – text  otherwise good and tight – scarce                                                                                                 £75

259.   (MARSH) Suffragette Fellowship Memories of Charlotte Marsh  published for the Suffragette Fellowship by Marion Lawson June 1961 [12979] Paper covers – tribute to a leading WSPU activist – 20-pp pamphlet -card covers reproduces her hunger strike medal. Good -carries library marks – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                                                                                                                         £30

260.   MEN’S LEAGUE FOR OPPOSING WOMAN SUFFRAGE Gladstone on Woman Suffrage  MLOWS c. 1909 [13146] The Men’s League for Opposing Woman Suffrage was founded in early 1909 and in 1910 merged with the Women’s National Anti-Suffrage League to form  the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. This pamphlet – reproducing the Grand Old Man’s words on the subject is pamphlet no 3 issued by the Men’s League, presumably quite soon after its founding in 1909. 4-pp – good, with some foxing, scarce               £78

261.   MEN’S LEAGUE FOR OPPOSING WOMAN SUFFRAGE Is Woman Suffrage A Logical Outcome of Democracy?  MLOWS c 1909 [13147] Pamphlet no 6 published by the short-lived Men’s League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. 4-pp – very good – scarce                                                                                £60

262.   MISS MORGAN, OF BRECON The Duties of Citizenship  Women’s Local Government Society c 1912 [12946] Extracts reprinted from a paper read at the Annual Conference of the National Union of Women Workers, Manchester, October 27th 1896. By the time this leafet was issued Miss Morgan had been Mayor of Brecon, 1911-12. 4-pp – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                              £15

263.   NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR OPPOSING WOMAN SUFFRAGE The ‘Conciliation’ Bill: Revised Version  NLOWS no date (1911) [13152] The 2-sided leaflet, no 33 in the series, is headed ‘Against Votes for Women’ and ends with ‘Vote and Work Against Votes For Women In Parliamentary Affairs’. Very good – very scarce             £75

264.   NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR OPPOSING WOMAN SUFFRAGE Mr J.R. Tolmie’s Reply to Mr L. Housman’s Pamphlet  NLOWS no date (1913) [13145] The pamphlet of Laurence Housman’s to which this refers is ‘The Physical Force Fallacy’. Pamphlet no 37 issued by the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. 4-pp – very good                                                                                                                                    £65

265.   NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR OPPOSING WOMAN SUFFRAGE Woman Suffrage and the Factory Acts  NLOWS no date [13155] A 4-pp leaflet, no 8 in the NLOWS series,  pointing out that the ‘Women’s Party’ (ie pro-suffrage campaigners) were opposed to the ‘humane acts’ limiting women’s work in factory etc because ‘most of them harbour such a jealous mistrust of men that they suppose even their evidently disinterested actions to be prompted by insidious and harmful motive.’ The leaflet concludes ‘To grant women the franchise would therefore be to raise a fresh obstacle in the way of progress and to defer reforms still necessary for the welfare of the working classes..’ Very good – very scarce                                                                                                                               £75

266.   NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE CENTRAL COMMITTEE: First Report of the Executive Committee presented at the General Meeting of the Central Committee held on Wednesday 17 July 1872  National Society for Women’s Suffrage 1872 [12931] See my ‘Women’s Suffrage Movement: a reference guide’ as to how and why the Central Committee came into being. This – the Committee’s first report, contains lists of names of members of the Committee, of subscribers, and of the Local Committtes around England and Scotland that affiliated to the Central. In original paper covers – rubbed – very scarce             £95

267.   NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES     [3986] with the Men’s League (Portsmouth branches) – Programme for an evening meeting that began with a musical recital, followed by the singing of suffrage songs (the words are printed – one of them is by Margaret O’Shea, sister of the secretary of the Portsmouth NUWSS society and then a speech by Lady Balfour followed by more singing and then a closing speech by Alice Abadam. Interestingly the Vote of Thanks is seconded by Alderman Sanders, LCC, who in 1908 was Labour parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth and whose wife, Beatrice, was financial secretary to the WSPU. I think this programme may date from 1908 – because there is a mention at its foot of an Exhibition of Banners (Fuller’s tea Rooms, Palmerston Road) – and such exhibitions were common after the June 1908 Hyde Park rally. 1 sheet -good   £180

268.   NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Final Report of the Professional Women’s Patriotic Service Fund  NUWSS Oct 1915 [12943] ‘The Fund began work in Jan 1915, when a Committee was formed for the purpose of assisting professional women, by paying their salaries and offering their services to organisations which are dealing with war needs.’ I knew nothing of this short-lived Fund before reading this Report. It lists, on the one had, donors and, on the other, the positions in which they had placed needy ‘professional’ women. The Fund was wound up when it became clear that its services were no longer required. The Committee included, among others,  Mrs Auerbach, Mrs Fawcett, Catherine Marshall, Ray Strachey, Dr Jane Walker – and its secretary was Kathleen Courtney. 12pp – good – scarce                                                                             £50

271.   PANKHURST, EMMELINE ET AL Suffrage Speeches From the Dock: Conspiracy Trial, Old Bailey, May 15th-22nd 1912 The Woman’s Press, no date (1912) [12965] The speeches given during their trial for conspiracy by Mrs Pankhurst, Mrs Pethick-Lawrence, Mr Pethick Lawrence and Tim Healy (counsel for the defence). They were reprinted and published by the WSPU’s publishing arm, the Woman’s Press. Fair – first 4 pages present but detached – spine reinforced with sellotape – paper covers chipped and carry library shelf marks – withdrawn from the Women’s Library- extremely scarce                                                                                                            £55

273.   PHILLIPS, Mary The Militant Suffrage Campaign  privately printed 1957 [11357] ‘This pamphlet is designed to tell in a concise form the story of the ‘Votes for Women Canpaign’ and to explain the reasoned policy on which it was based.’ Mary Phillips had been a leading WSPU organizer. Soft covers – 15pp – scarce         £65

274.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12767] 13 July 1910, full-page – the caption is ‘Excelsior!’ as Suffragist puts her shoulder to the boulder of ‘Women’s Suffrage’ and says, ‘It’s no good talking to me about Sisyphus; he was only a man’      £10

275.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12768] 13 March 1912, full-page, suffragettes wield hammers in the background as Roman-type matron, bearing a paper labelled ‘Woman’s Suffrage’ comments ‘To think that, after all these years, I should be the first martyr’. the heading is ‘In the House of Her Friends’                                          £10

276.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12772] 10 January 1912 -full page – ‘United We Differ’. Lloyd George and Lewis Harcourt are back to back on a platform. Lloyd George addressing his side, where a Votes for Women’ banner is to be seen, cries ‘Votes for Women! Don’t you listen to my esteemed colleague!’. While addressing his, male, crowd cries ‘No Votes for Women! My esteemed colleague is talking nonsense!’. Asquith’s cabinet was split on this issue. Very good                                                                                                                                   £10

277.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12773] 5 Oct 1927 -full-page –  The Conservative Party (in the guise of one four-plussed chap in a shooting party) looks at a young flapperish women taking a gun from the ghillie and says ‘I hope she’s got enough ‘intutition’ not to let off in my direction’. The explanation is given: ‘The question of extended suffrage for women (in whose ‘intutition’ Mr Baldwin reposes so much confidence) will be raised at the approaching Conference of the Conservative Party.’                                                                                                                     £10

278.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12777] 21 January 1912 – full page – ‘The Suffrage Split’. Sir George Askwith (the charismatic industrial conciliator), as ‘Fairy Peacemaker’, has tamed the dragon of the Cotton Strike – and Asquith, wrestling to keep a seat on the Cabinet horse turns to him ‘Now that you’ve charmed yon dragon I shall need ye to stop the strike inside this fractious gee-gee.’                                                                                  £10

279.   PUNCH CARTOON     [12779] 7 December 1910 – small cartoon captioned ‘Voter’s Vertigo’. Yet another general election is at hand and the poor voter is in a frightful spin as he wrestles with ‘don’t tax the poor man’s dreadnought’; ‘home rule for suffragettes’ and ‘two power standard for the house of lords’                £6

280.   SCOTCHMEN AT DOWNING STREET Speeches by the Delegates   18 July 1913 [12936] The ‘Scotchmen’ were the Northern Men’s Federation for Women’s Suffrage founded by Maud Arncliffe-Sennett with the purpose of taking a deputation to see Asquith. The intention was that the deputation should, for maximum publicity, be timed to coincide with the arrival of the NUWSS ‘Pilgrims’ in London. Asquith, however, held true to his word – repeated on several occasions – that he would no receive the deputation. This pamphlet, which they had prepared in advance, contains the speeches they would have given. The ‘Scotchmen’ were, in the main, members of the Edinburgh and Glasgow city council and the deputation stressed its non-party credentials. 16-pp in card covers – in good condition – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                           £60

281.   SNOWDEN, Philip The Dominant Issue   Feb 1913 [12945] A comment on the ‘Franchise Bill fiasco’ – that is, Asquith’s promise that a Manhood Suffrage Bill would be amended to include women – and the Speaker’s eventual ruling that such an amendment would destroy the Bill.  Pamphlet reproducing an article first published in ‘The Christian Commonwealth’ . Good – a little foxed and grubby                                                                       £25

283.   STRACHEY, Ray The Women’s Movement in Great Britain: a short summary of its rise, methods and victories National Council of Women of Great Britain no date (c 1928) [13109] A pamphlet abridged from Strachey’s ‘The Cause’. Chipped and rubbed – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                            £10

284.   SUFFRAGETTE FELLOWSHIP Roll of Honour Suffragette Prisoners 1905-1914  Suffragette Fellowship no date [1966] [13107] 16-pp, double column, listing all the suffragette prisoners that the Suffragette Fellowship knew of. A couple of names have been added in ink. Internally fine – cover has shelf markings etc – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                                                                                          £150

285.   THE ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTHDAY OF MRS EMMELINE PANKHURST     [12986] will take place on Friday 14th July 1939. Single sheet leaflet setting out the plans for the celebration and a list of the societies that were supporting the occasion. Good                                                                        £20

286.   THE CATHOLIC CITIZEN     [13016] ‘Organ of St Joan’s Alliance (formerly the Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society) 15 May 1963. fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library – together                                £4

287.   THE GRAPHIC April 25 1908 The By-Election in North-West Manchester: Some Incidents of the Fray   1908 [13273] A page of line-drawings showing scenes from the by-election – among them three relating to the suffragette campaign. ‘Miss [Edith] New presiding at a Suffragette meeting in Swan Street’. ‘Mrs  [Nellie] Martell [sic], another suffragette, making a fighting speech’. ‘Mrs Manson claims the credit for breaking up Mr Winston Churchill’s meeting at St John’s.’ In the latter drawing we can see in the background the poster ‘What Sauce for the Goose’ designed by Mary Sargent Florence for the Artists’ Suffrage League, giving a delightful touch of immediacy. All in all, a lot is packed into the one page of drawings. Fine                                                                          £35

288.   THE HIPPODROME, LEEDS: THEATRE OF VARIETIES Programme for the evening of Monday September 10th 1906    [13236] and on the bill, among other delights, is ‘”The Fair Suffragettes” By the Barrascope.’. The term ‘suffragette’ had been coined by the ‘Daily Mail’ in March 1906 so Mr Thomas Barrasford was completely up-to-date in using it  His ‘Barrascope’ was a cinematograph machine – so  it would be a fair deduction that ‘The Fair Suffragettes’ was an early – indeed one of the earliest – suffragette films. I am assuming it was a feature film and as far as I can tell has not previously been recorded. Do consult the section on ‘Film’ in my Reference Guide to the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The folding programme is colourful and packed with Leeds-related advertisements. Very good – most unusual


289.   ‘THE VOTE’ POSTCARD ALBUM     [13274] An original green cloth-covered postcard album – sold by the Women’s Freedom League. It has a faded white and gold central panel containing its title ‘The Vote Album’  This particular album once belonged to Mrs Louisa Thomson Price, who was born Louisa Catherine Sowdon in 1864 and died in 1926. She was the daughter of a Tory military family but from an early age rebelled against their way of thinking and became a secularist and a Radical. She was impressed by Charles Bradlaugh of the National Secular Society and in 1888 married John Sansom, a member of the executive of the NSS. She worked as a journalist from c 1886 – as a political writer, then a very unusual area for women, and drew cartoons for a radical journal, ‘Political World’. She was a member of the Council of the Society of Women Journalists. After the death of her first husband, in 1907 she married George Thomson Price. She had no children from either marriage. Louisa Thomson Price was an early member of the Women’s Freedom League, became a consultant editor of its paper, The Vote, and was a director of Minerva Publishing, publisher of the paper. She took part in the WFL picket of the House of Commons and was very much in favour of this type of militancy. In her will she left £250 to the WFL. and £1000 to endow a Louisa Thomson Price bed at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital. When she died Mrs Thomson Price was living at 17 Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead, and her will was witnessed by Edith Alexander, a professional nurse, who, I’m sure, ran a nursing home at that address. Also living at that address were Miss Edith Alexandra Hartley and Miss Martha Poles Hartley, the latter being the elder sister of the father of the novelist, L.P. Hartley. Interestingly, when they were young,  the son and daughter (Olga and Leonard – born ‘Lion’) of Mrs Beatrice Hartley, leading light in the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage, to whom Kate Frye makes constant reference in her diary (see Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary) sent a birthday card to Edith Alexander at 17 Belsize Park Gardens, referring to her as ‘Aunty Edith’. They were no blood relations to Edith Alexander, their mother, née Sichel and adopted after the early death of her parents by the novelist Eliza Lynn Linton) having married their father, Lion Herz, in 1880 and, after 3 children and a separation, at some time between 1893 and 1898 changed the family surname from ‘Herz’ to ‘Hartley’.. As far as I can tell there is no tie of blood between Mrs Beatrice Hartley and Miss Edith Alexandra Hartley  – I can only presume that, with Miss Edith Alexander, they were all close friends. The card from Olga and Leonard, together with many more addressed to Edith Alexander, are still held in the postcard album. I assume that after Mrs Thomson Price’s death ‘The Vote Postcard Album’ remained in 17 Belsize Park Gardens and was taken over by Miss Alexander as a place to put her own postcards – none of which have any suffrage relevance. But the Album itself is an extremely scarce example of Women’s Freedom League merchandise                                                                                                                                                 £750

290.   VOTES FOR WOMEN, 16 August 1912     [13190] Complete copy – although the pages are detached. The main news in this issue is of the sentencing in Dublin of Mary Leigh and Gladys Evans. Fair reading copy – scarce         £60

291.   VOTES FOR WOMEN, 26 July 1912     [13188] An incomplete copy – pp 693-698 (inc) and 703-708 (inc) – but gives a flavour                                                                                                                        £30

292.   VOTES FOR WOMEN, 27 September 1912     [13176] At this date the paper, owned and edited by Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence, was still the mouthpiece of the WSPU. However this issue contains both news of the Pethick-Lawrences’ imminent return from Canada and that of the WSPU’s move from Clement’s Inn to Lincoln’s Inn House. The two items – and that describing the large meeting to be held in the Albert Hall – were not unconnected, I think. This is one of the last issues of the paper before the Pethick-Lawrences were ousted from the WSPU. In fair condition – splits on spine – and some annotation, probably contemporary. Scarce                        £95

293.   VOTES FOR WOMEN, 9 June 1911     [13189] Incomplete copy – pp 589-592 (inc) and 601-604 (inc) – but gives a flavour. The WSPU is planning the Coronation Procession.                                               £30

294.   ‘VOTES FOR WOMEN’ ADVERTISEMENT     [13262] for a WSPU meeting to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on 29 April 1909 – to be chaired by Mrs Pethick Lawrence, with Mrs Pankhurst and Christabel Pankhurst as speakers with a ‘Special Presentation to Women who have suffered Imprisonment for Woman Suffrage’. This ‘Special Presentation’ was that of the ‘Holloway’ brooches given, for the first time, to released prisoners. The advertisement appears in the programme for the Royal Adelphi Theatre in which John Galsworthy’s play ‘Strife’ was running. The play, produced by Granville Barker, had Lillah McCarthy in the cast and had had its first performance at the Duke of York’s Theatre on 9 March 1909. On the illustrated cover of this 4-pp programme is written in hand the date 1 April 1909. The proprietors of the Adelphi were A. & E. Gatti – and the coloured cover illustration shows happy customers doubtless enjoying an after-theatre supper at their restaurant.. In fair condition –                            £25

295.   WIDDOWSON, Florence The Power of the Vote  ILP c 1928 [12758] A 2-sided leaflet appealing to the newly-enfranchised young woman to vote for Socialism. Good                                                                £12

296.   WOMEN ON WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE     [12763] full-page of line drawings, by R.M. Paxton, from ‘Black & White, 22 October 1903 showing ‘The afternoon sitting at the National Convention in Defence of the Civic Rights of Women at the Holborn Town Hall last Friday’. I rather feel that the importance of this event, held on 16-17 October, as a turning point in the suffrage campaign is overlooked by suffrage historians. It was, in the main, the result of Elizabeth Wostenholme Elmy’s persistence that it was held, backed by W.T. Stead. She was very keen that there should be a mass suffrage campaign in the run-up to the next election. 200 delegates attended and it marked a revitalisation of the NUWSS. Mrs Pankhurst, whether or not she was invited, did not attend; she had held her first kitchen-table meeting with the group that became the WSPU on 10 October. The timing may be a coincidence. The vignettes in the illustration show ‘Mrs Elmy on Women’s Highest Mission’, The chairman, the Rev Alfred Steinthal, Mrs Green (President of the Women’s Co-operative Guild), Miss Eva Gore-Booth (Sec Women’s Trade Union Council Manchester) and a scene of a section of the gathered company listening attentively. Very good – unusual   £18

297.   WOMEN’S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY The Parish Meeting and Parish Council  LGS 1919 [13154] 4-pp leaflet explaining the scope and powers of the parish council. It was issued in January 1919, under the name of  (Miss) C.G. K. Scovell who adds ‘The country looks to its women voters to arouse interest in local affairs, and to take their share of the steady and unobtrusive work that has to be done by Parish Councils.’ Miss Scovell lived in Sussex – and this leaflet was printed in Hove. Good                                                                  £48

298.   WOMEN’S NATIONAL ANTI-SUFFRAGE LEAGUE On Suffragettes: extracts from ‘What’s Wrong With The World’ by G.K. Chesterton WNASL c 1909 [13151] ‘They do not create revolution; what they do create is anarchy’. 2-sided leaflet – noo 30 in the WNASL’s series of leaflets – very good – very scarce       £78

299.   WOMEN’S NATIONAL ANTI-SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Woman’s Suffrage and Women’s Wages  WNASL c 1909 [13156] ‘The leaflet concludes Woman Suffrage therefore has nothing to do with wages, and the interests of woman workers can be promoted, and are constantly being promoted in quite other ways.’ One of the ways that the League thought would help solve the problem of the inequality of wages between the sexes would be ‘The more even distribution of the female population throughout the terrotory of the Empire, by means of emigration’. Two-sided leaflet – very good – very scarce                                                                                                             £65

300.   ROBERTSON, Margaret Working Men and Women’s Suffrage  NUWSS Aug 1913 [12937] Margaret Robertson was a university graduate and NUWSS organiser. This pamphlet was written at a time when the NUWSS had set up its Election Fighting Fund to support Labour Party candidates – and was intended for distribution amongst trade unionists. Small format, 24pp in card covers                                                                        £35


Suffrage Postcards

Real photographic

301.   ARREST OF CAPT. C.M. GONNE     [12914] Member of the Men’s Political Union for Women’s Enfranchisement, Parliament Square, November 18th, 1910.’ Capt Gonne was photographed by the ‘Daily Mirror’ being escorted by two policemen during the ‘Black Friday’ tumult. Capt Charles Melvill Gonne (1862-1926), Royal Artillery, was  the author of ‘Hints on Horses’ (John Murray, 1904), an active suffragist, who supported his wife, a tax resister, and was a cousin of Maud Gonne, the Irish nationalist heroine. Very good -unusual –  unposted   £190

302.   CICELY HAMILTON     [12954] photograph by Lena Connell. Fine – unposted                   £120

303.   COUNTESS RUSSELL     [13241] real photographic postcard – headed ‘Votes for Women’ of ‘Countess Russell Member of National Executive Committee Women’s Freedom League’. The card depicts Countess Russell photographed in a studio setting – and is signed in ink ‘Yours sincerely Mollie Russell’. She was the second wife of Frank Russell, 2nd Earl Russell, the elder brother of Bertrand. Mollie was described by George Santyana as ‘a fat, florid Irishwoman, with black curls, friendly manners and emotional opinions: a political agitator and reformer.’ The photograph in no way belies the physical description. She and Russell were divorced in 1915. Fine – unposted – scarce – I have never seen this card before                                                                                 £120

304.   DR THEKLA HULTIN     [13168] The Finnish MP is photographed at her desk. She sent the card from Helsingfors (Helsinki) on 12 April 1917 to Mrs Louisa Thompson-Price of the Women’s Freedom League. From the message on the reverse it would appear that the two women shared a birthday ‘I wish you all the best (including the vote) in the following 50 years…’ Very good – posted – very unusual                                           £120

305.   EDITH CRAIG     [12955] photographed by Lena Connell, published at The Suffrage Shop, 31 Bedford Street (therefore the card dates from c 1910 – before its removal in 1911 south of the Strand). Fine – unposted £120

306.   GREAT VOTES FOR WOMEN DEMONSTRATION IN HYDE PARK     [13163] The WSPU rally on Sunday 21 June 1908. Crowds as far as the eye can see – with massed banners, including those of Cardiff and Newport, waving in the breeze. Fine – published by Sandle Bros – unposted                                 £85

307.   JOHN STUART MILL PIONEER OF WOMEN’S FREEDOM     [13277] real photographic postcard showing John Stuart Mill in profile. The heading is ‘Votes for Women’. The card was published by the Women’s Freedom League from 1 Robert Street, Adelphi.                                                                          £45

308.   MISS GRACE ROE     [12958] The caption is ‘UNDAUNTED’!’ She is being marched out of the WSPU headquarters, Lincolns Inn House, by police, arrested in May 1914.  She was not released from prison until under the amnesty in August. The postcard photography was by courtesy of the ‘Daily Mirror’. An iconic image. Fine – unposted – scarce.                                                                                                                                    £190


309.   MISS MURIEL MATTERS OF AUSTRALIA, LECTURER     [12918] Women’s Freedom League 1 Robert Street, Adelphi, London WC. The card, headed ‘Votes for Women’ , shows Muriel Matters seated, reading a book and was published by the WFL Fine – unposted                                                                         £120

310.   MRS CHARLOTTE DESPARD     [13276] real photographic postcard of her – taken in profile. She is sitting reading a book. On the reverse, written in pencil, is ‘Mrs Despard – (Sister of Sir John General french) & President of the Women’s Suffrage National Aid Corps, organised by the Women’s Freedom League. return to Mrs Thomson-Price, 42 Parkhill Rd, Hampstead’.                                                                                               £45

311.   MRS CHARLOTTE DESPARD     [13281] real photographic card, photograph by Lena Connell. Fine – unposted                                                                                                                                     £55

312.   MRS EMMELINE PANKHURST     [13240] real photographic postcard. She is wearing a shield-shaped WSPU badge – in the chevron design. Fine – unposted – a rather unusual image – the first I’ve had in stock since 2000.                                                                                                                                                         

313.   MRS HENRY FAWCETT, LL.D     [13239] ‘President of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies’, is the caption below her photograph by Lizzie Caswall Smith. Probably dates from c 1910. Fine – unposted -although written on the back in pencil is ‘Return to Mrs Thomson-Price 42 Parkhill Road, Hampstead N.W.’ The card comes from the collection of Louisa Thomson-Price, one of the leading members of the Women’s Freedom League.        £60

314.   MRS MARTEL     [13255] Real photographic postcard captioned ‘Mrs Martel National Women’s Social and Political Union, 4 Clement’s Inn, W.C.’ Cornish-born Nellie Martel had emigrated to Australia and on her return devoted herself to the WSPU. She had a reputation as a gaudy dresser and certainly here she is dripping in flounces and jewllery – with a rather charmingly amused smile. Very good – unposted – scarce.                   £90

315.   ‘RUINS OF ST KATHERINE’S CHURCH, BURNT DOWN MAY 6 1913     [11824] Real photographic card. There are several images published on postcards of the ruins of St Catherine’s (this is the correct spelling; the card’s publisher was a bit slapdash) Church at Hatcham in Surrey, for the burning of which the suffragettes were thought responsible – but I have never seen this one before.                                                          £35

316.   ‘SUFFRAGETTE’ POSTCARD     [13243] real photographic card – though it must be staged. Set in what appears to be the country – with trees and flowers – it shows a woman in loose-fitting jacket and long skirt – with one of the shield-shaped chevron WSPU badges pinned to her lapel, being apprehended by a policeman in helmet and uniform and sporting an imposing display of medals. The point of the photograph is that the woman is holding out for him to see a copy of the ‘Suffragette’ newspaper. I have never seen this image before. It is issued as a postcard – but no photographer or publisher is cited. Most unusual – unposted – very good (with a slight crease at the bottom right-hand corner where it has been held in (Louisa Thomson-Price’s) postcard album                         £120

317.   THE WOMEN’S GUILD OF EMPIRE     [12877] ‘souvenir packet’ of 6 postcards, in their original printed paper envelope, published by the Women’s Guild of Empire. The cards are: 1) ‘Women’s Guild of Empire Committee’ – the 6 members of the Committee, who included Flora Drummond and Elsie Bowerman, sit around a table; 2) Mrs R.S Henderson, president; 3) Mrs Flora Drummond, Controller-in-Chief; 4) WGE banner ‘Peace Unity Concord’ surrounded by members; 5) Banner Making for the Great Demonstration April 17th 1926 – Mrs Drummond under an ‘Effeciancy and Entrprise’ banner; 6) ‘Women Pipers from the Lothians’ – with Mrs Drummond in control Scottishness was to the fore. An extremely rare set – I have never seen any of these cards before – and, in general, there are few images of the Guild of Empire and its work. The printed envelope carries details of the ‘Objects’ of the Guild and of its work. All cards in pristine condition – dating, I assume, to c 1926. As a set                                 £220

318.   VOTES FOR WOMEN     [13256] one of those real photographic ‘comic’ cards with young man dressed as a woman standing behind a table and a large ‘Votes for Women’ blackboard. He is holding a large knife (I think) in one hand and a bottle of beer – Benksins Watford – in the other. It is signed across the bottom right corner ‘Your old Pal Dan’                                                                                                                                            £35

319.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Miss Sarah Benett    [12950] photographed by Lena Connell. In this studio photograph Sarah Benett is wearing her WFL Holloway brooch; she was for a time the WFL treasurer. She was also a member of the WSPU and of the Tax Resistance League. This photograph by Lena Connell was also used on a WFL-published postcard – but this one is not attributed to the WFL. The background to the image is little irridescent.                                                                                                                                                  £100

320.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Mrs Amy Sanderson    [12919] Women’s Freedom League, 1 Robert Street, Adelphi, London WC. She had been a member of the WSPU, and, as such had endured one term of imprisonment, before helping to found the WFL in 1907. She is, I think, wearing her  WFL Holloway brooch in the photograph. Card, published by WFL, fine – unusual – unposted                                                 £150

321.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Mrs Edith How-Martyn , ARCS, BSc    [12917] Hon Sec Women’s Freedom League 1 Robert Street, Adelphi, London WC. She is wearing herWFL Holloway brooch. Photographed by M.P. Co (London) – which I think is probably the Merchants Portrait Co in Kentish Town that did a fair amount of work for the WFL. The card is headed ‘Votes for Women’ and was published by the WFL. Fine – unposted                                                                                                                                                  £120

322.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Mrs Marion Holmes    [12921] card headed ‘Votes for Women’ published by the Women’s Freedom League, 1 Robert St, Adelphi, London WC. Mrs Holmes was joint editor of the WFL paper ‘The Vote’. She is photoraphed wearing herWFL Holloway badge as well as one of the WFL enamel badges. Fine – unusual – unposted                                                                                                           £120

323.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Suffragette At Work in Prison – Mrs Borrmann Wells  WFL 1910 [13132] Bettina Borrmann Wells was an organiser for the WFL in London, having worked for suffrage in the US for a couple of years. She had spent 3 weeks in Holloway in 1908 and is here seen in prison garb, down on her hands and knees as though scrubbing the cell floor. ‘Woman’s work’. Fine – unposted                           £120



Suffrage Postcards – Artists’ Societies cards

325.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Miss Jane Bull    [13010] addresses Master Johnnie Bull, asking, ‘Give me a bit of your Franchise Cake, Johnnie’ He replies ‘It wouldn’t be good for you’  She responds ‘How can you tell if you won’t let me try it? it doesn’t hurt those other little girls’ – she points to Finnish, New Zealand, Australian and Norwegian children – boys and girls.Postcard published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. The artists are ‘C.H. & D.M.’ Very good – unposted                                                                                                                  £95

326.   SEVEN TO TWO!     [13231] Silhouttes of men, their trades and professions identified by their clothing, are numbered from one to seven as they stand outside the polling station. Two women stand watching. The caption explains ‘Seven to eight million men have Votes. Only one-and-a-half to two million women would be entitled to vote if what we are asking for is granted’. A card designed to stem fears that enfranchised women would swampt the voting register. Published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. Very good – unposted – v scarce                     £95

327.   WOMEN WRITERS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE     [12957] postcard for the League designed by W.H. Margetson. ‘Woman’ is dragged from the feet of blind ‘Justice’ by the figure of ‘Prejudice’. This is the coloured version – in fine condition – unposted                                                                                                        £85

328.   ‘YE ANTI-SUFFRAGE LEAGUE’     [13232] Snooty ladies with coronets and pince-nez ride past in their automobile – driven by chap with a crown. The car carries a placard ‘We have all we want. No votes for women’. Dated (1908)- published by the Artists’ Suffrage League and, unusually, the artist is a man, Charles Lane Vicary. Very good- unposted – very scarce                                                                                                      £95

329.   YOUNG NEW ZEALAND     [13230] cycles on her modern bicycle with its two wheels equal in size. The front one is labelled ‘Male and Female’ and teh back one ‘Equal Electoral Rights’.  She calls out to old John Bull who is struggling atop a penny farthing, ‘Oh Grandpapa! what a funny old machine. Why don’t you get one like mine?’ The artist is JHD [Joan Harvey Drew]. Published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. Very good- unposted – v scarce      £95


Suffrage Postcards – commercial

330.   HENRY FAWCETT, FRS, MP AND MRS FAWCETT     [13280] black and white photograph of the double portrait by Ford Madox Brown, from the National Portrait Gallery collection. This particular card dates from before the First World War, having once formed part of Mrs Louisa Thomson Price’s suffragette postcard collection. Good – with a couple of creases at the top corners where it has been held in the album.                             £15


331.   A CABINET PUDDING     [13228] a postcard – one of those that is ‘words only’ – beginning ‘Take a Fresh Young Suffragette, add a large slice of her own importance and as much sauce as you like. Allow her to stand on a Cabinet Minister’s doorstep until in white heat….’etc. Very good – unposted                                  £18





334.   CABLE, Boyd Doing Their Bit: war work at home Hodder and Stoughton, 2nd imp 1916 [8646] Includes a chapter on ‘The Women’. Good                                                                                                   £18

335.   CAHILL, Audrey Fawcett Between the Lines: letters and diaries from Elsie Inglis’s Russian Unit Pentland Press 1999 [11675] Soft covers – mint                                                                                                 £15

336.   [HALL] Edith Hall Canary Girls & Stockpots  WEA Luton Branch 1977 [12884] Memories of life in the First World War – and of the ’20s and ’30s. During the War Edith Hall’s mother was landlady to munition workers – ‘the Canaries’ (so called because the chemicals turned their skin yellow) at the Hayes factories.

Soft covers – signed by the author                                                                                                £10

337.   MARLOW, Joyce (ed) The Virago Book of Women and the Great War  Virago 1998 [11926] Hardcover – fine in fine d/w                                                                                                                             £12

338.   WALKER, Dora M. With the Lost Generation 1915-1919: From a V.A.D.s Diary A. Brown & Sons (Hull) 2nd imp 1971 [12879] ‘A “Girl’s Eye View” of work in some of the famous War Hospitals of 1914-1918.’ – written at the time by the author to her father. Dora Walker worked in hospitals in Britain, France and Belgium. With 20 photographs. Fine – scarce                                                                                                           £25


First World War – Ephemera

339.   DENNYS, Joyce  Portrait of Nurse Winifred Whitworth    [11472] Winifred  Fanny Whitworth (b.1891) was a VAD nurse at the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Truro, when she was commended for ‘valuable service in connection with the war’ in the London Gazette 29 Nov 1918. She was the only daughter (with 6 brothers) of Mr & Mrs R. Whitworth of Truro. Joyce Dennys (1893-1991), illustrator and humourist, was herself a VAD, working in hospitals in Devon. She was commissioned c 1915 to draw the pictures for ‘Our Hospitals ABC’, pub by John Lane. She must have visited the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital at Truro c 1917, when she was working in the VAD adminsitration office. The pastel and gouache portrait of Nurse Whitworth is one of 31, unsigned drawings, that were contained in a sketch book. Research by an art dealer, specialising in art of the First World War, established that the sketch book was the work of Joyce Dennys. Plenty of scope, I feel, for further research on Nurse Whitworth and her fellow Cornish VADs. Very good – mounted                                                                                £95

340.   HMSO Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Workshops 1915  HMSO 1916 [13125] With a Special Report appended by Adelaide Anderson, HM Principal Lady Inspector of Factories, on ‘Effect of the Second Year of War on Industrial Employment of Women and Girls’.. Good reading copy – missing blue paper covers                                                                                                                                         £12

341.   SCOTTISH WOMEN’S FIRST AID CORPS     [12892] natural-coloured linen canvas satchel with the initials ‘S.W.F.A.C.’ [Scottish Women’s First Aid Corps] machine-embroidered in red on the front.The satchel hangs from a long red grosgrain ribbon strap which has a buckle for altering its length. The bag still contains an Esmarch’s Triangular Bandage – printed with images of how to apply, in a variety of ways, the bandage to wounded men, together with two packs labelled ‘Scottish Women’s First Aid Corps First Field Dressing’, supplied by J. Gordon Nicholson, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 15 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, and two small safety pins on a piece of card, presumably to be used for fixing the bandages. Luckily this SWFAC member was required to put the bandages to the test. The SWFAC had been formed in 1909 by Mary E. Macmillan and came into its own in the First World War, appealing to middle and upper-middle class women who wanted to ‘do their bit’. The SWFAC ran classes in First Aid and sick nursing and some of its recruits then went out to nurse in Italy and Serbia. Very good – an unusual survival                                                                                                                                                   £120

342.   THE WOMEN’S IMPERIAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION Sixth Annual Report 1915    [12796] The Associations’s first Aim was ‘To teach the women of the Empire the elementary principles in health; particularly with reference to the care and nurture of children’. This annual report gives full details of the Association, its work, and its subscribers and supporters. With many photographs. Paper covers – 52pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                    £10

343.   YOUR KING & COUNTRY WANT YOU  a woman’s recruiting song Chappell & Co 1914 [12802] Sheet music – words & music by Paul A. Rubens. The cover is illustrated by John Hassall. ‘The entire profits from the sale of this song will be devoted to Queen Mary’s “Work for Women” Fund’. ‘Oh! we don’t want to lose you but we think you ought to go. For your King and your Country both need you so; We shall want you and miss you but with all our might and main. We shall cheer you, thank you, kiss you when you come back again’. Makes the spine creep. 6-pp – very good                                                                                                                                           £38


First World War Fiction

344.   GURNEY, Diana The Poppied Dream  Arthur L. Humphreys 1921 [13283] A collection of poems, including ‘Leave is Stopped’. Very good                                                                                                     £20

345.   MARCHANT, Bessie A Girl Munition Worker:

a story of a girl’s work during the Great War Blackie  [1916] [13002] Novel of the First World by ‘the girls’ Henry’. This would appear to be a first edition -with an ownership inscription for ‘Xmas 1916’ on free front end paper In original pictorial cloth cover – cloth rubbed and corners bumped – very scarce                              £45






346.   GUIDE TO AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL  Canberra, reprint 1955 [5500] Good           £4

347.   ADELMAN, Jeanne And ENGUIDANOS, Gloria (eds) Racism in the Lives of Women: testimony, theory and guides to antiracist practice Harrington Park Press 1995 [5226] Paper covers – mint               £5

348.   ALLEN, Jennifer (ed) Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures  State University of New York Press 1990 [5164] Paper covers – very good                                                                                                              £5

349.   BANET-WEISER, Sarah The Most Beautiful Girl in the World: beauty pageants and national identity University of California Press 1999 [5141] Paper covers – mint                                                     £5

350.   BLACK, Chris (ed) Women, Money and Power  Australian Women’s Research Centre 1994 [5045] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                                 £3

351.   BLAKE, R.L.V. ffrench The Crimean War  Pen & Sword Books Ltd 2006 [9836] A compact history of the Crimean War. First published in 1971. Mint in d/w                                                                         £6

352.   BLUM, Deborah Ghost Hunters  Century 2006 [9861] Study of the Society for Psychical Research, founded in 1882. Soft covers – mint                                                                                                                £4

353.   CAPLAN, Paula J. The Myth of Women’s Masochism  Methuen 1985 [1961] Fine in d/w       £3

354.   CHESTER, Gail And NIELSEN, Sigrid (eds) In Other Words: writing as a feminist Hutchinson 1987 [5342] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                       £3

355.   CORNFORD, L. Cope And YERBURY, F.R. Roedean School  Ernest Benn 1927 [4826] Large format – heavily illustrated – photographs and line drawings – good internally, spine cloth split                        £5

356.   CROSLAND, Margaret Women of Iron and Velvet and the books they wrote in France  Constable 1976 [2746] Study of the French women writers who came after George Sand. Fine in d/w                    £3

357.   DALY, Mary Websters’ First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language  The Women’s Press 1988 [5071] Paper covers – large format – fine                                                                             £4


359.   DIPIETRO, Cary Shakespeare and Modernism  CUP 2006 [9850] Mint in d/w                    £15

360.   DOYAL, Lesley Et Al (eds0 Aids: setting a feminist agenda Taylor & Francis 1994 [5061] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                                                                      £4

361.   DUBE, Allison Fire with Water: generations and genders of Western political thought Parhelion Press (US) 1998 [5145] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                           £5

362.   DUBOIS, Ellen And RUIZ, Vicki (eds) Unequal Sisters: a multi-cultural reader in U.S. women’s history Routledge 1990 [5158] Paper covers – large format – mint                                                            £8

363.   ELLIS, David (ed) D.H. Lawrence’s ‘Women in Love’ : a casebook OUP 2006 [9858] Hardback – mint     £5

364.   EVANS, Mary (ed) The Woman Question: readings on the subordination of women Fontana 1982 [1221] Paper covers – good                                                                                                                                £4

365.   FERRIS, Paul The Nameless: abortion in Britain today Hutchinson 1966 [2702] Very good in d/w     £2

366.   FREVERT, Ute Women in German History: from bourgeois emancipation to sexual liberation Berg 1989 [5066] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                    £8

367.   FULFORD, Roger Votes for Women: the story of a struggle Faber 1957 [2579] Still an interesting study. Bears the ownership inscription of Hazel Mews, author of  ‘Frail Vessels’ . Fine in d/w                              £5

368.   GATHORNE-HARDY, Jonathan The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny  Victorian (& Modern History) Book Club 1972 [2578] Good in d/w                                                                                           £3

369.   GEORGE, W.L. Eddies of the Day  Cassell 1919 [1248] Includes a section on ‘Woman and the Future’.  Good                                                                                                                                                      £4

370.   GLENDINNING, Caroline And MILLAR, Jane (eds) Women and Poverty in Britain  Wheatsheaf 1987 [5232] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                       £5

371.   (GOODLAKE) Michael Springman Sharpshooter in the Crimea: the letters of Capt Gerald Goodlake V.C. Pen & Sword Books Ltd 2005 [9846] Mint in d/w                                                                       £6

372.   GREER, Germaine Sex and Destiny: the politics of human fertility Secker & Warburg 1984 [1271] Very good in d/w                                                                                                                                               £4

373.   GREER, Germaine Slip-Shod Sibyls: recognition, rejection and the woman poet Viking 1995 [2340] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                                      £8

374.   GULLET, Gayle Becoming Citizens: the emergence and development of the California women’s movement 1880-1911 University of Illinois Press 2000 [5082] Paper covers – mint                                                 £8

375.   HARRISON, Austin Pandora’s Hope; a study of woman Heinemann 1925 [4724] Good internally – cover chipped and bumped                                                                                                                     £2

376.   HAWTHORNE, Susan The Spinifex Book of Women’s Answers  Spinifex Press (Australia) 1991 [5529] Soft covers – mint                                                                                                                                 £4

377.   HIRSCH, Marianne And KELLER, Evelyn Fox (eds) Conflicts in Feminism  Routledge 1990 [4986] Paper covers – fine – 400pp                                                                                                                     £5

378.   HOBMAN, D.L. Go Spin, You Jade: studies in the emancipation of woman Watts 1957 [1311] Traces women’s changing status from the Renaissance to the mid-20th century. Very good in d/w – some foxing       £3

379.   HOFFMAN, Lois And YOUNGBLADE, Lise Mothers at Work: effects on children’s well-being CUP 1999 [5115] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                           £5

380.   HOLDSWORTH, Angela Out of the Doll’s House: the story of women in the 20th century BBC 1988 (r/p) [4809] Paper covers – very good                                                                                                  £5

381.   HUNT, Peter (ed) Children’s Literature: an anthology Blackwell 2001 [2586] Soft covers – very good         £5

382.   INNESS, Sherrie (ed) Millenium Girls: today’s girls around the world Rowan & Littlefield 1998 [5295] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                                 £5

383.   INNESS, Sherrie (ed) Running For Their Lives: girls, cultural identity and stories of survival Rowan & Littlefield 2000 [5303] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                  £5

384.   JEFFREYS, Sheila Beauty and Misogyny: harmful cultural practices in the West Routledge 2005 [9892] Soft covers – mint                                                                                                                                 £5

385.   KANDALL, Stephen Substance and Shadow: women and additiction in the United States Harvard University Press 1996 [5309] Mint in d/w                                                                                                     £6

386.   KANNENSTINE, Louis F. The Art of Djuna Barnes: duality and damnation New York University Press 1977 [2572] A study of the entire range of Djuna Barnes’ work. Fine in d/w                                         £10

387.   KAPLAN, Gisela Contemporary Western European Feminism  Allen & Unwin 1992 [4983] Fine in d/w   £5

388.   KESTNER, Joseph Protest & Reform: the British social narrative by women, 1827-1867 Methuen 1985 [2125] Very good in d/w                                                                                                                           £8

389.   KING, Brenda Silk and Empire  Manchester University Press  [9845] A study of the Anglo-Indian silk trade, challenging the notion that Britain always exploited its empire. Mint in d/w (pub price £55)            £25

390.   LEONARD, Diana Sex & Generation: a study of courtship & weddings Tavistock 1980 [5213] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                                                                £4

391.   MACE, Jane Playing with Time: mothers and the meaning of literacy UCL Press 1998 [5260] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                                               £5

392.   MACKIE, Vera Creating Socialist Women in Japan: gender, labour and activism, 1900-1937 CUP 1997 [5222] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                       £8

393.   MCQUISTON, Liz Women in Design: a contemporary view Trefoil 1988 [5013] Highlights the work of 43 designers from Britain, the US, Europe and Japan. Very good in d/w                                              £5

394.   MALOS, Ellen (ed) The Politics of Housework  Allison & Busby 1980 [1819] Fine in d/w     £4

395.   MANNIN, Ethel Practitioners of Love: some aspects of the human phenomenon Hutchinson 1969 [2689] A study of ‘Civilised Man’s inordinate capacity for the biological and psychological process called “falling in love”‘. Perhaps Ethel Mannin is ripe for reappraisal. Very good in d/w                                                       £3

396.   MARKALE, Jean Women of the Celts  Gordon Cremonesi 1975 [1941] Very good in d/w – translated from French – the author was professor of Celtic history at the Sorbonne.                                               £5

397.   MEWS, Hazel Frail Vessels: woman’s role in women’s novels from Fanny Burney to George Eliot Athlone Press 1969 [3801] Very good in d/w                                                                                                   £12

398.   MILLAN, Betty Monstrous Regiment: women rulers in men’s worlds The Kensal Press 1982 [1978] Examines the problems faced by women who tread the path of political power. Fine in d/w                            £3

399.   MORGAN, Robin The Demon Lover on the Sexuality of Terrorism  Methuen 1989 [5087] Fine in d/w    £4

400.   PALMER, Paulina Lesbian Gothic: transgressive fictions Cassell 1999 [5267] Paper covers – mint    £5

401.   PORTER, Cathy Fathers and Daughters: Russian women in revolution Virago 1976 [1576] Good in d/w     £2

402.   PRICE, Nancy Nettles and Docks  Allen & Unwin 1940 [1583] Essays and musings by an actress. Good       £2

403.   PROKHOVNIK, Raia Rational Women: a feminist critique of dichotomy Routledge 1999 [5245] Mint         £5

404.   RAJU, Saraswati And BAGCHI, Deipica (ed) Women and Work in South Asia  Routledge 1994 [5126] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                            £8

405.   RAMAZANOGLU, Caroline Feminism and the Contradictions of Oppression  Routledge 1989 [4985] Paper covers – good                                                                                                                      £3

406.   REYNOLDS, Sian Britannica’s Typesetters: women compositors in Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press 1989 [1602] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                        £5

407.   RICHARDS, D.S Conflicts in the Crimea: British Redcoats on Russian soil Pen & Sword Military 2006 [9825] The history of the Crimean War told from the viewpoint of those who fought and those who cared for the sick and injured. Mint in d/w                                                                                                                        £6

408.   ROBINSON, Jane Angels of Albion: women of the Indian mutiny Viking 1996 [4240] Very good in rubbed d/w                                                                                                                                                      £8

409.   SALES, Roger Jane Austen and Representations of Regency England  Routledge 1996 [11362] Soft covers – mint                                                                                                                                          £15

410.   (SAND) Frances Winwar The Life of the Heart: George Sand and her times Hamish Hamilton 1946 [4857] Good in torn d/w                                                                                                                           £3

411.   SCUTT, Jocelynne (ed) Breaking Through: women, work and careers Artemis (Australia) 1992 (r/p) [5125] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                       £4

412.   SEIDLER, Victor The Achilles Heel Reader: men, sexual politics and socialism Routledge 1991 [5302] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                                 £5

413.   SNYDER, Margaret Transforming Development: women, poverty and politics Intermediate Technology Publications 1995 [5301] Paper covers – mint                                                                               £5

414.   SPENDER, Dale Invisible Women: the schooling scandal Women’s Press 1989 [1667] Pioneering research on sexism in education.  Paper covers – mint                                                                                       £2

415.   SPENDER, Dale And SARAH, Elizabeth Learning to Lose: sexism and education Women’s Press 1980 [1668] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                            £3

416.   SPROULE, Anna The Social Calendar  Blandford Press 1978 [4639] Takes us through the Season. Very good in d/w                                                                                                                                            £5

417.   ST AUBYN, Alan (pseud. Of Mrs Frances Marshall) The Tremlett Diamonds  Chatto & Windus 1896 [3061] Good                                                                                                                                £4

418.   STONE, Merlin The Paradise Papers: the suppression of women’s rites Virago 1976 [1919] Fine in d/w       £3

419.   SUGIMAN, Pamela Labour’s Dilemma; the gender politics of auto workers in Canada, 1937-1979 University of Toronto Press 1994 [5009] Paper covers – mint                                                                           £4

420.   TAYLOR, Jane Contributions of Q.Q.  Jackson & Walford 5th ed, 1855 [1699] The majority of these essays were first published in the ‘Youth’s Magazine’, between 1816 and 1822.  Good in original cloth     £15

421.   THOMAS, Sue (ed) Women and Elective Office: past, present and future OUP 1998 [5223] A collection of essays based on the U.S. experience                                                                                              £5

422.   TODD, Janet Gender, Art and Death  Continuum (NY) 1993 [3972] Mint in d/w                  £14

423.   TOLLESON-RINEHART, Sue And JOSEPHSON, Jyl (ed) Gender and American Poltiics; women, men and the political process M.E. Sharpe 2000 [5313] Paper covers – mint                                        £5

424.   TRIMMER, Mrs Abridgment of Scripture History consisting of Lessons selected from the Old Testament for the use of Schools and Families Rivington, stereotyped ed 1811 [3042] One of the most popular scripture textbooks of the 19th century. Good in original boards                                                                                 £15

425.   UNGERSON, Clare (ed) Gender and Caring: work and welfare in Britain and Scandinavia Harvester 1990 [5093] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                           £5

426.   WEARING, Betsy Leisure and Feminist Theory  Sage 1998 [5246] Paper covers – mint       £5

427.   WETZEL, Janice Wood The World of Women: in pursuit of human rights Macmillan 1993 [5242] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                                                                £5

428.   WILSON, Angelia Below the Belt: sexuality, religion and the American South Cassell 2000 [5341] Paper covers – mint                                                                                                                                            £5

429.   WOLFE, Susan J. And PENELOPE, Julia (eds) Sexual Practice/Textual Theory: lesbian cultural criticism Blackwell 1993 [5276] Paper covers – mint                                                                                  £5

430.   WOODHOUSE, Annie Fantastic Women: sex, gender and transvestism Macmillan 1989 [5282] Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                                      £5


Sale – Biography

431.   (ARNOLD-FOSTER) T.W. Moody and R.A.J. Hawkins (eds) Florence Arnold-Foster’s Irish Journal  OUP 1988 [1043] She was the niece and adopted daughter of W.E. Foster.  The journals covers the years 1880-1882 when he was chief secretary for Ireland.  Fine in slightly rubbed d/w                                     £10

432.   (BAHRAMPOUR) Tara Bahrampour To See and See Again: a life in Iran and America University of California Press 2000 [9903] Explores the complexity of a bicultural immigrant experience, tracing three generations of an Iranian (and Iranian-American) family undergoing a century of change. Soft covers – mint                £5

433.   (BIRD) Pat Barr A Curious Life for a Lady: the story of Isabella Bird Macmillan 1970 [4581] Biography of the 19th-century traveller. Very good in rubbed d/w                                                                             £5

434.   (CLEARY) Susanne George Kate M. Cleary: a literary biography with selected works University of Nebraska Press 1997 [5413] Study of woman who wrote stories, poems and articles about life in the American west. Mint in d/w                                                                                                                                               £5

435.   (COLETTE) Judith Thurman A Life of Colette: the secrets of the flesh Bloomsbury 1999 [4879] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                                      £5

436.   (DE BEAUVOIR) Helene Vivienne Wenzel (ed) Simone de Beauvoir: witness to a century Yale University Press Number 72 1986 [1938] Yale French Studies, no 72 – includes an interview with Simone de Beauvoir as well as articles about her and her work. Paper covers – very good                                                         £5

437.   (DE BEAUVOIR) Margaret Crosland Simone de Beauvoir: the woman and her work Heinemann 1992 [3008] Paper covers – very good                                                                                                              £4

438.   (DUNIWAY) Ruth Barnes Moynihan Rebel for Rights: Abigail Scott Duniway Yale University Press 1983 [1205] Abigal Scott Duniway (1834-1915), American suffragist, journalist, and national leader.  Fine in d/w        £5

439.   (LAWRENCE) Maud Diver Honoria Lawrence: a fragment of Indian history John Murray 1936 [3592] Very good                                                                                                                                           £12

440.   LEDUC, Violette Mad in Pursuit  Rupert Hart-Davis 1971 [5499] Post-war literary Paris. Very good in chipped d/w                                                                                                                                               £3

441.   LISWOOD, Laura Women World Leaders: fifteen great politicians tell their stories HarperCollins 1995 [5427] The leaders include Corazon Aquino, Mrs Bandaranaike, Benazir Bhutto, Mary Robinson, Margaret Thatcher and Gro Harlem Brundtland. Paper covers – good                                                                                £3

442.   (MOSKOWITZ) Elisabeth Israels Perry Belle Moskowitz: feminine politics and the exercise of power in the age of Alfred E. Smith Northeastern University Press 2000 [5426] The most powerful woman in Democratic party politics during the 1920s. Paper covers – mint                                                                                 £5

443.   (NORTON) Jane Gray Perkins The Life of Mrs Norton  John Murray 1910 [3537] Very good       £16

444.   (OAKLEY) Ann Oakley Taking it Like a Woman  Cape 1984 [5442] Fine in d/w                  £3

445.   (OUTRAM) Mary Frances Outram Margaret Outram 1778-1863; mother of the Bayard of India John Murray 1932 [3593] A wide-ranging, satisfying biography. Good internally – tho’ ex-library                     £12

446.   (PINZER) Ruth Rosen & Sue Davidson The Maimie Papers  Virago 1979 [5444] Correspondence, beginning in 1910, between Fanny Quincy Howe, a distinguished Bostonian, and Mainie Pinzer, a Jewish prostitute. Fascinating. Paper covers – very good                                                                                                              £5

447.   (SACKVILLE-WEST) Nigel Nicolson Portrait of a Marriage  Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2nd imp 1973 [1624] The story of Vita Sackville-West’s unconventional marriage.  Very good in d/w                               £4

448.   (SAND) Elizabeth Schermerhorn The Seven Strings of the Lyre: a lfie of George Sand 1804-1876 Heinemann 1927 [4862] Good reading copy – front hinge a little loose                                                            £3

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450.   (SARTON) May Sarton (ed. Susan Sherman) Selected Letters, 1916-1954  Women’s Press 1997 [1627] Paper covers – fine                                                                                                                        £3

451.   SCOTT, Anne Firor Unheard Voices: the first historians of Southern women University of Virginia 1993 [5430] Paper covers – very good                                                                                                              £5

452.   (SEEBOHM) Victoria Glendinning A Suppressed Cry: life and death of a Quaker daughter Routledge 1969 [4276] The short, sad life of Winnie Seebohm, smothered by her loving family. She enjoyed a month at Newnham in 1885, before returning home and dying. Good in d/w – though ex-library                                         £4

453.   (SMITH) David Thomson With Moyra McGusty (eds) The Irish Journals of Elizabeth Smith 1840-1850  Clarendon Press 1980 [2156] A selection from the journals of Elizabeth Smith of Baltiboys, C. Wicklow, giving a graphic account of the Irish famine of the 1840s. Fine in d/w                                                         £10

454.   (SOLOMON) W.E. Gladstone Solomon Saul Solomon  OUP 1948 [1653] He was governor-general of Cape Colony. His wife, Mrs Saul Solomon and her daughter, Daisy, were active suffragettes (see Crawford, ‘The Women’s Suffrage Movement’). Tthis biography provides much family background.  Good                             £3

455.   (SOYER) Ruth Cowen Relish: the extraordinary life of Alexis Soyer, Victorian celebrity chef Weidenfeld 2006 [9824] Chef and kitchen designer to the Reform Club and reformer of army catering. Mint in d/w   £8

456.   (STANLEY) Jane H. Adeane (ed) The Early Married Life of Maria Josepha Lady Stanley, with extracts from Sir John Stanleys ‘Praeterita’  Longmans, Green 1899 [1675] Follows the life of the engaging Maria Josepha from 1797 until 1817 – much social detail.  Very good internally – in  rubbed and bumped decorative binding                                                                                                                                                    £10

457.   (TENNANT) Violet Markham May Tennant: a portrait  The Falcon Press 1949 [2243] Biography of the first woman Factory Inspector in England. Very good in chipped  d/w – a presentation copy from the author to Uplands School library                                                                                                                              £10

458.   (TUSSAUD) Kate Berridge Waxing Mythical: the life and legend of Madame Tussaud John Murray 2006 [9827] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                        £8

459.   (WORDSWORTH) Robert Gittings And MANTON, Jo Dorothy Wordsworth  OUP 1985 [4284] Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                               £5


Sale – Ephemera

460.   HENRY, S.A, Health of the Factory Worker in Wartime    [4154] two lectures, by HM medical inspector of factories, reprinted from ‘The Lancet’, 11 and 18 Dec 1943. Paper covers – presentation copy from the author     £5

461.   HMSO Ministry of Health, Survey of Relief to Widows and Children (1919)  1920 [3636] Paper covers – fine – 186pp                                                                                                                                         £12

462.   HMSO Report on the Hospital and Nursing Services in Scotland, 1920    [3632] In two parts: Hospital Services; Nursing Services other than in Public Institutions. Paper covers – fine – 97pp                  £12

463.   HMSO Report to HM Principal Secretary for State for the Home Department on the Byelaws made by the London County Council Under the Employment of Children Act, 1903, and the Education Act, 1918, and on the objections thereto, by Chester Jones  1921 [3635] Fine – 15pp                                                     £5

464.   HMSO Report to the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Home Department by the Departmental Committee on the Employment of Women and Young Persons on the Two Shift System, 1920   [3633] Paper covers – fine – 13pp                                                                                                £6

465.   SMITH, Protheroe Introductory Address to the Course of Clinical Lectures at the Hospital for Women for the session of 1883-84 delivered October 11th 1883 J & A Churchill 1883 [3362] Protheroe Smith was one of the founders of the Soho Square hospital that specialised in the treatment of the diseases specific to women. Interesting summary of his views on the treatment of women. Paper covers – 11pp – very good                      £25

466.   THE ENGLISH ILLUSTRATED     [4028] issue for June 1906. Includes an article on ‘The London Homes of Some Famous Women’ – lots of photographs and ‘Women in Parliament: an episode of the future?’ – a fictional fantasy. Covers missing – but otherwise very good                                                                          £6


Sale – Fiction (Novels, Poetry & Plays)

467.   BAILLIE, Joanna A Series of Plays in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, a new edition 1821 [2509] A handsome set – newly rebound in cloth    £60

468.   BIRTLES, Dora The Overlanders  Virago 1987 [4304] First published in 1947 – an Australian novel. Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                        £3

469.   BLATCHFORD, Robert A Bohemian Girl and Mr Ginnis  Clarion Newpaper Co Ltd 1901 (r/p) [2957] Good                                                                                                                                          £18

470.   BRACKENBURY, Alison Bricks and Ballads  Carcanet 2004 [9854] Poems. Soft covers – mint     £3

471.   BRADDON, M.E. Lady Audley’s Secret  Virago 1985 [4463] First published in 1862. Still a page-turner. Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                        £4

472.   BROWNING, Robert The Major Works  Oxford World’s Classics 2005 [9855] With introduction by Daniel Karlin. Soft covers – 824pp – mint                                                                                                 £4

473.   CARUS-WILSON, Mrs Ashley Thora: memoirs of a nineteenth-century woman Hodder & Stoughton 1896 [4590] A section from a larger work, ‘Tokiwa and Other Poems’. Good – with library stamp          £4

474.   CORELLI, Marie Holy Orders: the tragedy of a quiet life Methuen 1908 (r/p) [3076] Good     £4

475.   DEAN, Mrs Andrew A Splendid Cousin  T. Fisher Unwin, 2nd ed 1893 [2993] Volume 20 in the Pseudonym Library. Very good internally – cloth cover a little rubbed                                                              £15

476.   FAIRBAIRNS, Zoe Stand We at Last  Virago 1983 [1222] A picaresque novel, with a suffrage sequence.  Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                        £4

477.   HITE, Shere The Divine Comedy of Ariadne and Jupiter  Peter Owen 1994 [5462] Mint in d/w    £3

478.   INGELOW, Jean Poems  George Routledge, no date (c 1900??) [3609] Good – cloth covers faded    £3

479.   JESSE, F. Tennyson Moonraker  Virago 1981 [4464] First published in 1927. Paper covers – very good       £3

480.   KREITMAN, Esther Deborah  Virago 1983 [4467] First published in 1936. Paper covers – very good          £3

481.   LEHMANN, Beatrix Rumour of Heaven  Virago 1987 [4466] First published in 1934. Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                                             £4

482.   LEHMANN, Rosamond The Gipsy’s Baby  Virago 1982 [4462] First published in 1946. Paper covers – good                                                                                                                                                      £3

483.   LEVERSON, Ada Love’s Shadow  Chapman & Hall 1950 [3086] Reprint of the 1908 edition. Good             £4

484.   LITVINOV, Ivy She Knew She Was Right  Virago 1988 [4457] Paper covers – very good     £3

485.   MACDONALD, M.P. Trefoil: the story of a girl’s society Thomas Nelson no date (c 1908?) [2489] An Australian (Melbourne) girls’ story. Good                                                                                       £5

486.   MATHESON, Annie Selected Poems Old and New  Henry Frowde 1899 [1439] Very good £10

487.   NEWLIN, Keith (ed) American Plays of the New Woman  Ivan R. Dee (Chicago) 2000 [5449] Plays by William Vaughan Moore, Rachel Crothers, Augustus Thomas, Alice Gerstenberg, Susan Glaspell and Jesse Lynch Williams. Paper covers – mint                                                                                                         £5

488.   PARRIS, P.B. His Arms are Full of Broken Things  Viking 1997 [2979] A novel based on the life of Charlotte Mew. Fine in d/w                                                                                                                          £5

489.   PIKE, G. Holden Daughters of the Flower Market: a story of four London bouquetieres Religious Tract Society, no date (c 1900?) [3612] Bears a 1904 (boys’) school prize label. Contains a wealth of social observation – and line-drawings                                                                                                                                        £4

490.   PROCTER, Adelaide Anne Legends and Lyrics  Bell & Daldy, 14th ed 1872 [1585] Poems by a leading member of the Langham-Place group.  very good – leather, with gilt decorations and all edges gilt £15

491.   SERGEANT, Adeline Alison’s Ordeal  James Nisbet no date (1903?) [2969] By a prolific and very professional novelist.                                                                                                                                         £5

492.   SHAW, Bernard An Unsocial Socialist  Virago 1988 (reprint) [5492] Paper covers – fine       £2

493.   SIGOURNEY, Mrs (ed. F.W.N. Bailey) The Poetical Works of Mrs L.H. Sigourney  G. Routledge 1857 [2428] Neatly rebound in cloth                                                                                                   £10

494.   TENNYSON, Mary H. A Cruel Dilemma  Warne, no date r/p (c 1895) [3066] Good             £4

495.   TREVELYAN, Sir G.O. Ladies in Parliament, Horace at Athens, and other pieces  George Bell, new edition 1888 [1736] ‘”The Ladies in Parliament” was composed during the the great agitation which followed the rejection of Mr Gladstone’s Reform Bill of 1866’. Rhymes. Very good                                                            £10

496.   WOOD, Mrs Henry Mrs Halliburton’s Troubles  Richard Bentley 1893 [2863] Good reading copy             £4

497.   WOOD, Mrs Henry The Red Court Farm  Macmillan 1908 (r/p) [4449] Good reading copy   £3

498.   YEZIERSKA, Anzia Hungry Hearts and Other Stories  Virago 1987 [4458] First published in 1920. Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                        £3


The Women’s Suffrage Movement 1866-1928: A reference guide

Elizabeth Crawford

‘It is no exaggeration to describe Elizabeth Crawford’s Guide as a landmark in the history of the women’s movement…’  History Today

Routledge, 2000 785pp paperback £70

The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain and Ireland: a regional survey

Elizabeth Crawford


Crawford provides meticulous accounts of the activists, petitions, organisations, and major events pertaining to each county.’ Victorian Studies

Routledge, 2008 320pp paperback £28


Enterprising Women: the Garretts and their circle

‘Crawford’s scholarship is admirable and Enterprising Women offers increasingly compelling reading’ Journal of William Morris Studies

Francis Boutle, 2002 338pp 75 illus paperback £25




Campaigning for the Vote: The Suffrage Diary of Kate Parry Frye

Edited by Elizabeth Crawford

An extract

‘Saturday June 14th 1913. [Kate is lodging in Baker Street, London]

I had had a black coat and skirt sent there for Miss Davison’s funeral procession and the landlady had given me permission to change in her room. I tore into my black things then we tore off by tube to Piccadilly and had some lunch in Lyons. But the time was getting on – and the cortege was timed to start at 2 o’clock from Victoria. We saw it splendidly at the start until we were driven away from our position and then could not see for the crowds and then we walked right down Buckingham Palace Rd and joined in the procession at the end. It was really most wonderful – the really organised part – groups of women in black with white lilies – in white and in purple – and lots of clergymen and special sort of pall bearers each side of the coffin. She gave her life publicly to make known to the public the demand of Votes for Women – it was only fitting she should be honoured publicly by the comrades. It must have been most imposing. [Plus much more description of the procession as Kate follows it into King’s Cross station]

Campaigning for the Vote tells, in her own words, the efforts of a working suffragist to instil in the men and women of England the necessity of ‘votes for women’ in the years before the First World War. The detailed diary kept all her life by Kate Parry Frye  (1878-1959) has been edited to cover 1911-1915, years she spent as a paid organiser for the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage. The book constitutes that near impossibility – completely new primary material, published for the first time 100 years after the events it records.

With Kate for company we experience the reality of the ‘votes for women’ campaign as, day after day, in London and in the provinces, she knocks on doors, arranges meetings, trembles on platforms, speaks from carts in market squares, village greens, and seaside piers, enduring indifference, incivility and even the threat of firecrackers under her skirt.

Kate’s words bring to life the world of the itinerant organiser – a world of train journeys, of complicated luggage conveyance, of hotels – and hotel flirtations – , of boarding houses, of landladies, and of the ‘quaintness’ of fellow boarders. This was not a way of life to which she was born, for her years as an organiser were played out against the catastrophic loss of family money and enforced departure from a much-loved home. Before 1911 Kate had had the luxury of giving her time as a volunteer to the suffrage cause; now she depended on it for her keep.

No other diary gives such an extensive account of the working life of a suffragist, one who had an eye for the grand tableau – such as following Emily Wilding Davison’s cortege through the London streets – as well as the minutiae of producing an advertisement for a village meeting. Moreover Kate Frye gives us the fullest account to date of the workings of the previously shadowy New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage. She writes at length of her fellow workers, never refraining from discussing their egos and foibles. After the outbreak of war in August 1914 Kate continued to work for some time at the society’s headquarters, helping to organize its war effort, her diary entries allowing us to experience her reality of life in war-time London.

Excerpts from Campaigning for the Vote featured in ‘The Women’s Rebellion’, episode 2 of Michael Portillo’s Radio 4 series, 1913: The Year Before –listen here

ITV has selected Kate Frye – to be portrayed by a leading young actress – as one of the main characters in a 2014 documentary series to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Published by Francis Boutle Publishers –

Wrap-around paper covers, 226 pp, over 70 illustrations, all drawn from Kate Frye’s personal archive.


ISBN 978 1903427 75 0

Copies of these books may be bought direct from the publishers or ordered from any bookshop (terrestrial or online – Foyles online has a particularly good offer on Campaigning for the Vote  – see

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