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Suffrage Biography

1.       (FAWCETT) David Rubinstein A Different World for Women: the life of Millicent Garrett Fawcett Ohio State University Press 1991 [11196] Mint in d/w                                                                                 £15

2.       (LESLIE) ‘Henrietta Leslie’ (pseudonym of Gladys Schutze) More Ha’pence Than Kicks; being some things remembered MacDonald, 2nd imp 1943 [11239] Her autobiography – she was a keen supporter of the WSPU – gave shelter to Mrs Pankhurst at her house in Chelsea. Good internally – cover rubbed – quite scarce £19

3.       (LYTTON) Lady Betty Balfour (ed) Letters of Constance Lytton  William Heinemann 1925 [10628] Very good – in purple cloth, with design by Syvlia Pankhurst on front cover                                           £68


Suffrage Fiction

4.       BALDRY, W. Burton From Hampstead to Holloway: depicting the suffragette in her happiest mood John Ouseley 1909 [12755] Delightful comic novel relating the journey of a suffragette from active membership of the ‘Women’s Defence League’ to contented bride – taking in many of the well-known motifs along the way – the office in Westminster, the meeting in ‘Paxton Hall’,  the rally in Trafalgar Square, the battle with the police, the appearance in court, and, finaly, Holloway, where, like Ann Veronica, she finds herself thinking rather more about a certain young man than the Cause. Profusely and splendidly illustrated by G.E. Shepeard. Very good – original pictorial yellow cloth slightly rubbed and dulled, leading inner hinge slightly cracking – very scarce – I last had a copy in 1999    £350

5.       FAIRBAIRNS, Zoe Stand We at Last  Virago 1983 [1222] A picaresque novel, with a suffrage sequence.  Paper covers – very good                                                                                                                        £6

6.       HAMILTON, Cicely A Pageant of Great Women  The Suffrage Shop 1910 [12929] First perfomred at the Scala Theatre, London, on 10 November 1909, with a cast that included Cicely Hamilton, Ellen Terry, Edith Craig,  Marion Terry and Winifred Mayo. With 15 photographs of members of the cast – most by Miss Leon (30 Regent St).and one (Ellen Terry) by Lena Connell. The copy has been recased – with new spine and back board – but with the original front board – which is somewhat scuffed. A goodish copy of a scarce title                    £95

7.       JOHNSTON, Mary Hagar  Constable 1913 [1344] Includes mention of the US women’s suffrage campaign. Very good                                                                                                                                           £12

8.       JOHNSTON, Sir Harry Mrs Warren’s daughter: a story of the women’s movement  Chatto & Windus 1920 [1342] A suffrage novel.  Very good – presentation copy from the author’s wife                           £85

9.       A LOOKER-ON The Home-Breakers  Hurst and Blackett 1913 [12632] ‘An anti-militant suffragist novel by a Popular and Well-known Novelist who desires to remain anonymous’. The author was J.S. Stainton. An extremely interesting ‘suffrage’ novel – its ‘anti’ sentiment when written, has been rather eroded by the passing of time – and it is an excellent read for the detail in which it delinates the militant campaign and the women involved in it. And, again, although it might have been inteded to be anti-militant, the publishers were sufficiently savvy to ensure that it was cased in purple cloth (now a little faded) with the title in white in a green rectangle – ie the WSPU colours. It was obviously published in the latter half of 1913, as it includes a visit to the Derby, witnessing Emily Davidson [sic] go under the horse’s hooves.  Very scarce                                                                                                        £75

10.     MASSIE, Chris Esther Vanner  Sampson Low, Marston & Co no date (1937) [1436] The heroine is a suffragette.  Very good in d/w                                                                                                      £85

11.     PAGE, Gertrude The Winding Paths  Hurst & Blackett c 1911 [8th ed] [12888] A novel with a suffrage theme. ‘The men call them “new Women” with derision, or mannish, or unsexed; but those who have been among them, and known them as friends, know that they hold in their ranks some of th most generous-hearted, unselfish, big-souled women who exist in England to-day…One such as the best of these was Ethel Hayward..’ Good   £20

12.     QUINN, Anthony Half the Human Race  Cape 2011 [12485] ‘London. In the sweltering summer of 1911, the streets ring to the cheers of the new king’s coronation, and to the cries of suffragist women marching for the vote. One of them is the 21-year-old daughter of a middle-class Islington family fallen on hard times…Forced to abandon her dream of a medical career she is now faced with another hard choice – to maintain lawful protest against an intransigient government or to join the glass-breaking militants in the greatest cause…’ I was, I must admit, surprised to find it engaging and intelligent – rather more convincing than many of the early 20th-century suffragist novels. And there’s a man and cricket in there as well. A good read. Mint in mint d/w – signed by the author     £12

13.     ROBERTS, Katherine Pages From the Diary of a Militant Suffragette  Garden City Press 1910 [11202] There has been some doubt about whether this is an autobiography or fiction. I tend to think that it is fiction – clearly written by an active suffragette – but am not further forward about who Katherine Roberts was. Extremely interesting – and vivid. Paper covers – a little chipped – but a very good copy – clean and tight – of a very scarce book                                                                                                                                                  £250

14.     ROBINS, Elizabeth The Convert  Women’s Press 1980 [11672] Her suffrage novel. Reprint of the 1907 edition – with an introduction by Jane Marcus                                                                                               £9

15.     SAUTER, Lilian Through High Windows  Curtis & Davison (11a Church St, Kensington) 1911 [12880] Poems. Includes ‘Woman’s Plea for Suffrage’ and ‘Woman’s Song of Freedom.’. The latter was set to music by Annette Hullah and published by the London Society for Women’s Suffrage                                                         £25

16.     SHAW, Bernard Press Cuttings: a topical sketch compiled from the editorial and correspondence columns of the Daily Papers Constable & Co no date (1909) [13000] as performed by the Civic and Dramatic Guild at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on the 9th July 1909. A suffragette play. In grey card covers a little chipped at edge        £35

17.     TEMPEST, Evelyn [pseud. of Edward Cuming] The Doubts of Diana  Hodder & Stoughton [1911/12] [12881] Light-hearted novel – with the heroine taking part in a suffragette raid akin to ‘Black Friday’ [‘The rumour that Govenment had thoughts of employing policemen from other parts of London was lightly discredited; everybody was sure no such thing would be done, even by the new Home Secretary’] and ending up in a police court. Good in original binding                                                                                                                             £28

18.     WHITE, Percy To-Day  Tauchnitz  1913 [12885] A very readable novel – with suffrage taking central stage – alongside criticism of the divorce laws. The heroine, as in ‘Ann Veronica’, is prepared to sacrifice her social position for the Cause and enter into a legal pact rather than a conventional marriage. Paper covers – good – scarce           £18

 Suffrage Ephemera

19.     ADA HINES      [12587] (1872-1949) of ‘The Nook’, Ashton-on-Mersey, was an artist and a suffragette – the joint founder, in 1909, with her friend and fellow artist, Lucy Fildes, of the Manchester branch of the Women’s Freedom League. Here is an opportunity to acquire a small oil painting by her – unframed – on board – entitled ‘Sunset’. Signed but undated – rather atmospheric.                                                                                                 £75

20.     AN OLD-FASHIONED CONSERVATIVE A Reply to the Anti-Suffrage Manifesto  Conservative and Unionist Women’s franchise Association No date (c 1910?) [12995] ‘Reprinted, with alterations, from ‘The Queen’. Interesting to see the Conservative pro-suffrage arguments. 4-pp leaflet – fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                                                    £15

21.     CENTRAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Some Objections to Women’s Suffrage Considered   March 1907 [12527] Written by Lady Strachey – who deftly sets out answers to 8 stereotypical objections. 4-pp leaflet – fine – scarce                                                                                                                    £55

22.     DAILY SKETCH Friday, May 22, 1914    [12512] ‘”Tell the King!” Mrs Pankhurst’s agonised cry as she is torn bodily from the gates of Buckingham Palace in an amazing riot’ is the headline – and the front page is filled with the picture of Mrs Pankhurst being picked up by Inspector Roise. Complete paper – good condition – a little frayed along the edges – but the iconic photo of Mrs Pankhurst is untouched.                                                    £25

23.     EARENGEY, W.G. Woman Under the Law  Women’s Freedom League, no date 1908 [12961] W.G. Earengey, a lawyer, was the brother-in-law of Edith How-Martyn, one of the leaders of the Women’s Freedom League. He and his wife, Florence, had been founder members of the WSPU in Cheltenham, before moving to the WFL. He writes in his introduction to this little book, ‘A careful consideration of the legal disabilities still attaching to women should convince every fair-minded an that Woman’s demand for sex-equality in the Law is based on elementary principles of natural justice.’ Good – though paper covers carry many library shelf marks – withdrawn from the Woman’s Library                                                                                                                                                   £12

24.     ELMY, Elizabeth Wostenholme  Woman’s Franchise: the need of the hour  ILP 2nd ed, no date [1907] [12760] A campaigner for women’s suffrage since the mid-1860s, she had put aside a lifetime’s aversion to party politics and joined the Manchester ILP in 1904. This article was originally published in the ‘Westminster Review’. In her concise style she analyses the events of the previous 40 years and demands that Liberal MPs who profess to support women’s suffrage honour their pledges.                                                                            £65

25.     FAWCETT, Mrs Henry Home and Politics an address delivered at Toynbee Hall and elsewhere Women’s Printing Society 1894 [12939] A much reproduced speech – first given c 1890. This printing does not bear a date but probably c 1900. It carries the ownership stamp of Margaret Clark, Street, Somerset who in 1909 married Arthur Gillett – so probably predates 1909. 8pp – a little creased and marked – but tight                          £35

26.     FORD MADDOX HEUFFER ‘The Women of the Novelist’    [12518] [Ford Madox Hueffer in 1919 becameFord Madox Ford.] A flyer advertising a lecture by the novelist to be held on 5 February 1908  in aid of the funds of the London Society for Women’s Suffrage at 10 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill Gate. This was then the address of Alexandra and Gladys Wright who were a couple of years later to desert the London Society for the newly-founded New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage. Very good – very scarce         £65

27.     IN MEMORIAM  Rt Hon Lord and Lady (Emmeline) Pethick-Lawrence of Peaslake    [12984] 4-pp leaflet describing the various commemorations of the lives of the Pethick-Lawrences. Issued by the Suffragette Fellowship under the names of Lady (Helen) Pethick-Lawrence and Grace Roe. Good                                  £15

28.     LENNOX, Geraldine The Suffragette Spirit  The Suffragette Fellowship 1932 [12960] One of the series of ‘Suffragette Lectures’ – given at Caxton Hall on 17 Nov 1931. Paper covers – good internally -although has been folded. Paper covers carry many shelf marks – withdrawn from the Woman’s Library – scarce       £40

29.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE     [12935] single-sheet leaflet setting out the LSWS’s ‘Policy’.Printed by the Women’s Printing Society sometime after 1910 (the year in which the Society moved to 58 Victoria Street – the address given). Very good                                                                            £15

30.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Annual Report 1914  LSWS 1914 [12968] Presented at the Annual General Meeting held at the Caxton hall, Westminster, December 10, 1914. With useful list of local committees and branches, and names and addresses of their secretaries etc. And, of course, most importantly, details of the aid the Society was giving to the war effort in the early months of the War. 24pp in paper covers – very good – the cream paper of the covers just a little grubby. Scarce                                                              £65

31.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Annual Report 1916  LSWS 1916 [12969] With details of their war efforts, both at home and in France and Serbia – and of their local committees etc. 34pp – paper covers – good – a little creased and grubby. Scarce                                                                                    £50

32.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Annual Report 1917  LSWS 1917 [12970] Details of local committees etc – and of war work – including that ofovers  the Women’s Service Bureau. Financial accounts are given for the different areas of operation – ie ‘War Service Fund’, ‘London Units of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals for Foreign Service’ and ‘Welding School, Ministry of Munitions’. 34pp -paper covers marked – internally good         £55

33.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Annual Report 1918  LSWS  [12992] ‘Presented at the annual general meeting held at the Caxton Hall, Westminster, Feb 24th 1919.’ Financial accounts are given for the different areas of operation – ie ‘War Service Fund’, ‘London Units of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals for Foreign Service’ and ‘Welding School, Ministry of Munitions’.  Paper covers marked – internally good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                         £30

34.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Debate between Mrs Humphry Ward and Mrs Henry Fawcett  LSWS 1909 [12947] The debate was held in London on 26 Feb 1909 – organised by the St Pancras Committee of the LSWS. As an afternote, the local chairman and secretary felt obliged to set out details of the exact circumstances of the distribution of tickets – it had been that kind of evening. 32-pp – the text is all there – in poor but readable condition – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                           £10

35.     LONDON SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE Women Workers’ Demonstration  NUWSS 1917 [12932] 4-pp leaflet issued by the NUWSS for this demonstration, held in the Queen’s Hall in London on Tuesday 20 February 1917. It was supported by a range of suffrage societies and on the platform were representative women from trades and professions – including actresses, book binders, bus conductors, bakers, chainmakers, doctors oxy-acetylene welders, voluntary aid detachments, window cleaners etc. Millicent Fawcett was in the chair and the speech was given by Ray Strachey. Very good – unusual                                                                          £35

36.     LYDIA BECKER     [12607] Letter from Lydia Becker to ‘Mr Levi’ – written from 85 Carter St, Greenyes, Manchester on ‘Oct 16’ – I have worked out that the year is1868. ‘Mr Levi’ is probably Prof Leone Levi, to whom she had sent a pamphlet a few days earlier. I think, in response, he had written to her in admiration asking for some material from her for his autograph book. In this letter, in return, she writes ‘I have written out my three Norwich prospositions ,[these are drawn from her address at Norwich to the British Association Section F on 25 Aug 1868] which I hope may serve your purpose as a curiosity! for your autograph book, and a bone of contention for your friends.’ These ‘three Norwich propositions’ are set out on a separate sheet. But, in addition, in her  4-pp mss letter she sets out ‘my general wishes and conclusions as to the rights of women’.. All the material has been carefully attached to a sheet that once was page 77 in a collection of autograph material. Incidentally the material on the reverse, p 78, is in Italian, lending credence to my supposition that the correspondent was Leone Levi, who had left his native Italy for Liverpool in 1844. A very interesting letter – very good                                     £95

37.     MACMILLAN, Chrystal And Shall I Have a Parliamentary Vote?  NUWSS March 1918 [12949] Contains all the details on what was necessary for a woman to claim her newly-won vote. 18pp – paper covers – marked with a little pencilled underlining – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                  £25

38.     MAP OF THE WSPU/WFL PROCESSION OF 18 JUNE 1910.     [12303] The map was a contemporary reprint of a page from ‘Votes for Women’ for 17 June 1910 and was issued to those thousands taking part. It shows where the separate sections should line up – from the Portsmouth and Petersfield WSPU at Westminster Bridge to the Peckham WSPU at Carmelite Street. The procession was to be led up Northumberland Avenue by University Graduates, Pharmacists and Women Sanitary Inspectors and members of the Men’s League. The map is framed in a silver metal frame -looks rather good. Because of the problem of the glass, I will be unable to post it, so it will need to be picked up in London.                                                                                                              £95

39.     (MARSH) Suffragette Fellowship Memories of Charlotte Marsh  published for the Suffragette Fellowship by Marion Lawson June 1961 [12979] Paper covers – tribute to a leading WSPU activist – 20-pp pamphlet -card covers reproduces her hunger strike medal. Good -carries library marks – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                                                                                                                         £30

40.     MARSHALL, Catherine E. Women’s Suffrage Election in Cumberland    [12989] ‘reprint of letter sent to the local press’ 5 Jan 1910. Catherine Marshall was the very energetic local organising secretary for the the NUWSS at this by-election. Single sheet – fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                    £10

41.     MEN’S POLITICAL UNION FOR WOMEN’S ENFRANCHISEMENT First Annual Report  MPU 1911 [12982] Includes an account of the Union’s work and a list of donors. Paper covers (with rather attractive purple, white and green motif) present, but detached – and rather chipped and grubby. Internally fair – with some pencilled annotations. Scarce                                                                                                                      £40

42.     MILL, Mrs Stuart (Harriet Taylor Mill) The Enfranchisement of Women  Trubner & Co 1868 [12964] A reissue, in pamphlet form, of the important article that Harriet Taylor contributed to the ‘Westminster Review’ in 1851. Paper covers – back cover has a tear across – front cover has several library shelf marks – withdrawn from the Women’s Libary. But internally good – and scarce                                                                        £75

43.     MISS MORGAN, OF BRECON The Duties of Citizenship  Women’s Local Government Society c 1912 [12946] Extracts reprinted from a paper read at the Annual Conference of the National Union of Women Workers, Manchester, October 27th 1896. By the time this leafet was issued Miss Morgan had beed Mayor of Brecon, 1911-12. 4-pp – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                              £15

44.     MURRAY, Eunice Woman’s Value in War Time  WFL c 1917 [12991] 12pp pamphlet. – front paper cover present, but detached – back cover missing.- fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library              £12

45.     NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE CENTRAL COMMITTEE: First Report of the Executive Committee presented at the General Meeting of the Central Committee held on Wednesday 17 July 1872  National Society for Women’s Suffrage 1872 [12931] See my ‘Women’s Suffrage Movement: a reference guide’ as to how and why the Central Committee came into being. This – the Committee’s first report, contains lists of names of members of the Committee, of subscribers, and of the Local Committtes around England and Scotland that affiliated to the Central. In original paper covers – rubbed – very scarce             £95

46.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Bye-election Policies Compared   Oct 1908 [12525] Double-sided, two-columned leaflet in which the NUWSS compares the different elements of its bye-election policy with that of the WSPU.  The NUWSS had incorporated material supplied by Christabel Pankhurst into the WSPU statements. Fine – a little tag remaining on the second side – not affecting text – where it has been pasted into album – very scarce                                                                                                               £55

47.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Final Report of the Professional Women’s Patriotic Service Fund  NUWSS Oct 1915 [12943] ‘The Fund began work in Jan 1915, when a Committee was formed for the purpose of assisting professional women, by paying their salaries and offering their services to organisations which are dealing with war needs.’ I knew nothing of this short-lived Fund before reading this Report. It lists, on the one had, donors and, on the other, the positions in which they had placed needy ‘professional’ women. The Fund was wound up when it became clear that its services were no longer required. The Committee included, among others,  Mrs Auerbach, Mrs Fawcett, Catherine Marshall, Ray Strachey, Dr Jane Walker – and its secretary was Kathleen Courtney. 12pp – good – scarce                                                                             £50

48.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Leading Facts of the Movement for the Parliamentary Enfranchisement of Women   c 1907 [12526] 4-pp leaflet setting out the principal dates and achievements in the advance towards enfranchisement. Good – a little creased                               £35

49.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES A Memorandum Showing Cause Why Women Should Take Part in the Election of the Parliament which is to deal with problems of reconstruction arising out of the war NUWSS Nov 1916 [13017] ‘The object of this Memorandum is to put together the latest facts and figures bearing on the question of the enfranchisement of women in relation to the present political and industrial situation.’ Foolscap -34pp -card covers – good                                                                            £30

50.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Memorial of Head Mistresses of Girls’ Public Secondary Schools  NUWSS 1909 [12934] ‘The headmistresses who signed this Memorial asked Mr Asquith to receive a deputation in order that they might lay their views before him in person. This request was refused.’ Text of the memorial forwarded to Asquith in June 1909 – listing all those who had signed it. 16-pp pamphlet – goodish – a bit creased around the edges                                                                                      £35

51.     NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE SOCIETIES Women Suffragists’ Celebration    [12515] Flyer for the celebrations held at Queen’s Hall, Langham Place on Thursday 21 February 1918 – ‘To Welcome the Extension of the Franchise to Women’. The flyer includes the long list of societies that were taking part – the WSPU was a notable exception. On the list was the New Constitutional Society for Women’s Suffrage – and this flyer bears the annotation in ink ‘Please get tickets from’ followed by the NCWS’s rubber stamp with their address in Knightsbridge. Very good – very scarce                                                                                       £55

52.     NATIONAL WOMEN’S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION Second Annual Report  Woman’s Press 1908 [12972] Includes long list of subscribers, the WSPU financial accounts, and details of their activitis during 1907. Good internall – paper covers present, but detached. Scarce                                                         £95

53.     NATIONAL WOMEN’S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION Second Year Intermediate Report  NWSPU 1907 [12981] Includes financial accounts for six months ending 31 Aug 1907 – together with a description of the WSPU’s activities and a list of subscribers. This was published after Mrs Despard etc had broken away to form the WFL. Fair – paper covers present but detached. Scarce                                                               £95

54.     NEVINSON, Henry W Women’s Vote and Men  WFL no date (1910?) [12978] Reprinted from ‘The English Review’. 11-pp pamphlet, original paper covers with library shelf marks. Fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                                                    £15

55.     PANKHURST, Christabel International Militancy  WSPU 1915 [12977] ‘A speech delivered at Carnegie Hall, New York, January 13th, 1915’. 24-pp pamphlet, paper covers (with photograph of Christabel Pankhurst) – covers with shelf – marks, withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                      £95

56.     PANKHURST, Christabel The War: a speech delivered at the London Opera House on September 8th 1914 WSPU  [12962] ‘Every day it has become to us more and more apparent that our country is in danger, and that it is necessary for all sections to unite, in  order that we may be strong as we have never been strong before; and therefor we Suffragettes believe tht it is our duty to do all we can to rouse the individual citizen to fight for the freedom and the independence of this country and this Empire.’ 16-pp pamphlet – fair in marked paper covers (the back cover is missing a small section) with many library shelf markings – withdrawn from the Women’s Libary. Very scarce        £50

57.     PANKHURST, EMMELINE ET AL Suffrage Speeches From the Dock: Conspiracy Trial, Old Bailey, May 15th-22nd 1912 The Woman’s Press, no date (1912) [12965] The speeches given during their trial for conspiracy by Mrs Pankhurst, Mrs Pethick-Lawrence, Mr Pethick Lawrence and Tim Healy (counsel for the defence). They were reprinted and published by the WSPU’s publishing arm, the Woman’s Press. Fair – first 4 pages present but detached – spine reinforced with sellotape – paper covers chipped and carry library shelf marks – withdrawn from the Women’s Library- extremely scarce                                                                                                            £55

58.     PETHICK-LAWRENCE, Emmeline and Frederick (eds) VOTES FOR WOMEN VOL III Oct 1909-Sept 1910     [12407] Hefty bound volume of the WSPU weekly newspaper, in original Sylvia Pankhurst-designed boards. Signs of wear at leather corners – spines rebacked – ex Reading University Library – with library label on back boards. Internally very clean and tight, except for page of the Index where paper has split, but with no loss of text.                                                                                                                                           £900

59.     PETHICK-LAWRENCE MEMORIAL COMMITTEE Memories of Fred and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence  Pethick-Lawrence Memorial Committee 1963 [12967] Reminiscences by those who knew them. – with a list of contributors to the Memorial Fund. 16-pp in card covers (which is decorated with a purple, white and green stripe). Fine                                                                                                                                 £35

60.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12766] 30 Nov 1910, scene is a suffragette demonstration, ‘Votes for Women’ flags flying. Two young street urchins observe and comment.  Caption is ‘Man of the World (lighting up), “Well ‘ave to give it ’em, I expect, Chorlie”‘. Half-page illustration                                                                             £10

61.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12767] 13 July 1910, full-page – the caption is ‘Excelsior!’ as Suffragist puts her shoulder to the boulder of ‘Women’s Suffrage’ and says, ‘It’s no good talking to me about Sisyphus; he was only a man’      £10

62.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12768] 13 March 1912, full-page, suffragettes wield hammers in the background as Roman-type matron, bearing a paper labelled ‘Woman’s Suffrage’ comments ‘To think that, after all these years, I should be the first martyr’. the heading is ‘In the House of Her Friends’                                          £10

63.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12769] 23 January 1918 – A St Joan figure holds the ‘Woman’s Franchise’ banner and, with arms outstretched, cries out ‘At Last’. Full page – very good                                                  £12

64.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12770] 20 July 1910, Asquith is placing The Women’s Suffrage Bill on an overhead shelf and saying to the assembled cabinet, ‘Well, Gentlemen, now that your individual consciences had had their fling, let’s get to work again’. Just so. Very good                                                                                          £10

65.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12772] 10 January 1912 -full page – ‘United We Differ’. Lloyd George and Lewis Harcourt are back to back on a platform. Lloyd George addressing his side, where a Votes for Women’ banner is to be seen, cries ‘Votes for Women! Don’t you listen to my esteemed colleague!’. While addressing his, male, crowd cries ‘No Votes for Women! My esteemed colleague is talking nonsense!’. Asquith’s cabinet was split on this issue. Very good                                                                                                                                   £10

66.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12773] 5 Oct 1927 -full-page –  The Conservative Party (in the guise of one four-plussed chap in a shooting party) looks at a young flapperish women taking a gun from the ghillie and says ‘I hope she’s got enough ‘intutition’ not to let off in my direction’. The explanation is given: ‘The question of extended suffrage for women (in whose ‘intutition’ Mr Baldwin reposes so much confidence) will be raised at the approaching Conference of the Conservative Party.’                                                                                                                     £10

67.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12775] 21 October 1908 – full page – two burglars ‘on the way to suburban night-work’ pass a line of policemen marching in the opposite direction. The wallposter announces a Votes for Women demonstration in Parliament Square – and the burglars agree that ‘sufferajits’ are a good thing, keeping the police occupied they we they do.                                                                                                           £10

68.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12776] 2 December 1908 – a Bernard Partridge full-length illustration  shows Asquith (Andromedus) chained to his rock – beset by the sea monster taunting him with her Votes for Women triton and searching for salvation from Persea – the Women’s National Anti-Suffrage League. Very good      £12

69.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12777] 21 January 1912 – full page – ‘The Suffrage Split’. Sir George Askwith (the charismatic industrial conciliator), as ‘Fairy Peacemaker’, has tamed the dragon of the Cotton Strike – and Asquith, wrestling to keep a seat on the Cabinet horse turns to him ‘Now that you’ve charmed yon dragon I shall need ye to stop the strike inside this fractious gee-gee.’                                                                                  £10

70.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12778] 21 October 1908 – c. half-page – two effete anti-suffragist club loafers – the one to the other, ‘The idea of their wantin’ to be like us!’ and the response ‘Yes, makin’ themselves utterly ridiculous!’. £8

71.     PUNCH CARTOON     [12779] 7 December 1910 – small cartoon captioned ‘Voter’s Vertigo’. Yet another general election is at hand and the poor voter is in a frightful spin as he wrestles with ‘don’t tax the poor man’s dreadnought’; ‘home rule for suffragettes’ and ‘two power standard for the house of lords’                £6

72.     ROYDEN, A. Maude Votes and Wages: how women’s suffrage will improve the economic postition of women NUWSS 2nd 1912 [12996] Maude Royden thanks Isabella Ford for help and advice in compiling this pamphlet; the cover illustration is Emily Ford’s ‘They have a cheek! I’ve never been asked’. 20pp pamphlet – good – paper covers with library shelf markings. WIthdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                    £30

73.     SCOTCHMEN AT DOWNING STREET Speeches by the Delegates   18 July 1913 [12936] The ‘Scotchmen’ were the Northern Men’s Federation for Women’s Suffrage founded by Maud Arncliffe-Sennett with the purpose of taking a deputation to see Asquith. The intention was that the deputation should, for maximum publicity, be timed to coincide with the arrival of the NUWSS ‘Pilgrims’ in London. Asquith, however, held true to his word – repeated on several occasions – that he would no receive the deputation. This pamphlet, which they had prepared in advance, contains the speeches they would have given. The ‘Scotchmen’ were, in the main, members of the Edinburgh and Glasgow city council and the deputation stressed its non-party credentials. 16-pp in card covers – in good condition – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                           £60

74.     SNOWDEN, Philip The Dominant Issue   Feb 1913 [12945] A comment on the ‘Franchise Bill fiasco’ – that is, Asquith’s promise that a Manhood Suffrage Bill would be amended to include women – and the Speaker’s eventual ruling that such an amendment would destroy the Bill.  Pamphlet reproducing an article first published in ‘The Christian Commonwealth’ . Good – a little foxed and grubby                                                                       £25

75.     SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE     [12661] is the caption to this full page George Belcher cartoon, published in the Tatler on 12 August 1908. Two impoverished old women are talking in the street – a unconsciously joky exchange – which is the amusing part  for the audience of the day (I won’t go into the rather laboured humour which, if it has any suffrage relevance, is only to mock woman’s supposed illogicality)- but what is interesting to us is that one of the old dears is standing holding an advertising bill for the magazine, ‘New Age’, on which the roughly sketched in legend reads something like ‘A Suffragette’s reply to Belfort Bax.’. For the book that sparked off the debate in New Age see item ? Bax had published an article ‘Feminism and Female Suffrage’ in the issue for 30 May, to which Millicent Murby had written a reply that appeared in the issue of  6 June, to which Bax had made a riposte in the issue of  8 August. Single page – very good                                                                                                               £15

76.     STRACHEY, Philippa Memorandum On The Position of English Women In Relation to That of English Men  London & National Society for Women’s Service 1935 [12985] 23-pp pamphlet. Paper covers, goodish condition, withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                           £12

77.     SUFFRAGETTE BEING FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THE RAILINGS OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE – 21 MAY 1914     [12612] real news photograph – showing a policeman seizing a distressed young woman who, with her one free hand, is clutching the Palace railings. This policeman is in the act of pulling off her hat or pulling down her hair while another, hidden from view, is pulling her away – his arm firmly locked around her waist. Besides capturing a moment of dramatic action, the photograph is a rather well composed shot of  intermingled limbs, movement and shadows.

The photograph – 15cm x 11 cm – has been mounted, but is unframed. Very good – unusual         £95

78.     THE ANNUAL CELEBRATION OF THE BIRTHDAY OF MRS EMMELINE PANKHURST     [12986] will take place on Friday 14th July 1939. Single sheet leaflet setting out the plans for the celebration and a list of the societies that were supporting the occasion. Good                                                                        £20

79.     THE BISHOP OF LONDON The Claim of Justice  Church League for Women’s Suffrage 1914 [12940] ‘A speech delivered in the House of Lords in support of the Earl of Selborne’s Women’s Enfranchisement Bill, 5th May, 1914’. 14pp in yellow card covers – small format – printed by Francis & Co, The Athenaeum Press, which did so much to further the suffrage cause. Good – scarce – withdrawn from the Women’s Library             £40

80.     THE CATHOLIC CITIZEN     [13016] ‘Organ of St Joan’s Alliance (formerly the Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society) 15 May 1963. fair – withdrawn from the Women’s Library – together                                £4

81.     THE EARL OF LYTTON The House of Lords and Women’s Suffrage  P.S. King for the NUWSS 1914 [12944] Speech given on 6 May 1914 in a debate on the private member’s bill introduced by Lord Selborne which would have enfranchised municpal women voters. Very good – 36pp  in card covers                     £45

82.     THE REV. F.M. GREEN The Clergy and Politics  Church League for Women’s Suffrage no date, c 1913 [12941] CLWS pamphlets No 4 – printed by Francis & Co. 8-pp – a little creased – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                                                                        £25

83.     The Suffragee     [13004] I’m suffering from a suff-e-ragette

Suffering sore you can see

Since my wife’s joined the suffragists

I’ve been a suffragee

Sings Jock Mills on this Homophon Company (6816) record. I haven’t listened to the record – no longer have a suitable player. Surface, to my untutored eye, looks rather marked – the label is in good condition. But it has survived. ‘Recorded in London. Pressed in Berlin’ Scarce                                                                            £95

84.     WIDDOWSON, Florence The Power of the Vote  ILP c 1928 [12758] A 2-sided leaflet appealing to the newly-enfranchised young woman to vote for Socialism. Good                                                                £12

85.     WOMEN ON WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE     [12763] full-page of line drawings, by R.M. Paxton, from ‘Black & White, 22 October 1903 showing ‘The afternoon sitting at the National Convention in Defence of the Civic Rights of Women at the Holborn Town Hall last Friday’. I rather feel that the importance of this event, held on 16-17 October, as a turning point in the suffrage campaign is overlooked by suffrage historians. It was, in the main, the result of Elizabeth Wostenholme Elmy’s persistence that it was held, backed by W.T. Stead. She was very keen that there should be a mass suffrage campaign in the run-up to the next election. 200 delegates attended and it marked a revitalisation of the NUWSS. Mrs Pankhurst, whether or not she was invited, did not attend; she had held her first kitchen-table meeting with the group that became the WSPU on 10 October. The timing may be a coincidence. The vignettes in the illustration show ‘Mrs Elmy on Women’s Highest Mission’, The chairman, the Rev Alfred Steinthal, Mrs Green (President of the Women’s Co-operative Guild), Miss Eva Gore-Booth (Sec Women’s Trade Union Council Manchester) and a scene of a section of the gathered company listening attentively. Very good – unusual   £18

86.     WOMEN’S SOCIAL AND POLITICAL UNION To Every Liberal Woman    [12509] 4-pp leaflet issued by the National Executive Committee of the WSPU – predating the split that led to the formation of the Women’s Freedom League – therefore c 1906/7. ‘Let Women Unite as Women. The Women’s Movement has entered upon a new phase. For 50 years women have been working for their political freedom. They have played a part in political life, and have worked for the Conservative or the Liberal Party with the reasonable hope that, having proved to men the value of their co-operation, they would be rewarded by the concession of citizen rights. Their hope has proved vain. The Women’s Social and Political Union calls now upon women to adopt another line of policy and stand aside altogether from party politics until women have won political existence as voters’ etc. The signatories are Edith How Martyn, Emmeline Pethick Lawrence and Christabel Pankhurst.  Includes a tear-off section to be returned to the WSPU ‘Kindly send me your Manifestos and Leaflets’ Fine condition – has been folded – extremely scarce           £85

87.     ZANGWILL, Israel One And One Are Two  NWSPU 1907 [12988] ‘being a verbatim report of the speech delivered at Exeter Hall, on Feb 9th 1907, at the Demonstration of Women’s Suffrage Societies’. This ‘Demonstration’ is better known to us now as the ‘Mud March’. 8-pp pamphlet – poor condition – covers present but detached – shelf markings – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Scarce                                                             £15

88.     ROBERTSON, Margaret Working Men and Women’s Suffrage  NUWSS Aug 1913 [12937] Margaret Robertson was a university graduate and NUWSS organiser. This pamphlet was written at a time when the NUWSS had set up its Election Fighting Fund to support Labour Party candidates – and was intended for distribution amongst trade unionists. Small format, 24pp in card covers                                                                        £35


Suffrage Postcards

Real Photographic

89.     ARREST OF CAPT. C.M. GONNE     [12914] Member of the Men’s Political Union for Women’s Enfranchisement, Parliament Square, November 18th, 1910.’ Capt Gonne was photographed by the ‘Daily Mirror’ being escorted by two policemen during the ‘Black Friday’ tumult. Capt Charles Melvill Gonne (1862-1926), Royal Artillery, was  the author of ‘Hints on Horses’ (John Murray, 1904), an active suffragist, who supported his wife, a tax resister, and was a cousin of Maud Gonne, the Irish nationalist heroine. Very good -unusual –  unposted   £190

90.     CICELY HAMILTON     [12954] photograph by Lena Connell. Fine – unposted                   £120

91.     EDITH CRAIG     [12955] photographed by Lena Connell, published at The Suffrage Shop, 31 Bedford Street (therefore the card dates from c 1910 – before its removal in 1911 south of the Strand). Fine – unposted £120

92.     FORTISSIMO     [12875] – real photograph, – toddler holds the songsheet for ‘Bother the Men’, dating from the 1880s. Published by Rotary Photo, this is one in a series. Posted by Dick on 21 December 1908 to Master Harry Day of 9 Arthur St, Pembroke Dock, with the message ‘Harry boy  – learning Dada’s Xmas Song.’ Good             £28

93.     MARGUERITE SIDLEY     [12610] Photograph by Foulsham and Banfield, headed ‘Votes for Women’ and captioned ‘Women’s Freedom League’ 1 Robert St, Adelphi, London W.C.,’ She wears, I think, the WFL ‘Holloway’ badge at ther throat and, certainly, a WFL flag brooch on her bosom. She had joined the WSPU in London in 1907, working for some time in the London office and then as a peripatetic organizer  before leaving the WSPU to do the same kind of work for the Women’s Freedom League. Fine – scarce – unposted                           £85

The Arrest of Grace Roe #

The Arrest of Grace Roe # 94

94.     MISS GRACE ROE     [12958] The caption is ‘UNDAUNTED’!’ She is being marched out of the WSPU headquarters, Lincolns Inn House, by police, arrested in May 1914.  She was not released from prison until under the amnesty in August. The postcard photography was by courtesy of the ‘Daily Mirror’. An iconic image. Fine – unposted – scarce.                                                                                                                                    £190

95.     MISS IRENE MILLER     [12913] escorted by a policeman. The card is headed ‘Votes for Women’ and was an early one (c1907) published by the Women’s Freedom League (whose address is still given as 18 Buckingham Street, Strand). Irene Miller had been arrested for knocking on the door of 10 Downing Street and was photographed, with the policeman, by the ‘Daily Mirror’. Small nick on right hand border – not affecting picture or text – otherwise good – unposted                                                                                                                                   £100

96.     MISS SARAH BENETT     [12950] photographed by Lena Connell. In this studio photograph Sarah Benett is wearing her WFL Holloway brooch; she was for a time the WFL treasurer. She was also a member of the WSPU and of the Tax Resistance League. This photograph by Lena Connell was also used on a WFL-published postcard – but this one is not attributed to the WFL. The background to the image is little irridescent.           £100

97.     MRS AMY SANDERSON     [12919] Women’s Freedom League, 1 Robert Street, Adelphi, London WC. She had been a member of the WSPU, and, as such had endured one term of imprisonment, before helping to found the WFL in 1907. She is, I think, wearing her  WFL Holloway brooch in the photograph. Card, published by WFL, fine – unusual – unposted                                                                                                                     £150

98.     MRS EDITH HOW-MARTYN , ARCS, BSc     [12917] Hon Sec Women’s Freedom League 1 Robert Street, Adelphi, London WC. She is wearing herWFL Holloway brooch. Photographed by M.P. Co (London) – which I think is probably the Merchants Portrait Co in Kentish Town that did a fair amount of work for the WFL. The card is headed ‘Votes for Women’ and was published by the WFL. Fine – unposted                              £120

99.     MRS LILIAN M. HICKS     [11634] – photographed by Lena Connell – an official Women’s Freedom League photographic postcard. Mrs Hicks had been an early member of the WSPU, but left to join the WFL in the 1907 split, returning in 1910 to the WSPU. Fine – unposted                                                                  £35

100.   MRS MARION HOLMES     [12921] card headed ‘Votes for Women’ published by the Women’s Freedom League, 1 Robert St, Adelphi, London WC. Mrs Holmes was joint editor of the WFL paper ‘The Vote’. She is photoraphed wearing herWFL Holloway badge as well as one of the WFL enamel badges. Fine – unusual – unposted                                                                                                                                                  £120

101.   MRS PANKHURST     [12764] arrested in Victoria Street, 13 February 1908. She is on her way from the WSPU ‘Women’s Parliament’ in Caxton Hall – a policeman holds her left hand – she carries her ‘Parliament’s’ resolution in the other. Very good – unposted                                                                                                        £45

102.   WOMEN’S FREEDOM LEAGUE Mrs DESPARD AND MRS COBDEN SANDERSON WAITING FOR MR ASQUITH    [12911] ‘Arrested August 19th, 1909’ They are shown wating outside 10 Downing Street as part of the campaign to picket the Prime Minister in a vain attempt to force him to accept a petition. Fine condition – scarce – unposted                                                                                                                                 £180

 Suffrage Postcards

Commercial Artist

103.   AMID THIS MIGHT FUSS JUST LET ME MENTION THE RIGHTS OF WOMAN MERIT SOME ATTENTION     [12874] These words of Robert Burns are the caption to a scene that has the stereotypical comic postcard suffragette – tyrolean hat with feather, fierce expression and umbrella [‘gamp’], ensuring that she has the attention of her female audience. The artist is ‘F. MacLeod’. The card was posted in Stratford (London E.) on 4 December 1908 and reads: ‘Just a P.C. to let you know I am still alive & kicking like the old girl opposite. We had a few like these at the Town Hall on Tuesday (minus the gamp)..’ Good – with a very slight crease that does nothing to spoil the image.                                                                                                                            £28

104.   ‘HI! MISS! YER TROWSERS IS A-COMING DOWN’     [12507] shouts tyke to elegant young woman sporting ‘harem’ trousers. Pre-First World War, pub by Felix McGlennon. Not actually ‘suffrage’ but of the time. Very good – very glossy                                                                                                                       £25

105.   ‘NOT IN THOSE TROUSERS’     [12506] is the caption to a hand-painted postcard (the artist has initialed it ‘K.S.’). The subject of the remark is a lady in a purple and green outfit – a long tunic over ‘harem’ trousers – wearing a green and purple hat and carrying an umbrella. The author of the remark, a dapper gentleman, stands in the background. The colouring may indicate that a suffrage inference might be drawn – the style of dress certainly points to an early-20th-century date. Very good – unposted                                                                        £15

106.   THE SIMPLE LIFE – CARAVANNING     [12675] Two comic suffragettes are having a problem with the relcacitrant horse pulling their caravan. One is brandishing a purple, white and green ‘Votes for Women’ leaflet. Message on the back reads ‘When you have your caravan you must steer clear of ‘suffragettes’ or they will make your old horse kick like this…’ Good -posted                                                                                       £50

Suffrage Postcards

Suffrage Artists

107.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Dear Young Ladies    [13008] You are left PENNILESS, Your father’s estates are entailed and everything goes to a distant cousin, BECAUSE YOU ARE WOMEN’ the family solicitor tells the grieving widow and children. The artist is K.F. Powell. Very good – unposted                         £95

108.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Go Hang Yourselves – We Fought at Acre, and you were not there    [13012] The suffragist figure (dressed in a loose aesthetic robe) leans on a shield whose message is, ‘190? The Franchise Won’. Behind here is a ‘No taxation without representation’ BANNER. She is addressing two crinolined ladies, with ‘1909’ running as a repeat around the bottom of their skirts – who are throwing up her hands in horror at her aT her words – and exclaim ‘Oh my dear!! So unladylike!!!’ Printed and published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. Fine – unposted – scarce                                                                                                              £95

109.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Miss Jane Bull    [13010] addresses Master Johnnie Bull, asking, ‘Give me a bit of your Franchise Cake, Johnnie’ He replies ‘It wouldn’t be good for you’  She responds ‘How can you tell if you won’t let me try it? it doesn’t hurt those other little girls’ – she points to Finnish, New Zealand, Australian and Norwegian children – boys and girls.Postcard published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. The artists are ‘C.H. & D.M.’ Very good – unposted                                                                                                                  £95

110.   ARTISTS SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Miss Jane Bull    [13011] – with ‘Votes for Women’ running as a repeat around the bottom of her skirt’ -addresses the Home Secretary (Herbert Gladstone) outside his office – behind

her is a sign ‘Committee Rooms House of Commons’. She is holding a box labelled ‘Majority 179’ and she says ‘The’ve [sic] given me this – but there’s nothing in it.’ Gladstone responds ‘Dear me! didn’t think she would find that out yet.’ The illustration is making the point that H.Y. Stanger’s Women Suffrage Bill had gained a majority of 179 at its Second Reading in 1908 – the greatest since 1897 – but still nothing had come of it. The artist is Emily J. Harding Andrews. Very good – unposted                                                                                                  £95

111.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE They Have a Cheek, I’ve Never Been Asked    [13014] Beshawled factory girl stands at the factory gate reading a notice ‘Factory Acts Regulations for Women’. The card was drawn by Emily Ford – Leeds artist and suffragist – sister of Isabella Ford – and published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. it is particularly interesting as expressing the helplessness of working women faced with protective legislation passed by a male parliament that, while ostensibly protecting their interests, could equally deny them work. Very good – unposted                                                                                                                                                    £95

112.   ARTISTS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE The Worker’s Husband    [13013] Lady Canvasser, very neat and middle-class, stands outside a Polling Station. She addresses a down-at-heel ne’er do well, ‘Have you a vote, Mr Brown?’. Loafer: ”Course I got a vote, and shall have so long as my wife takes in washing’. The gloss is, of course, that he is being maintained in the station in life that will earn him a vote by way of the property qualification that his wife’s earnings provide for him. Postcard printed and published by the Artists’ Suffrage League. Very good – unposted   £95

113.   WOMEN WRITERS’ SUFFRAGE LEAGUE     [12957] postcard for the League designed by W.H. Margetson. ‘Woman’ is dragged from the feet of blind ‘Justice’ by the figure of ‘Prejudice’. This is the coloured version – in fine condition – unposted                                                                                                        £85


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