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1.       ALLSOPP, Anne The Education and Employment of Girls in Luton, 1874-1924: widening opportunities and lost freedoms Boydell Press/Bedfordshire Historical Record Society 2005 [10963] Examines the education of Luton girls and its relationship with employment opportunities. Mint in d/w                                              £20

2.       ANON After the Dawn: a record of the pioneer work in Edinburgh for the higher education of women Oliver & Boyd 1939 [9159] Based on a scrapbook kept by Sarah Siddons Mair and other records contemporary with the 19th-century movement for higher education in Edinburgh. Very good                                           £48

3.       APPRENTICESHIP AND SKILLED EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATION Trades for London Girls and How to Enter Them  Longmans, Green 1909 [9178] Packed with information on trades and wages.Soft covers – good – scarce                                                                                                                                         £38

4.       AUCHMUTY, Rosemary A World of Women: growing up in the girls’ school story Women’s Press 1999 [11875] Soft covers – fine                                                                                                             £5

5.       BERRY, Mrs Edward And MICHAELIS, Madame (eds) 135 Kindergarten Songs and Games  Charles and Dible, no date [1881] [9035] ‘These songs are printed to supply a want in English Kindergartens’ – the music is, of course, included – as are movement instructions. Mme Michaelis ran the Croydon Kindergarten. Very good         £48

6.       BOARD OF EDUCATION Special Reports on Educational Subjects vol 15  HMSO 1905 [12182] ‘School Training for the Home Duties of Women. part 1 The Teaching of “Domestic Science” in the United States of America’. Exhaustive – 374pp – paper covers – withdrawn from the Women’s Library.                                 £10

7.       BOARD OF EDUCATION Special Reports on Educational Subjects vol 19  HMSO 1907 [12233] ‘School Training for the Home Duties of Women. Part III The Domestic Training of Girls in Germany and Austria’. Paper wrappers marked and worn -internally good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                       £8

8.       BURMAN, Sandra (ed) Fit Work for Women  St Martin’s Press (NY) 1979 [12111] Presents a collection of papers which discuss the origins of the domestic ideal and its effects on activities usually undertaken by women. Fine in d/w                                                                                                                                             £12

9.       BURSTALL, Sara A. The Story of the Manchester High School for Girls 1871-1911  Manchester University Press 1911 [9219] Cover marked and faded – internally  very good. Scarce                                £38

10.     CHAPONE, Mrs On the Improvement of the Mind together with Dr Gregory’s, Legacy to His Daughters  and Lady Pennington’s, Advice to Her Absent Daughter,  with An Additional letter on the Management and Education of Infant Children  Scott, Webster and Geary, no date c. 1835 [9555] A compendium of Good Conduct – a ‘four in one’. With engraved frontispiece and title page -good  in slightly rubbed half leather and marbled boards   £38

11.     Clarke, Mary G. Manchester High School for Girls: the story of the school 1924-1959 H. Rawson & Co 1959 [12063] Carries on the history of the School begun by Sara Burstall. White card covers – very slightly grubby – with many photographs                                                                                                                       £12

12.     CLARKE, Patricia The Governesses: letters from the colonies 1862-1882 Hutchinson 1985 [12463] Fine in fine d/w                                                                                                                                               £7

13.     COMMITTEE ON THE POSITION OF NATURAL SCIENCE IN THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM OF GREAT BRITAIN Natural Science in Education  HMSO 1927 [12810] Paper covers – 272pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £8

14.     CORNFORD, L. Cope And YERBURY, F.R. Roedean School  Ernest Benn 1927 [4826] Large format – heavily illustrated – photographs and line drawings – good internally, spine cloth split                        £5

15.     DYHOUSE, Carol Feminism and the Family in England 1880-1939  Basil Blackwell 1989 [11224] Soft covers – very good                                                                                                                      £12

16.     FINDLAY, J.J. (ed) The Young Wage-Earner and the Problem of His Education: essays and reports Sigwick and Jackson 1918 [8026] For ‘His Education’ read also ‘Hers’. The essays include: ‘From Home Life to Industrial Life: with special reference to adolescent girls, by James Shelley, prof of education, University College, Southampton; ‘The Young Factory Girl’ by emily Matthias, superintendent of women employees, the Phoenix Dynamo Manufacturing Co, Bradford and the reports include: ‘Working Girls and Trade Schools (London)’ by Theodora Pugh and ‘The Sons and Daughters of Farming Folk’ by J.J. Findlay. Very good


17.     GLADSTONE, J.H. Spelling Reform: from an educational point of view Macmillan 1878 [13034] Presentation copy from the author. Good – ex-Board of Education library                                                          £6

18.     HARWOOD, Hilda The History of Milton Mount School  Independent Press 1959 [9641] Good   £15

19.     HOLCOMBE, Lee Victorian Ladies at Work: middle-class working women in England and Wales 1850-1914 David & Charles 1973 [11226] Very good in chipped d/w                                                          £25

20.     KING, Barbara P.G.S.G: a history 1905-1946 privately published 1989 [12569] A history of Pate’s Grammar School for Girls – ‘Cheltenham’s other girls’ school. Soft covers – fine                                            £18

21.     LANG, Elsie British Women of the Twentieth Century  T. Werner Laurie 1929 [12505] Excellent collection of essays on all aspects of (middle-class) women’s lives – including ‘Higher Education and University Life’, ‘The Medical Profession’, ‘The Fight for the Franchise’, ‘Women and the Legal Profession’, ‘Dress and Society’, ‘Women and the Arts’, ‘Careers for Women. With an interesting selection of photographs. Good                             £18

22.     MCCANN, Jean Thomas Howell and the School at Llandaff  D. Brown (Cowbridge) 1972 [10608] Good – ex-university library                                                                                                                      £15

23.     McMILLAN, Margaret The Child and the State  The National Labour Press 1911 [11641] In which she advocated giving poor children a more broad and humane education than they currently were receiving. Vol 9 in the Socialist Library series. Card covers – very good                                                                          £28

24.     MARTIN, Jane Women and the Politics of Schooling in Victorian and Edwardian England  Leicester University Press 1999 [10781] Mint (pub price £65)                                                                   £35

25.     MUMM, Susan (ed) All Saints Sisters of the Poor: an Anglican Sisterhood in the 19th century Boydel Press/Church of England Record Society 2001 [10964] A history of the Sisterhood that was founded by Harriet Brownlow Byron in 1850 to work in the slums of Marylebone – but then spread its net much wider. This volume comprises material drawn from the Sisterhood’s archives. V. interesting. Mint                                £30

26.     NORWICH HIGH SCHOOL 1875-1950   privately printed, no date [1950] [9612] A GPDST school. Very good internally – green cloth covers sunned – ex-university library                                                  £15

27.     OSBORNE, Honor And MANISTY, Peggy A History of the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army 1864-1965  Hodder & Stoughton 1966 [10609] Good – ex-university library                    £12

28.     RAVENHILL, Alice And SCHIFF, Catherine (eds) Household Administration:its place in the higher education of women  Grant Richards, no date (1910) [10427] Good – ex-university library       £18

29.     SAYERS, Jane The Fountain Unsealed: a history of Notting Hill and Ealing High School privately published 1973 [9688] A study of one of the most successful of the GPDST schools – and one of the best school histories that I have ever read. Very good                                                                                                                   £28

30.     STAFFORD, H.M. Queenswood: the first sixty years 1894-1954 privately printed 1954 [9643] History of the school. Good – ex-college library                                                                                                 £12

31.     STONE, Dorothy The National: the story of a pioneer college Robert Hale 1976 [8231] History of the pioneering domestic economy training college – The National Training College of Domestic Subjects. Fine in d/w       £12

32.     THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEAR BOOK AND DIRECTORY 1904   A & C Black 1904 [10837] Indispensable source of information. Very good internally in library binding                                    £80

33.     THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEAR-BOOK AND DIRECTORY FOR 1888  JUBILEE EDITION Hatchard’s 1888 [11772] edited by ‘L.M. H.’ [Louisa Hubbard], comprising Part I Englishwomen and their work in Queen Victoria’s reign and Part II

Directory for 1888. A wonderful source – full of details of names and addresses. Very good and tight in decorative boards, a little darkened and marked with age. Extremely scarce                                                £195

34.     THE ENGLISHWOMAN’S YEARBOOK AND DIRECTORY 1901   A & C Black 1901 [11770] Ed by Emily Janes. Packed with information. Good internally – cloth covers marked – scarce                   £80

35.     TOKARCZYK, Michelle And FAY, Elizabeth (eds) Working-Class Women in the Academy: laborers in the knowledge factory University of Massachusetts Press 1993 [10881] Soft covers – good reading copy     £7

36.     TUCKWELL, Gertrude The State and its Children  Methuen 1894 [11651] ‘Among the social questions with which the nation has to deal there is none, it seems to me, so important as the question of children.’ Chapters include: ‘Reformatories and Indusrial Schools’, ‘Workhouse schools and children’, ‘Canal and van children’; ‘Circus and theatre children’, ‘Homes for blind and deaf and dumb’ and ‘Work for the Society for the Prevention of Curelty to Children’. Very good – scarce                                                                                                                      £25

37.     TUKE, Margaret A History of Bedford College for Women 1849-1937  OUP 1939 [7682] Very good – bears the ownership inscription of Douglas Garrett – nephew to Millicent Fawcett and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson          £18

38.     WREN, M.A. and HACKETT, P. James Allen: portrait enlarged privately printed 1968 [10853] Short biography of James Allen, founder of Dulwich College and JAGS. Soft covers – very good             £8





39.     ANON Girton College Register 1869-1946  privately printed 1948 [9163] Invaluable biographical source. Very good                                                                                                                                           £55

40.     AVERY, Gillian Behold the Child: American children and their books 1621-1922 Bodley Head 1994 [12410] Studies how the literature of the old world influenced the new. With many illustrations. Heavy. Fine in fine d/w      £10

41.     (BEALE) Elizabeth Raikes Dorothea Beale of Cheltenham  Constable 1908 [11045] Good £15

42.     BETHAM, Matilda A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of Every Age and Country  printed for B. Crosby 1804 [11227] A fascinating compilation. First edition – 852pp – bound in half leather and marbled boards – very good – scarce                                                                                         £200

43.     (CLARKE) Mary G. Clarke A Short Life of Ninety Years  privately printed 1973 [11352] An interesting life – born in Aberdeen into the Anderson family (her uncle was Skelton Anderson, husband of Elizabeth Garrett), she attended the local high school, and then went to Girton – before entering a lifetime of teaching, culminating in the headmistress-ship of Manchester High School for Girls. Very good – cover slightly marked           £18

44.     (HARRISON) Amy Greener A Lover of Books: the life and literary papers of Lucy Harrison J.M. Dent 1916 [11054] Lucy Harrison (a niece of Mary Howitt) studied at Bedford College, then taught for 20 years at a school in Gower St (Charlotte Mew was a pupil at the school and v. attached to Miss Harrison) and then became headmistress of the Mount School, York. Good – pasted onto the free front end paper is a presentation slip from the editor, Amy Greener, to Mary Cotterell                                                                                                           £18

45.     (MAYNARD) Catherine B. Firth Constance Louisa Maynard: mistress of Westfield College Allen & Unwin 1949 [11033] Very good in torn d/w – scarce                                                                             £15

46.     NEWNHAM COLLEGE REGISTER 1871-1950   privately printed  [11776] packed with biographical information on students and staff.   Soft covers – 2 vols – good – although backing on vol 1 is coming unstuck and outermost cover of vol II is missing- internally very good – scarce                                                 £40

47.     (SEEBOHM) Victoria Glendinning A Suppressed Cry: life and death of a Quaker daughter Routledge 1969 [4276] The short, sad life of Winnie Seebohm, smothered by her loving family. She enjoyed a month at Newnham in 1885, before returning home and dying. Good in d/w – though ex-library                                       £10

48.     (STUART) James Stuart Reminiscences  privately printed (Chiswick Press) 1911 [11653] Autobiography of a man who was especially supportive of the women’s movement. He was one of the first Girton lecturers in the earliest days at Hitchin and then one of Josephine Butler’s chief supporters. His sister was one of the chief peripatetic lecturers for  Central Committee for Women’s Suffrage in the 1870s. Stuart succeeded Henry Fawcett as MP for Hackney, in 1890 married Laura Colman, who had studied at Newnham, and eventually became director of her family firm, Colmans, mustard manufacturers, of Norwich. In fine condition- scarce                                        £20

49.     (TRIMMER) Mrs Trimmer Some Account of the Life and Writings of Mrs Trimmer with original letters, and meditations and prayers, selected from her journal Printed for C & J Rivington, 3rd ed 1825 [7884] A good, clean and tight copy in original calf boards of this interesting memoir – some marking and rubbing and 1” split at top of spine, which is decorated with gilt and raised bands.                                                                               £65





50.     Catholic Confirmation at Ugbrook    [12570] reprinted from ‘The Western Times’8 January 1842. ‘Thinking that a report of the proceedings [the Confirmation] would be interesting to our readers, on account of the peculiar form of the ceremony itself …and more especially on account of the inroad made into the Protestant flock of the deserted vicarage of Chudleigh..’ The chapel at Ugbrook is the oldest Catholic parish church in south-west England. Card wrappers – very good                                                                                                                  £10

51.     Education in Industry: a survey of schemes for the recruitment, training, and further education of the employees of Cadbury Brothers Ltd Publication Department, Bourneville c 1937 [12718] With an introduction by George Cadbury. ‘In these days, when there is a prospect of a dwindling population and at the same time an apparently irreducible mass of unemployed, it is the duty of everyone to find out how he can help to bring out the best in the race that is to be.’ With 28 photos. Soft covers – 86pp                                                                         £20

52.     The Home Friend (New Series)  SPCK 1854 [8313] 4 vols of miscellany of fact and fiction. Very good in embossed decorative original cloth – together                                                                               £45

53.     ABBOTSHOLME SCHOOL (THE NEW SCHOOL), DERBYSHIRE Timetable for May, June & July, i.e. June (or ‘Summer’ ) Term    [12790] ‘This timetable was exhibited (Bronze Medal) at the Paris Exposition of 190o’. What a model of a timetable – multi-coloured, indeed much multi-coloured cross-hatching  – covering a 7-day week and allowing for all aspects of this particular school’s life – divided into the Physical, the Intellectual, and the Moral and Religious – yet stipulating the time spent on undressing and cleaning teeth, gardening, carpentry etc. 48cm x 37.5cm – good – but with 3 slight splits along a fold — ex-Board of Education library – most unusual £15

54.     ADAMS, John The Limitations of the Educator  A. Romanes (Dunfermline) 1904 [12821] A lecture delivered in the Lauder Technical School, Dunfermline on 22 October 1904. Good in original wrappers – 26pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £4

55.     ANON The Board of Education and Catholic Secondary Schools  W. Watson & Co (Birmingham) 1910 [13037] Written by a supporter of Catholic education – and heavily annotated – presumably by someone at the Board of Education. Interesting. Paper covers – good – 16pp in card covers – ex-Board of Education        £6

56.     ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING THE EMPLOYMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLWORK Report of Meeting Held at the Westminster Town Hall on Wed Nov 12th 1902    [13043] The Association was formed in 1897 and was disbanded in 1905. The Association’s aim, at its most basic, of promoting the employment of middle-class young women  – ie those who had attended high schools – in working-class – ie elementary – schools. ‘Higher teachers are now at last waking up to the absolute necessity of training, and Elementary teachers are far more cultured than they were five or ten years ago.’16-pp pamphlet – good                                                                                                                                                      £4

57.     ASSOCIATION OF ASSISTANT MISTRESSES Education Policy (with special reference to Secondary Education)  AAM no date (1920s?) [13042] 4-pp leaflet. Good – ex-Board of Education library £2

58.     ASSOCIATION OF ASSISTANT MISTRESSES IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS The Teaching of English   1907 [12706] A paper given by Miss C.L. Thomson at the 1907 Annual Meeting of the Association. 16-pp pamphlet – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                       £8

59.     ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES Memorandum Forwarded to the President of the Board of Education, 5 Jan 1907    [12698] 8-pp pamphlet dealing with the issue of the length of the school day and whether afternoon classes should be compulsory or optional. Good – ex-Board of Education libary              £5

60.     ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES Nursing as a Profession   1923 [13040] 4-pp leaflet . Rather dog-eared- ex-Board of Education library                                                                                             £2

61.     ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS     [12812] 1) Address of the President (Sir Henry F. Hibbert) at the 18th AGM, on ‘The Duties and Difficulties of Education Authorities as far as regards Evening Continuation Schools’, 1911, 12pp;2) Paper read at the AGM on Compulsory Continuation Schools by J.H. Reynolds, Jan 1914, 14pp; 3) Paper read at the Summer meeting on Legal Compulsion in connection with Continuation Classes by W. Beckit Burnie and A.O. Jennings, July 1914; 14pp. All in good condition in original wrappers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                      £8

62.     ATKINS, Frederick (ed) The Young Woman: Vol IV an illustrated monthly magazine Horace Marshall 1896 [12754] This volume runs from Oct 1895 to September 1896. Includes ‘Horticulture for Women: a peep at Swanley College’, ‘Lady Members of the London School Board’, ‘On learning to cycle’ by Eliz. Robins Pennell, ‘A Peep at the Pioneer Club’, ‘Young wives and their difficulties’ by Mrs Haweis – as well as interviews or articles about Mary Hill Burton, Mary Kingsley, G.F. Watts, Lucas Malet, Katharine Macquoid, the Countess of Meath, and Mrs Humphry Ward, – as well as stories, cooking, advice etc – and many illustrations. An excellent magazine. Good in original cloth                                                                                                                                                    £20

63.     BEDALES     1898 [12716] 4-pp leaflet written by John H. Badley, headmaster of Bedales, setting out the idea – and the realities – of admitting girls to the school. Very interesting – scarce – ex-Board of Education library            £20

64.     BEDALES SCHOOL, Petersfield, Hants Prospectus   1909 [12714] Full details of the co-educational boarding school, together with a list of parents who might be applied to for references (I noted in passing Sir Victor Horsley, who was to head an inquiry into the forcible feeding of suffragette prisoners,  and H.Y. Stanger the MP who introduced a women’s suffrage bill), a full list of staff – male and female – and their qualifications, a full description of the syllabus, of the timetable, of the school estate and of the fees. With 13 photographs. In original wrappers – very good – 16pp – with a sheet of ‘Additional Information for Parents’ laid in – ex-Board of Education library £18

65.     BEDALES SCHOOL. Petersfield, Hants Prospectus   1911 [12715] Full details of the co-educational boarding school, together with a list of parents who might be applied to for references (I noted in passing Sir Victor Horsley, who was to head an inquiry into the forcible feeding of suffragette prisoners,  and H.Y. Stanger the MP who introduced a women’s suffrage bill), a full list of staff – male and female – and their qualifications, a full description of the syllabus, of the timetable, of the school estate and of the fees. With 13 photographs. In original wrappers – very good – 16pp – with a sheet of ‘Additional Information for Parents’ laid in – ex-Board of Education library £18

66.     BEECHING, Rev Canon Address given to the Association of Principals of Church Training Colleges in St Matthew’s Church, Westminster   1908 [12844] Paper covers – 8pp – good – ex-Board of Education library £2

67.     BERGIERS. J.D. Students’ Record    [13030] Prototype for a ‘Student’s Record’ – a sheet setting out a school pupil’s record.                                                                                                                                £2

68.     BESANT,  Sir Walter ‘From Thirteen to Seventeen’:  Continuation Evening Classes, Recreative and Practical James Clarke 1903 [12828] Inner Mission Pamphlet, No 7 – First issued in 1893. Good – 8pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £5

69.     BEVAN, Rev J.O. The Welsh Act and the English Bill or, the prospects of secondary education in England and Wales Francis Hodgson 1894 [12840] Paper covers – good – 16pp – ex-Board of Education library       £5

70.     BINFIELD, Clyde Belmont’s Portias: Victorian nonconformists and middle-class education for girls Dr Williams’ Trust 1981 [9158] The 35th Friends of Dr Williams’s Library Lecture. Paper covers – 35pp – good – scarce       £18

71.     BOARD OF EDUCATION     [12263] Third Report (July 1938) and Fourth Report (Oct 1938) of the Burnham Committee on Scales of Salaries for Teachers in Secondary Schools . Card covers – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library. Together                                                                                                           £4

72.     BOARD OF EDUCATION Reorganisation of Public Elementary Schools in England and Wales 1937-38  HMSO 1939 [12540] ‘Statistics for the area of each local education authority showing numer of departments on 31 march 1938 by type of department, number of pupils, aged under 11 and 11 and over respectively, in each type of department together with summaries, by type of area, for England and Wales’. Paper covers – 64pp – good          £8

73.     BOARD OF EDUCATION The State Leaving Examination in Norway: its nature and results Board of Education no date (c 1905?) [13029] Educational Pamphlets No 1. Fair – second half of the 31-pp pamphlet consists of a photocopy (clearly original had split)                                                                           £3

74.     BODELSAN, C.A. and WAAGE, Olaf The University of Copenhagen: a brief surey of its organisation and activities S.L. Mollers Bogtrykkeri (Copenhagen) 1938 [12852] A publication in English. Paper covers  – 64pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                             £4

75.     BRADFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL YEAR BOOK 1915     [12815] Packed with information about the school’s life and names of pupils – past and present. Good  – its original wrappers bound into brown card covers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                           £10

76.     BRERETON, Rev J.L. Journal of the Farmers’ Club;


County Education  Feb 1873 [13027] The Farmers’ Club meeting for 3 Feb 1873, held in London, was devoted to the subject of ‘County Education’. 20-pp – in original front paper wrapper – back cover missing – dog-eared -ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £5

77.     BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE Mental and Physical Deviation from the Normal among Children in Public Elementary and other schools   1897 [12809] The Association’s meeting in 1897 was held in Toronto. The committee that produced this report comprised Sir Douglas Galton, Dr Francis Warner, Mr E.W. Bradbrook, Dr J.G. Garson and Mr E. White Wallis. 14-pp pamphlet – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                        £5

78.     BRITISH SCIENCE GUILD Memorandum on the Increase of Bureaucratic Intervention in Education   [1923] [12864] The Guild was formed in 1905. 2-sided leaflet – scruffy – ex-Board of Education library             £2

79.     BROMBY, Right Rev Bishop What is Real Educaton?  SPCK 1895 [12839] Paper covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                        £4

80.     CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE Interim Report of the Moral Education Committee   1918 [12867] Paper covers – 20pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                  £4

81.     CENTRAL WELSH BOARD Today and To-Morrow in Welsh Education  Central Welsh Board 1916 [12853] ‘A referendum addressed to Welsh education authorities by the Central Welsh Board: an analysis of current problems, with some suggestions for their solution.’ Paper covers – 108pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                    £10

82.     CHARITY ORGANISATION REVIEW Vol X (New Series) July To Dec 1901   Longmans, Green 1902 [9244] half-yearly bound volume of the COS’s own magazine. Very good                                   £28

83.     CHARITY ORGANISATION SOCIETY Right and Wrong as to School Feeding  COS 1906 [9237] Facts and figures. Paper covers – 8pp – very good – unusual                                                                  £18

84.     CO-OPERATIVE HOLIDAYS ASSOCIATION     [12798] 3-pp pamphlet, reprinted from ‘Modern Language Teaching’, June 1910, setting out the work of this Associaiton, which had begun by the Congregational Church in industrial Lancashire, together with

Annual Reports for the year ending Sept 30th, 1910 and Annual Report for the year ending Sept 30th 1911. Interesting – 3 items – the Annual Reports v good – the pamphlet rubbed and split (with no loss of text) – ex-Board of Education library – as a collection                                                                                                 £15

85.     CO-OPERATIVE UNION LTD Beauty as a Factor in Education  Co-operative Union Ltd 1921 [12857] ‘An address by the Dean of York on sat March 26th 1921, in connection with the Eleventh Co-operators’ Easter Week-end at York’. Paper covers – good – 8pp – ex-Board of Education library                                       £4

86.     COMMITTEE ON THE NEGLECT OF SCIENCE   Harrison and Son 1917 [12816] The committee was set up in Mary 1916,  including among its members Sir Ray Lankester, Sir Hugh Bell and Lord Rayleigh, and was appointed by the Government to investigate scientific education in Secondary Schools. Clearly at a time of war it was considered very important to improve the country’s engagement with science. Two items: 1) Report for the Year 1916-17, dated July 1917, 16pp; 2) The Scheme for Examination for Class 1 of the Civil Service recommending that ‘a course of Science extending over several years shall have formed a serious part of every candidate’s previous education.’ , Nov 1917, 7pp. In good condition – ex-Board of Education library – together           £10

87.     CONTINUATION SCHOOLS     [12811] A collection of material relating to ‘Continuation Schools’  (evening classes). 1) Evidence given by Rev J.B. Paton, D.D. before the Education Commission, Wm Isbister Ltd, 1887, 16pp; 2) The Continuation of Elementary Education: a paper by William Lant Carpenter read at the Society of Arts, Feb 8th 1888, pub by the Recrative Evening Schools’ Association, 24pp; 3) Continuation Evening Classes; recreative and practical  by Walter Besant, pub by the Recreative Evening Schools’ Association, 1886, paper covers, 8pp; 4) Continuation Schools: recreative and practical by J. Edward Flower, pub by the Recreative Evening Schools’ Association, 1894, 8pp; 5) Continuation Schools by Charles Henry Watt, pub for the Manchester Statistical Society, 1896, 24pp; 7) Recreative Instruction of Young People by the Rev Dr J.B. Paton, a paper read at a conference of the National Vigilance Association, pub by James Clarke, [first pub 1886, this issue probably 1902]; 8pp; 8) A Plea for Recreative Continuation Schools: evening schools under healthy conditions by the Rev J.B. Paton,, 4th ed (first pub 1885), 12pp; 9) Secondary Education for the Industrial Classes of England, a memorandum prepared by request of the Council of Recreative Evening Schools Association for the Royal Commission on Secondary Education by J.B. Paton, MA, DD, pub by the Recreative Evening Schools Association, 1904 (first issued 1895); 10 The Continuation Schols’ Bill Explained and Commended by the Rev J.B. Paton, Inner Mission Pamphlet, Second Series, no 6, 1905, 12pp; 11) Continuation Schools from a Higher Point of View by J.B. Paton, DD, Inner Mission Pamphlet, Second Series, no 7, 1905, 16pp; 12) report on an Enquiry into the Working of Evening Schools in the County of Cheshire, 1907, 12pp – with detailed pull-out tables; 13) The PRoblem of the Continuation School and its successful solution in Germany. A Consecutive Policy by R.H. Best and C.K. Ogden, pub by P.S. King, 1914, paper covers ( more or less detached), 80pp; 14) Port Sunlight Works Continuation School; An Address given to the Soap and Candle Trades at Birmingham on 16 March 1920 by J. Knox, MA, printed at the request of the Joint Industrial Council, 1920, paper covers, 22pp; 15) Day Continuation Schools, pub by Federal Council of Lancashire and Cheshire Teachers’ Associations, Sept 1943, 4pp. All in good condition – all paper covers – all ex-Board of Education library. As a collection – together                                                                                                                     £45

88.     COUNCIL OF WOMEN CIVIL SERVANTS Higher Appointments Open to Women in the Civil Service  P.S. King 1928 [12709] ‘It is believed that the number and the importance of the careers in the Civil Service open to women are not fully recognised…’. 8-pp pamphlet – good- ex-Board of Education library.             £10

89.     DALTON, Rev Herbert Home and School  Wells, Gardner, Darton no date [c 1900?] [12843] Pamphlet written for the Mothers’ Union by the Headmaster of Harrison College, Barbados. Paper covers – 8pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £4

90.     EASTMAN, Linda The Child, the School, and the Library  reprinted from the Library Journal 1896 [12783] She was employed by the Public Library, Dayton, Ohio and the address was given at the first annual meeting of the Ohio Library Association, Cleveland. Small, 22-pp pamphlet – ex-Board of Education library – good £5

91.     EDUCATION COMMITTEE FOR THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF BRIGHTON Report of the Sub-Committee on the Special Place System   1941 [12848] A proposal that education throughout the country should be free – at Primary, Secondary and Higher levels. 2-sided leaflet                                                   £2

92.     EDUCATION OF JUNIOR EMPLOYEES     [12780] Poster produced by Lever Brothers Limited, Port Sunlight, 6 June 1908 – setting out new requirements among which was that all employees – of both sexes – under 18 would agree to attend Evening Continuation Classes until they reached the age of 18 – to be paid for by Lever Bros. An Education Committee was to be set up to prescribe the courses to be taken. A paternal employer. Poster – printed boldly black on white – measures 51cm wide x 74cm high – and is in good condition – has been folded – with one split along a fold measuring 6.5cn with no loss of text. – ex-Board of Education library                         £20

93.     ELIZA COOK’S JOURNAL VOLS 1-6     [8594] Runs from issue 1, 5 May 1849 to issue 156, 24 April 1852. Very good condition – half leather and marbled boards. Each vol                                                  £38

94.     FEDERAL COUNCIL OF LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION Day Continuation Schools   Sept 1943 [13023] with copy attached of a letter from the Federal Council welcoming the 1944 Education Act. Good – ex-Board of Education library                                                           £2

95.     FINDLAY, J.J. The Life of a Schoolboy: a parting address to the boys of the Cardiff Intermediate School Simpkin, Marshall (London)/ William Lewis (Cardiff) 1903 [12855] An address by the headmaster. Card covers – good – 16pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                 £4

96.     FREE KINDERGARTEN AT WESTMINSTER     [12722] The Kindergarten was based at 28 Ruskin Buildings, Millbank – an appropriately named and appropriately designed building in which to launch such a venture. The ‘child-garden’ originally occupied 2 small ground-floor rooms, ‘where three-and twenty happy little children, between the ages of two and five years, have for so long a time met every morning from 9 until 12 o’clock.’ It was described by C.R. Murray in ‘The Child Under Eight’ as the second nursery school in London had been founded by Miss Hilda Maufe in 1907, who had formerly worked at the first nursery school, Sesame House, founded by the Sesame Club. The Annual Reports available in this collection – Third, Oct 1910, 4th, Oct 1911, 5th, Oct 1912, 6th, Oct 1913 – give details of the Kindergarten – which was clearly run from love on a shoestring and fell victim to the difficulties caused by the First World War. 4 items – covers fragile -but internally good – with photos. Ex-Board of Education library – very scarce – together                                                                                     £40

97.     FRY, Sir Edward How to Use a Literary Institution  George H. Field (Bradford) 1883 [12836] ‘An address delivered at the Salt Schools, Shipley on Monday October 22nd 1883.’ Good in original wrappes – 20pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                        £8

98.     GIRLS’ OWN ANNUAL, Oct 1891- Sept 1892     [2459] Very good internally – with Extra Christmas Number 1891 and Extra Summer Number 1892 bound in- in publisher’s binding – spine leather rubbed and torn. Includes the colour reproduction of a painting by Kate Greenaway. Heavy                                                       £30

99.     GIRLS’ OWN ANNUAL, Oct 1896-Sept 1897     [3123] Very good internally – in slightly worn publisher’s binding. Includes a series of articles on ‘What are the provincial county councils doing for girls?’ and all the usual wonderful mix – plus the Extra Christmas Number and an extra Diamond Jubilee Number. Heavy £20

100.   GORDON MEMORIAL COLLEGE AT KHARTOUM Report and Accounts to 31st Dec 1902    [12850] Paper covers – 14pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                          £6

101.   GOULD, Frederick J. Why Educate?    [12860] A lecture given under the auspices of the National Union of Women Teachers, in connection with the Annual Educational Week-end in Chesterfield, September 24, 1926. Paper covers – good – 15pp. Together with a 2-sided leaflet on Educational Reform pub by the Rationalist Association. Both in goodish condition – ex-Board of Education library                                                                       £4

102.   HALL, Rev F.J. Religious Education in Public Schools and At Home  privately published 1901 [12854] ‘An address guveb at tge Ruridecanal Conference, Barnet, October 7th 1901.’ Paper covers – 12pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £3

103.   HARTLEY COLLEGE, SOUTHAMPTON     [12781] The precursor to Southampton University, Hartley College was founded in 1862, becoming a University College in 1902. This collection comprises prospectuses for: Day Classes in Arts and Science and Applied Science for sessions, 1899-1900, 1900-1901, 1901-1902. Prospectus for: Day Classes in Arts and Science and Engineering 1902-1903. Prospectuses for Day Classes in Arts and Science 1904-1905; 1905-1906, 1906-1907, 1907-1908. Prospectuses for Evening Classes 1899-1900, 1901-1902, 1902-1903, 1904-1905, 1905-1906, 1906-1907, 1907-1908. Prospectuses for Day and Evening Classes of the School of Art 1899-1900, 1901-1902. Prospectuses for the Day Training College for Men and Women 1902-1903, 1904-1905, 1905-1906, 1906-1907, 1907-1908. Prospectuses for Day Classes suitable for Medical and Dental Students 1904-1905, 1905-1906, 1907-1908. Prospectuses for Day Classes in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 1904-1905, 1905-1906, 1906-1907, 1907-1908. All the courses cited were open to women as well as men. All in good condition – ex-Board of Education library – 29 items – as a collection                  £75

104.   HARTOG, P.J. Examinations   1911 [12823] A paper read before the Educational Science Section of the British Association at Portsmouth, September 1st 1911 – reprinted from ‘The School’. Good in original wrappers – 12pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                        £4

105.   HARVEY, L.D. The Education of the Girl: the necessity of fitting her education to her life Bulletin of the Wisconsin State Board of Industrial Education 1912 [12712] Bulletin No 4 – 10-pp pamphlet – very good in original wrappers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                      £8

106.   HERFORD, Caroline, CASE, Janet, NEEDHAM, E. Report on Bedales School   1908 [12713] An Examiners’ Report, from which Bedales – and the idea of co-education – emerged with flying colours. Card covers – very good – ex-Board of Education library. 21-pp pamphlet – scarce                                            £25

107.   HOME AND COLONIAL SCHOOL SOCIETY FOR TRAINING TEACHERS Sixty-eighth Annual Report, 1903-04  Home and Colonial Society 1904 [13039] Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                    £12

108.   HOME OFFICE Reformatory and Industrial Schools  HMSO 1923 [12847] ‘Model Rules with Circular Letter sent by the Secretary of State to School Managers on the 9th March 1923.’                                   £4

109.   HOMERTON COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE     [12782] Reports of the Congregational Board of Education on its Training College, Homerton Undenominational College – for the years ending 30 June 1900, 1901, 1902. All in good condition – ex Board of Education library – 3 items together                                                          £20

110.   HORTICULTURAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The H.E.A Year Book vol 1   1932 [12862] Card covers present but detached – 92pp – plus many pages of advertisements. Good – ex-Board of Education library £5

111.   INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION     [12833] small collection of material relating to this New York-based Association. 1) The Proposed College for the Training of Teachers: circular of information, 1887; 2) Educational Leaflet no 4, Manual Training at Springfield, Mass, 1888; 3) Educational Leaflet no 5, The Study of History in Continental Schools, 1888, 4) Educational Leaflet No 6, The Scientific Treatment of Education, 1888; 5) Educational Leaflet No 7, the Naas Seminary for Teachers of Manual Training, 1888; 6) Educational Leaflet No 9, What the Teachers Recommend in France, 1888; 7) Educational Leaflet No 18, The Argument Against Manual Training, 1888; 8) The Industrial Education Association – report on its work, [1887?]. All items except the last are in good condition – the report is split and chipped – but just about readable – all ex-Board of Education library. Together -as a collection                                                                                                                            £10

112.   INSTITUTE OF HANDICRAFT TEACHERS Reports of the National Scheme of Handwork Committee  Central Council of the Instiute of Handicraft Teachers 1924 [13036] Good -50pp – in card covers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £6

113.   INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN Juvenile Delinquency: its causes, and methods of prevention and correction, 1913-14   [12710] ‘Reports from Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Sweden, United States’. Good – 52pp – ex-Baord of Education library                                                                                           £15

114.   IRWIN, Sidney Why We Learn Greek and Latin: two addresses to public school boys Archibald Constable 1904 [12866] Good in original wrappers – 44pp – ex-Board of Education library                          £5

115.   KIRK, The Rev. K.E. Education: what good is it; and how can I get it? SPCK [1919] [12814] Published in a series ‘After the War Papers’ – the author was ‘Late Senior Chaplain to the Forces’. Good in original wrappers, 16pp, ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                        £4

116.   LOCKHART, Leonard The Backward Child: a plea for special action  1935 [12838] ‘Based on an address to the joint Advisory Committee f the Notts. Education Committee, 5 Dec 1935.’ Paper covers – good – 8pp           £4

117.   LONDON INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PLAIN NEEDLEWORK Annual Report for the Year ending September 30th, 1909   1909 [13041] 24pp – good in card covers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                      £8

118.   LONDON INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PLAIN NEEDLWORK     [12681] opened in 1878 with the aim of teaching teachers how to teach needlework and to present diplomas to those who passed its examinations. The diploma holders were then eligible to give demonstrations in plain needlework and to teach it. This collection of annual reports of the Instute runs from 1902-1914, 1916,1917, 1918 (merely a postcard report – ‘war conditions’), 1919, 1920. (17 items).. Certificates were awarded to girls from a range of schools –  Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Wycombe Abbey as well as high schools and proprietory schools. The reports include not only the names of all these schools, but also the names of all those who held the Institute’s various qualifications – and details of all the syllabuses for its examinations. All in good condition in original wrappers- ex-Board of Education library. A collection                                                                                                                      £85

119.   LONDON PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION COUNCIL Report Jan 1904-June 30, 1905   1905 [12553] The Council’s suggested election policy for the forthcoming 1906 General Election included, amongst other items, ‘All schools maintained by public money should be under complete public management and control.’ ‘The Council is the only organisation i London for promoting the principles of National Education, efficient, progressive, free, unsectarian, and under popular control’. With a list of donors and subscribers. 4-pp – good                                £2

120.   McMILLAN, Margaret The Future of Education among Adolescents  Co-operative Union 1919 [12742] ‘An address delivered at the special Educational Session of the 51st Annual Co-operative Congress, Carlisle, 10 June 1919.’ Paper coves -8pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                 £12

121.   McMILLAN, Margaret The Future of Our Young People  Co-operative Union 1911 [12743] Paper covers – 12pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                               £12

122.   Manchester High School for Girls     [11374] Letter dated 2 April 1873 from Edward Freeman (Somerleaze, Wells, Somerset) writes to ‘My dear Lord’ (possibly a Bishop?) ‘I see your name as a “patron” of the new Girls School to be set up at Manchester. ..I would venture to recommend a candidate for the place of Head Mistress, which I hear that the Committee are going about to fill.’ His recommendation is Miss Macarthur ‘who has been governess in my house for nearly five years. ..She is in correspondence with Miss Vernon, to whom Mrs Kitchener first spoke of her…I think the best witness of my opinion of her is that I have set her to write one of my series of small histories, a History of Scotland which I hope will be out soon.’ ‘though she does not actually understand Latin and Greek, she knows all abou them..’ Unfortunately Miss Macarthur was not appointed; there being far better qualified candidates competing for this sought after position. She was Margaret A.R. Macarthur, born in Scotland in 1842 and was the author of ‘History of Scotland’ in Freeman’s Historical Course for Schools. It would be interesting to find out what happened to her. Mss – 4pp – fine                                                                                        £45

123.   MELLORS, Robert Evening School in the Villages of Nottinghamshire    [13024] ‘An appeal to the ladies and gentlemen of every class in the county to aid in the formation and management of evening schools adapted to local industrial conditions.’ Mr Mellors was an alderman on Nottinghamshire County Council. 20-pp pamphlet – good – ex-Board of Education library

124.   MILLIS, C.T. The Need for Preparatory and Systematic Courses of Instruction   1898 [12827] A paper read before the Association of Technical Institutes, 28 Jan 1898 – with an introduction by Sir Philip Magnus. Good in original wrappers – 16pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                               £6

125.   MINISTRY OF HEALTH Government Evacuation Scheme  HMSO 1939 [12786] ‘Memo. Ev. 4’. All the details of the scheme to evacuate children, expectant mothers and the disabled from cities in the event of war. Probably missing a blue paper cover – otherwise good – 32pp – ex-Board of Education library      £12

126.   MOORE, Prof J. Howard Humane Teaching in Schools  Animals’ Friend Society [1911] [13020] 12-pp pamphlet in card covers. Good – ex-Board of Education library                                                      £5

127.   MORAL INSTRUCTION LEAGUE Our Future Citizens: how is character cultivated in board schools MIL 1900 [13022] 16-pp pamphlet – ex-Board of Education library                                                     £4

128.   MURRAY, Col A.M. Comparison Between Continental and English Methods of Military Education  J.J. Kelher & Co no date [1905] [12819] He had visited France, Austria, Germany and Belgium in the course of his investigation. Paper covers -46pp – goodish – ex-Board of Education library                                 £10

129.   NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS’ CLUBS Clubs and Club Making  University of London Press 1943 [12747] A history – and then 13 chapters on how to run a club. Soft covers – 104pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                          £12

130.   NATIONAL UNION OF WOMEN’S TEACHERS How Equal Pay would  Help Industry and Decrease Unemployment   1930s? [10884] Single page leaflet – fine                                                          £1

131.   NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLMASTERS Co-education or Separation?   no date (pre 1914) [13028] 12-pp pamphlet in card covers – ex-Board of Education library               £2

132.   PATON, J.L. Training in the Service of Man  Parents’ National Educational Union 1904 [13025] 12-pp pamphlet in card covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                     £4

133.   PATON, J.L. (preface) Boys’ League of Honour: its aims and methods and the procedure of its courts Boys’ League of Honour no date [13026] ‘Courts’ , the booklet explains, were the name for meetings of branches of the League. An intriguing outfit – pre-First World War. Paton extolls the ‘high sentiment of honour exhibited by the Japanese nation in its conflict with Russia’  and intimates that British boys – being British and with God on their side – could do even better. 16-pp pamphlet – ex-Board of Education library                                           £6

134.   PATON, The Rev J.B. Recreative Instruction of Young People  James Clarke 1906 [12830] Inner Mission Pamphlet No 6. A paper read at a conference of the National Vigilance Association, first issued 1886. Good in original paper wrappers                                                                                                                 £5

135.   PAUPER HOSPITALS AND SCHOOLS Return of ‘all district and separate pauper hospitals (including asylums of the Metropolitan Asylum District), also of district and separate pauper schools, built during the past ten years; giving the name of hospital or school; names of unions contribution; class of inmates; extent of area; cost of site; cost of building; number of inmates; exclusive of officers; cost per head on number to be accommodated; and number of inmates on 1 May 1885 HMSO 1885 [9205] 6 foolscap pages. Very good – disbound £20

136.   PETERKIN, William Arthur Report to the Board of Supervision on the System of Scotland of Boarding Pauper Children in Private Dwellings  HMSO 1893 [12793] A detailed report – statistics and case studies – drawn from all the counties of Scotland –  on what we would now call ‘fostering’. Good – in Ministry of Education card covers – 46pp                                                                                                                              £15

137.   PREECE, Sir William Technical Education in America    [13035] A paper read before the Royal Society of Arts, April 8th, 1908. 24-pp pamphlet in paper covers. Presentation copy from the author -good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £3

138.   PRIVATE SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION Presidential Address: delivered at the annual meeting by J.Vine Milne on January 12, 1899 C.F. Hodgson 1899 [12834] Good in original paper wrappers – 31pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                            £6

139.   REFORMATORIES AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS (COMMITTALS) Returns showing the comparative number of committals of boys and girls to reformatories and industrial schools   April 1872 [9150] ‘Shows comparative number of committals of boys and girls to reformatories and industrial schools in 1870, with the number of cases in which the parents have been charged with such payment towards their children’s cost at such schools as may be considered equal to the expense they are saved by so throwing their children on public support, together with a comparative statement of the number of cases in which such charge has been adjudged, with that of the charges actually recovered and regularly paid.’ Raw facts. 4 foolscap pp – disbound      £28

140.   REGULATIONS FOR THE CATHOLIC GIRLS’ SCHOOL AT UGBROOK   Printed by J.E. Searle (Chudleigh) 1841 [2052] ‘Approved by the Rt Revd the Vicar Apostolic of the Western District of England, for the Catholic Girls School at Ugbrook, in the County of Devon, under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph’.’The Catholic girls’ School at Ugbrook is intended by Lord Clifford to be henceforth solely for the education of the female children of those who are or have been tenants, servants, or labourers on his estate, or tradesmen in the employ of his family at Ugbrook…’  Together with ‘Catholic Confirmation at Ugbrook’, reprinted from ‘The Western Times’, 8 January 1842. ‘Thinking that a report of the proceedings [the Confirmation] would be interesting to our readers, on account of the peculiar form of the ceremony itself …and more especially on account of the inroad made into the Protestant flock of the deserted vicarage of Chudleigh..’ Two items –  card covers – very good – together £25

141.   REPORT OF THE MABYS ASSOCIATION FOR THE CARE OF YOUNG GIRLS, 1922    1923 [12723] Founded by Mrs Nassau Senior in 1874 ‘to befriend and protect the girls brought up in the Guardians’ Schools, and those of other Public Authorities in the Metropolitan area. The Association tries to ensure for these girls the same chances in life and the same status as those girls who have been brought up in their own homes’. This Annual Report gives full detail of the Mabys work – the homes it ran – and its workers and supporters. Good – 34pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                          £15

142.   RESEARCH COMMITTEE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS’ CLUBS AND MIXED CLUBS Club Girls and Their Interests   no date [1947] [12746] A sociological enquiry – with masses of statistics – and a sample questionnaire  (the ‘Copeland-Chatterson method’) inside the back cover. I rather think its complexity might fox many of today’s adolescent girls. Interesting. Paper covers – 56pp – good -ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                          £15

143.   ROBERTSON, D.S. The Future of Greek Studies: an inaugural lecture Cambridge University Press 1929 [12832] Soft covers – very good – 48pp – ex-Board of Education library                                       £5

144.   ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE The Education Schemes of the United Kingdom and Dominion Forces: four lectures Royal Colonial Institute 1919 [12846] The lectures were on ‘Education in the Canadian Army’ by Dr H.M. Tory, ‘The New Zealand Soldier’ by Capt J.R. Kirk; ‘The Australian Service man as Citizen’ by Brig. Gen G.M. Long; ‘Educational Training Scheme Within the British Army’ by Col Lord Gorell. Soft covers – good – 40pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £8

145.   RUSSELL, J.B. The Measurement of Intelligence in a Rural Area  CUP 1930 [13031] reprinted from the British Journal of Psychology (General Section). A British study. Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                                                      £3

146.   SADLER, M.E. How Far Can We Learn Anything of Practical Value from the Study of Foreign Systems of Education?  Surrey Advertiser Office (Guildford) [1900] [12822] Printed at the behest of the Educational Conference of Managers and Teachers in the Guildford District. Good – in original paper wrappers – 19pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £5

147.   SCOTCH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Memorandum on the Teaching of Music in Scottish Primary Schools  HMSO 1909 [12861] In original blue wrappers – good – 23pp – ex-Board of Education library.          £5

148.   SCOTTISH COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN EDUCATION A Mental Survey of a Scottish Suburban School   May 1930 [12851] A supplement to the ‘Scottish Educational Journal’. Paper covers – 16pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £6

149.   SIDGWICK, Mrs Henry University Education for Women  Manchester University Press 1913 [12791] ‘Presidential Address delivered to the Education Society, Manchester University, on 21st November, 1912.’ Paper covers – 24pp – ex-Board of Education library – good                                                                  £15

150.   SIR HENRY JONES     [11407] writes a glowing testimonial for his former pupil, Mabel Atkinson, a candidate for a lectureship at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. She was a Fabian and a suffragette Fine                                                                                                                                                    £48

151.   SMALL COLLECTION DOCUMENTING THE ACADEMIC PROGRESS OF MURIEL LONG AT THE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, WEST KIRBY 1920-1926     [12613] The tenor of Muriel’s school reports is ‘very fair’ – and we all know what that means. But she was clearly much younger than the average age of the class and does quite well in maths and science. Generally her conduct is ‘very good’ but at least one report notes ‘rather noisy in the class room’.Included in the collection are a number of programmes for Speech Day and Annual Sports. In 1926 Muriel went on to Underwood Commercial College in Liverpool to learn shorthand and typing (1st in the class in ‘Office Routine’). I think Muriel married in 1940 and died in 2006 – leaving bequests to Venice in Peril and the Royal Overseas League – so it doesn’t look as though being graded only ‘very fair’ at Scripture, Ancient History etc  had prevented her taking an interest. An eclectic collection of material            £45

152.   ST HELENS EDUCATION COMMITTEE A Short Report on Some Experiments in Mental Testing  Robert Gibson (Glasgow) [1930] [12842] Written by John Houghton, Headmaster of Allanson Street Council Boys’ School, St Helens. Paper covers – 16pp – good                                                                             £6

153.   STUDENTS’ CAREERS ASSOCIATION A Survey of Wartime Facilities for Training and Prospects of Employment for Girls   [1940] [12792] 10-pp foolscap cyclostyled sheets produced by the Student’ Careers Association c Feb 1940 setting out the state of play regarding the prospects for the training and employment of young women at this early stage of the Second World War. Good – ex-Board of Education library          £10

154.   TEACHERS’ TRAINING ASSOCIATION The History of Education: its place and value in training colleges Cambridge University Press 1912 [12835] A symposium held at the annual meeting of the Association in 1912. Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                     £6

155.   THE ACLAND CHRONICLE     April 1903 [12684] The second number of the ‘Acland Chronicle’ recording the work of the Acland Club for boys and girls that was associated with the Women’s University Settlement. Good in original wrppers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                            £8

156.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES List of Public Secondary Schools for Girls 1903   1903 [13045] Card covers – good – ex-Board of Education Library                                                     £10

157.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEAD MISTRESSES List of Public Secondary Schools for Girls 1905   1905 [13046] Card covers – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                      £10

158.   THE ASSOCIATION OF HEADMISTRESSES Girls’ Patriotic Union of Secondary Schools: Subscription list for the ‘Star and Garter’ home at Richmond for sailors and soldiers totally disabled in the war  1916 [13044] List of schools that subscribed. The treasurer was Miss Gadesden of Blackheath High School. 1-p leaflet — ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                                            £2

159.   THE EMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE OF THE INCORPORATED ASSOCIATION OF HEADMISTRESSES OF PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN CO-OPERATION WITH THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR Annual Report for 1930  HMSO 1931 [12261] Paper covers – 14pp – good – withdrawn from the Women’s Library                                                                                             £3

160.   THE IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING AND EQUIPMENT TO THE ADULT SCHOOL TEACHER    1904 [12829] A paper read at the National Adult School Council at Leeds, October 8th, 1904. Good – 12 pp – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £4

161.   THE LEAGUE OF SERVICE Report, 1910-1911    [12737] ‘The League of Service exists to bring such influences to bear upon the physical conditions and the homes of the chidlren of the nation that each child may at least begin life with a fair chance of attaining full development.’ The Report details the League’s work – in London only – with centres at King’s Cross, Marylebone and Battersea, each with its own ‘Mothers’ Dining Room’. Paper covers – 20pp -very good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                         £15

162.   THE NEW SCHOOL, ABBOTSHOLME     [12728] boys’ preparatory school founded by Cecil Reddie in 1889 to put into practice his new educational theories. Report form – unlike any other I have seen -a veritable wall chart – 41cm x 51cm -rather elegantly printed in red – covering not only all the usual academic disciplines and sport, but also aesthetic feeling, intution, power to recall, power to induce, pluck etc. Most definitely a new type of schooling. This report form is blank – in fine condition – creased along folds -ex-Board of Education library – most unusual.          £25

163.   THE WOMEN’S BRANCH FEDERATION Fifth Annual Report, 1912-13    [12744] ‘Affiliated to the Social Institutes’ Union’ – ‘unites existing Clubs and Social Institutes for women and girls of the industrial community by promoting amongst them mutual interest and friendly intercourse.’ Good – in original wrappers – 16pp – 2 photos -ex-Board of Education lbirary                                                                                                           £12

164.   THE WOMEN’S BRANCH FEDERATION Sixth Annual Report, 1913-14    [12745] ‘We can only conclude by saying that we have endeavoured to raise the standard of London Working Girls by encouraging them to take pleasure in interesting study, and employ their leisure hours in healthy and wholesome recreation.’ With details of all the affiliated Clubs. Paper covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                      £12

165.   THE WOMEN’S LEAGUE OF SERVICE Report, 1911-1912    [12738] The League of Service was now renamed – and, in addition to those detailed in the 1910-11 Report, now had Centres in Hammersmith, Croydon and Bristol. Paper covers – 34pp – very good – ex-Board of Education library                                     £15

166.   UNION OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Ideals in Education  UEI 1931 [13019] Presidential Address of the Very Rev the dean of St Paul’s (dr W.R. Inge) delivered at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Union, held in the Council Chamber, Birmingham, on St 17 Oc 1931. 12-pp pamphlet – ex-Board of Education Library      £2

167.   UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM Report on University Entrance Examinations   1901 [13021] Written by E.A. Sonnenschein, Professor of Classics and Dean of the Faculty of Arts in the University of Birmingham, setting out the desiderata, both from the point of view of the unversities and that of schools, for university entrance. Interesting. .4-pp leaflet – dog-eared and chipped – ex-Board of Education library                          £2

168.   VICTORIA UNIVERSITY:THE OWEN’S COLLEGE MANCHESTER Prospectus of the Arts, Science, and Law Department and Department for Women and of Evening and Popular Courses     [12683] Prospectuses for Sessions 1896-7, 1898-9, 1899-1900, including full details of the contents of all courses. In good condition in original wrappers  (the wrapper for 1896-7 torn and detached) – -each prospectus c 170pp – ex-Board of Education library.. 3 items – as a collection                                                                               £45

169.   WAITAKI BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL, OAMARU Prospectus   1926 [13033] With many photographs of this New Zealand school – and its pupils – including several panoramic pull-out photos. Paper covers worn – text – and photos – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                                               £6

170.   WALTON, G.J.  Worry and Allied Faulty Mental Habits  Boston Normal School of Gymnastics 1903 [12849] Soft covers – 16pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                             £5

171.   WELSH DEPARTMENT, BOARD OF EDUCATION Scheme for the Collection of Rural Lore in Wales: an educational experiment to be carried out through the medium of the schools and colleges Welsh Dept, Board of Education 1919 [13032] card covers – 24pp – good – ex-Board of Education library                     £4

172.   WILSON, The Ven. James M. The Profession of Teaching  Edward Gill (Kendal) 1902 [12824] An Address on the occasion of a Conversazione, given by the Mayor of Kendal in the Town Hall to those engaged in teaching and in the management of schools within the Borough of Kendal, 21 March 1902. Good in original paper wrappers – ex-Board of Education library                                                                                                             £5

173.   WOMEN’S ENGINEERING SOCIETY Facilities for Training Women as Engineers   revised 1930 [12711] 8-pp pamphlet – good – ex-Board of Education library                                                   £10

174.   WOMEN’S HOLIDAY FUND Twenty-Sixth Annual Report, 1920    [12733] ‘This Fund helps respectable working women requiring rest and change to have one, two, or three weeks in the country, or by the sea…’ With details of the Fund’s work and of its subscribers etc. Paper covers – good – ex-Board of Education library            £15

175.   WOMEN’S INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL Annual Report, 1904-5    [12703] packed with information on the work of the WIC – including that of its Central Lending Library for Working Girls’ Clubs, its Central Association for Circulating Pictures (to Girls’ Clubs), a list of its lectures, names of its subscribers etc. Paper covers – very good – ex-Education Library                                                                                                                        £15

176.   WOMEN’S INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL Nineteenth Annual Report 1912-13    [12704] Includes a long, v interesting and wide-ranging list of lectures given – as well as details of the work undertaken by the council – including the trades into which it had undertaken investigations. Paper covers – very good – ex-Board of Education library   £15

177.   WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY SETTLEMENT FOR WORK IN THE POORER DISTRICTS OF LONDON Fifteenth Annual Report  WUS March 1902 [13038] Packed with names of subscribers as well as a report of the work accomplished by the Settlement. Paper covers – good -ex-Board of Education library          £18



178.   CLARK’S COLLEGE, CIVIL SERVICE Preparing for the Lady Clerk’s G.P.O. Exam    [9233] Photograph of the young women preparing for this exam which, if they passed, offered a chance of bettering themselves. Very good – unposted                                                                                                                          £12

179.   MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL FOR GIRLS     [11781] Real photographic postcard of the exterior of the Crosby, Liverpool, girls’ school. The ink message on the back includes ‘The view is of Aunty Nina’s school..’ and continues onto the front of the card on white space to the side of the photograph. Posted in, I think, 1933. Good £10

180.   MISS MARGARET MCMILLAN     [8930] photographic postcard, reproduced by the Newcastle Socialist Society, c 1908. With the caption ‘My message to the Socialist movement is always the same: REAL education would make children fit to live in a better social environment and unfit to live in the world of today..’ Very good – unposted                                                                                                                                                    £24

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